Mommy Moguls Create Online Empires

Mommy bloggers Soliel Moon Frye, "The Chatty Momma," others make money off blogs
3:00 | 11/28/11

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Transcript for Mommy Moguls Create Online Empires
I'm from surrogate mothers reality show stars the occasional family of clumsy trapeze artists there's not much of a profit motive. Left and having babies in fact most families take a financial hit. When stork drops by most professional women have to make some jarring adjustments but a growing number have figured out a way to combine baby. And business savvy into a new kind of start up. Here's ABC's large spends. It's actually yeah. Float most people -- our ads -- Brewster from the 1986 term on it she played a bubbly orphan taken in by a grumpy old man filling. -- -- Yeah it. But today so -- -- moon -- is 35 years old and a mom to six year old -- and three year old jagr. What -- your girls think of -- when I had a million people and Twitter. I -- thank you I -- -- in the funky. As a mom trip to nowhere. There's a book is about cat became -- private line. It -- -- web site yet Nevada what else in this. I have a web series -- -- -- he every line it snow let me by sharing what she calls those messy moments of motherhood. So playing has created an empire what do you -- think that this is three have to wait too young to -- ears. I don't know well mommy bloggers number in the millions -- likes -- solicit an offer advice and anecdotes on parenting -- -- will always -- acting. But also a lot of that I have missed -- from -- and chair with millions of people every now is there a taboo topic online. No book he told me. That I was can't literally have a baby -- and you -- Nash panties and an ice trouble Robert. And say -- this everybody and it can't -- sprayed in mountain you know down -- I was like. You. I can hear you -- like I am a friend of the people clean. Well it started with typical Twitter and FaceBook posts that turned into a diary on motherhood and that -- a blog. She now has one point four million Twitter followers. I issued built in audience and -- retailer target has taken notice she's now their mommy ambassador -- telling new moms what products she uses to survive. And what products they shouldn't be without an entertainment -- it was really really on sending it was great when I was trying to like take a shower -- get ready or. You know breakfast and -- -- Leonard's. Rarely I like literally could not live without this -- is big business the most successful blogs like deuce dot com. Can net tens of thousands of dollars a month. But making a career out of giving tips can be complicated. Mommy bloggers share the dues but rarely did don'ts its target. How product that you didn't love without the -- -- I won't talk about products that I don't love what I think I talk about products that I love I talk about. The company's that I can win a share. So much in my life but I don't share anything that's disingenuous. To me. More often than not mommy bloggers are women like Tonya Sanders between home schooling and dance parties -- daughter Isabella and Gabriella. The Virginia mom is building her online brand. Blogging as the chatty mama just how -- six months into this aren't gonna see -- first conference. Hear our records it -- me for companies trying to connect with moms and families. Mentions in blogs like -- can -- big bucks and sales. Still as a result they -- everything from shampoo to put pads for free hoping shall haunt them online concealer. Well I would pay its -- that solidarity this year I need to quiet it -- X Foley sizes and push prices. -- never thought her personal accounts of potty training in keeping the romance alive after baby. Would be anything more than a way to connect with -- other models they actually sent me. Frisk me every year I think it's important that with every posts. She also put your displeasure at the bottom so that it's not a secret well it's not get as lucrative as her former career working for a publisher. Tonya has big dreams for the chatty mama I want to you or is -- to you. -- -- She chain which is what they are working check -- -- looks -- alerts. Celeb is also an advisor to San Francisco start up shop squad which is betting on mommies to explode their business the the biggest question -- yet is about strollers the web site connects online shoppers with expert reviewers. When the sale -- the expert gets a commission. We reached out -- Hmong fighters who initially started the site by the time their kids get to -- two -- four or five things we search every single product under the sun. And now all the time there's new babies being born and so there's new moms who need to get that advice. Could this that currently paid multimillion dollar empire and yeah I think it collects and look at then what Martha Stewart to create it and look at all of these incredible. You know on your viewers and launch ignores that have come a form me I think there's a huge missing space -- the sky's the limit its. Wait did I proving that motherhood -- -- a growth industry in more ways than one. I'm Lara Spencer for Nightline in Los Angeles.

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{"id":15044457,"title":"Mommy Moguls Create Online Empires","duration":"3:00","description":"Mommy bloggers Soliel Moon Frye, \"The Chatty Momma,\" others make money off blogs","url":"/Nightline/video/mommy-moguls-create-online-empires-15044457","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}