Mom Vanishes After 'People's Court'

Mother of missing Michelle Parker says daughter was "humiliated" on the show.
4:36 | 11/22/11

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Transcript for Mom Vanishes After 'People's Court'
An urgent search for a missing Florida mother just hours before Michelle Parker vanished she was seen on national television. Appearing on the program the People's Court. She and her former fiance the father of her twins -- a tense face off. He accused her of throwing away an expensive and -- -- -- she accused him of violence. Now her family is making an emotional appeal for her safe return here's ABC's Matt got. He seemed like a typical episode of the People's Court. He gets pretty malicious and vindictive and he's a mean person especially when he's been drinking 33 year old Michelle -- Parker and her ex fiance dale Smith. Bickering over an engagement ring thrown out of a balcony and then he said that he wanted to strength. -- -- But away from the camera even their mundane domestic arguments tended to turn violent. As he grabbed and turned around was holding onto me screaming at me pointing back after the say it's going to get on the back of the stage you. He announced just hours after this episode of the People's Court finally aired last Thursday. Parker vanished but -- disappearance eerily foreshadowed. Or was it -- -- -- coincidence. This is a need for the media kind of case. A couple of piers on the People's Court they're now -- they're fighting -- -- impeachment ring and that -- show. Goes on television. She goes missing -- just. -- in my camera on the ground to that was little angry and I didn't want going to share showed that camera Smith is the father of their three year old twins. It's been a. A hell of a roller coaster ride and it's poison. Something Parker knew for years in 2009. She filed and was granted a restraining aggregate Smith. Parker claims -- quote smashed the passenger side window when -- SUV. Two car seats out in through the -- to the wrote his FaceBook page lists his education. Is having quote -- death destruction terror and made him the US Marine Corps. But Orlando police say Smith is not a suspect that he -- so for cooperate with investigators. -- record -- looking at L com were looking at everything Parker was last seen around 2 PM Thursday dropping her kids off at Smith's home. And about 4 PM her brother received the short text from her but she never showed up for her 6 PM -- -- shift. -- iPhone last -- get a cell phone tower at 8 PM then. Total silence. At this point reliving year old calls his grandmother -- -- Stewart to ask. Where's mom and her son calls it his mom it -- so we're like no money. Can drop off babies should be home. Should be taken and that's why I'm seen -- since -- since I -- -- from school. On Friday police found a black Hummer near in Orlando mall she rarely visited -- on Sunday he searched -- ex fiance -- home at a nearby field. She ever disappeared before where have you ever called the few hours just -- -- sound Parker's mother Yvonne Stewart has been desperately searching for her daughter for four days -- Parker was a doting mother who was forced to move back home by economic hardship and that bitter breakup -- Smith she became a reluctant participant on the show. It was just so that she couldn't wouldn't have to pay for that engagement ring she says. Thousand as humiliating experience of my life I don't I don't even never want to see it. Well it's not clear whether Parker watched that episode of the People's Court. Her mother -- one thing seems clear so far. I know that dale Smith was the last person seen her alive. They the police have investigated they talk to them they've searched everything he owns. But the timing of Parker's disappearance continues to mystify investigators here if it was a random car on the day -- -- happened to be. On national television. In -- context. -- would be incredible quilt. What's your biggest fear right now it's my biggest fear is that Michelle is being held by someone. And if she's hungry for its -- Purchase -- drug -- -- up somewhere doesn't even know where she is that's my biggest fear. People do really awful mean things -- now understand. Hundreds of friends and volunteers continue to search -- For Nightline and Matt Gutman. In Orlando.

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{"id":15003971,"title":"Mom Vanishes After 'People's Court'","duration":"4:36","description":"Mother of missing Michelle Parker says daughter was \"humiliated\" on the show.","url":"/Nightline/video/mom-disappears-peoples-court-15003971","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}