New Modeling Agency for 'Real Women'

Jag Model Agency says it caters to models of all shapes and sizes.
8:05 | 09/13/13

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Transcript for New Modeling Agency for 'Real Women'
Thanks for being with us and we begin tonight with -- breaking news out of Afghanistan. -- -- coordinated attack. On the US consulate in the western city of Iraq began -- -- truck bomb explosion. It's followed by a furious gun battle but thankfully ended with no injured Americans. And all attackers killed. The Taliban is claiming responsibility according the State Department. It -- sunrise. About 5:30 Friday morning in Afghanistan when the truck drove to the front gate. The man inside opening fire on the Afghan police just outside the walls of assault rifles. Possibly rocket propelled grenades. The truck then exploded damaging the -- enough to allow some attackers wearing suicide vests to gain access inside the compound. But all were killed by American security forces had of course a blessing contrast to the deadly attack on the consulate in Benghazi Libya. Just over one year ago. But it also fits a pattern of attacks seen throughout the summer and Afghanistan. As US forces planned for next years withdrawal while handing over virtually all defense duties to Afghans. We understand about eighteen. Civilians thus far were injured. Two Afghan police one Afghan guard killed in that it will continue to gather details through the night. Have a much Fuller picture on Good Morning America and it We've driven out too much lighter fare it is Fashion Week here in New York in his style watchers noticed a shift in the shape of those runway models. American women may finally be seeing something of themselves. Up on the catwalk here's ABC's juju Chang. OK. Can. -- -- Perhaps the only things skinnier than the runway models and Fashion Week and they're still let him his -- and then slip this is a fashion first. Don't plus size clothing line has ever -- the catwalk at New York's Fashion Week. Yeah one small step for big girls. What a giant step for women -- But this major fashion moment for full figured women. Ten to represent real women's bodies in the retail industry. Actually it -- Meet Jenny drunk at 510 and a size fourteen she is twenty typically think of as a bikini model. But she's the red hot poster child for this year's -- and campaign for beyoncé swimsuit line I -- Feel really good news is that this insidious moves second and you do -- -- -- -- There is this trend towards larger. Figures -- -- Kate Upton is a perfect example of somebody who has a lot of curbs. And is deal with some of that negativity and backlash of of single woman with curves it seems to be getting more and more positive and less. Of the negative ultimately it should just be an acceptance of every. Body Jenny is part of a movement that believes the fashion industry will suffer if they continue to treat real size fashion he says. As second class citizens. And -- bleeding -- -- -- its engineers. Since their motto is not a size -- on his way to. After all the average woman weighs a 166. Pounds and -- signs. -- -- Now her -- celebs like Kate Upton -- -- -- gracing the covers evoke a new modeling agency is seizing the moment Serbs are in. They represented real size models whether their size eight -- eighteen for that matter. We're seeing new -- pop up an existing clients using class but we're also seeing the daily rates of existing girls going. Cary deacon and Jacqueline circuit used to run the plus size division at Ford in New York until it was shut down -- -- She's. Titanic size 1012 legendary gotten offers but she's holding -- to meet us. So they launched a new agency called -- out of his apartment to take advantage of the growing plus -- market. It's overwhelming. It's coming in from all over the world there's hundreds and hundreds of -- -- wannabes and -- -- how did you hear about it. They cherry picked a roster of thirty models who they had groomed and brought over from -- this is nineteen year old Madison she's hoping Jack could be her big break. Gary I Wear a -- father and just loved her office at. Not sure -- Madison has the spark they're looking for she's not. Fuller -- he -- -- smaller but she does have a forty and Chad which puts her at a site ten. In the fashion industry the stakes are high. -- -- gets -- factory retail analysts expect plus size clothing sales to jump more than 5% a year for the next five years. And yes. At the end of the day the fashion industry is -- business -- -- percent of our revenue. Is from women who are over -- -- twelve and it's finally like dean. And celebrities are launching their own lines of hip clothes to cash in on the seventy billion dollar plus size market still keeps a level of class and -- Retailers are catching on to high end designers like Michael course Calvin Klein and Vince Comodo -- getting into the game. -- kindness and now with business booming -- models is finally getting their first real -- As we grew so rapidly we need to get. -- leave my home about two months in Gary and Jacqueline are still on the hunt for fresh faces have you picked up a lot of model 11. -- -- -- -- pregnant Madison made the cut. As a means exquisite and no matter what size she was this is why Jack was created its first -- Macbeth and the size and definitely different than anything else it's going to be exciting go way. And she definitely isn't like anything. Madison has become the first new model -- has -- -- -- continue to -- and -- -- and it again there. Ring that you. Well. -- -- -- -- Japanese -- are shaping the new wave of models who they hope. We'll -- jobs traditionally reserved for the slimmer sex. I had interviews that all the different agencies in New York City but Jack was -- -- 11 side. -- -- -- -- -- In the early stages models often need coaching sessions today Tammy is getting some tips on how to drop her former pageant way it's. Tammy Crawford is a former miss teen USA. -- ordinance. He has no more -- it's basically start you know where. So everything that you learned your pageant aims. Forget that she's gladly treating the pageant days for the model life. The hardest part about conclusions. -- was trying to be small and -- a size zero that I noted I'm not. And that's -- I'm so happy -- -- Ayman -- because I can Wear a size ten and still feel as confident as I was when I was a size zero. Now criticize 1012 she's adjusting to a surprisingly more relaxed lifestyle as a model. Who can adult. I don't -- -- -- from. But Chris on in the bread -- they like and I French Fries. I have lots of pots that I love pops -- within reason of course the goal is not this week. The goal is just maintaining. State owned a large part of success -- boggling -- says is owning your body regardless I'm. Looking -- Held immediately integral to what she wants to lose the way that she's had she's trying to position herself. Looks smaller Albert Jack these women more than address these girls whose lives you've become -- and -- issue might scold them but you also give them -- yeah. The you know I've gotten mortgages for growth and walking down I've done like so many different things here everything's. Their banking on more high fashion runway is joining the real size revolution. Ultimately when they -- get rid of parents the more numbers we can get rid are the more we can go on the merit of the girl and you know what she brings to the table. For -- I'm juju Chang -- New York.

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{"duration":"8:05","description":"Jag Model Agency says it caters to models of all shapes and sizes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"20245247","title":"New Modeling Agency for 'Real Women'","url":"/Nightline/video/modeling-agency-real-women-20245247"}