Mom Protects Kids, Loses Legs in Tornado

Survivors of deadly tornadoes share their stories of sacrifice.
3:00 | 03/06/12

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Transcript for Mom Protects Kids, Loses Legs in Tornado
You see -- in the aftermath one house standing all the neighbors -- turn to kindling few things in nature are more constructively fickle than a tornado and much more predictable. Is the protective nature of a mother when her children are in that funnel clouds path. Of all the incredible survival stories to come from this weekend storms tonight we meet the mother. Who lost her legs. Save your kids here's ABC's Mecca. -- -- Again don't -- With that monster down. The bullets -- skyward on without I'm not a mystery woman. -- -- -- Just -- -- that is sold twisters should be legal stuff partly. 840. Of them reported a single day 76 confirmed. Records from march. It is -- -- forty people killed by the -- 46. Keep from interstate -- swaths of Indiana tough -- Georgia -- now. Yeah. Donated. I didn't they tell us others minutes. -- -- -- -- -- There's been struggling to a basement in west liberty Kentucky from hill to watch -- God. -- around behind. In Indiana surviving. This evening when her house wasn't enough to protect them Stephanie -- shielded her children with her own body hello my children. Goes beyond anything thousands or even giving up her legs for -- as the tornado bore down she -- Dashing with eight year old Dominic in five year old -- into the basement house being sucked away -- -- protecting them with her body. Have a vote -- in there and I tied that comforter. And my daughters that -- like this I found hanging in the side windows that could see the winds. -- -- blowing in the window blew out with debris crashing around them he will. They had to have -- so I had to figure out what to do and my son is is a hero he was he'll get help -- the new I was cut but I didn't really know and then. When I opened up analyst and it. I realize -- here I'm barely attacks. -- -- -- -- -- -- Both her legs crushed they were amputated late Friday but her children. Unscathed. -- it -- of this house the foundation. We built -- surgery -- that's where we are always going to be. She was like. Just whenever they need concrete and we want to make sure that we have kids they had to be -- put their hand -- we want them know that this is -- And there imprinted in indelible concrete a testimony to the family survival. Reese and deep for Dominique. You know and in retrospect that you. It's just house and will be firing -- -- we can always do more porous. My mom and that what compelled to pray for stone and electricity -- Call short -- so we went house to house looking. We watched it form and then as -- monsters I would -- to -- above us. I Begin the end to right. Not -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- shut off -- watched it go until the -- the pressure was fitness I had to keep wearing it said. There was a -- Still had not just -- is that everyone had. And a public afraid -- it. -- -- -- -- Not so for dollar shop mother of two who has no doubt she -- Begin now with unreal. This is what's left -- how's it -- Turned it upside down and then dropped it she crouched in the basement ordered niece is protecting her -- -- -- shot. I was rushed here in this area -- as you can see the blocks have just fallen. All the way around -- was. And I do know when it was over I had to pull myself album I think he does is really an unknown young man even -- -- I have to get out of here. There's probably going to be a gasoline so wants out of it than. I could see them just how will that affect some of the -- -- whom she was wished to the hospital now or later her husband Richard -- They did whole school -- her date. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But they did and leaped to hunt again. Or needs -- name apparel for Nightline I'm Matt Gutman west liberty Kentucky.

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{"id":15854868,"title":"Mom Protects Kids, Loses Legs in Tornado ","duration":"3:00","description":"Survivors of deadly tornadoes share their stories of sacrifice.","url":"/Nightline/video/mom-protects-kids-loses-legs-tornado-15854868","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}