Mommy Nearest: Attachment Parenting

Actress breastfeeds her 3-year-old and swears off diapers, but is it healthy?
3:25 | 03/06/12

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Transcript for Mommy Nearest: Attachment Parenting
In whirlwind cave man diets and barefoot running are fads -- -- no surprise that some are drawn to be most primal form of parents it. Skills develop from the threat of wild animals was much greater than choking on a goldfish cracker. It may seem natural. But could you would you hold your baby almost every waking moment and breast feed for years and is it healthy in the modern age. ABC's juju Chang tonight examines attachment parent. -- -- -- -- He could possibly be bought and oh yeah oh yeah and -- -- time. My ideology parents in a way that makes the rest of us -- -- -- used to -- Fred. Sure cure. She's the poster child for attachment parenting. A growing movement that believes we need to returned extremely attentive almost primitive parental bonding where children are attached to their parents an all time. But let's start with baby wearing -- mean that -- Feels like -- -- to your baby. You say that like it's a bad thing. The benefits of baby wearing the renewal of the hormones that are needed to keep your blood pressure low your relationship with your baby interesting and complicated and and strong we think he's never put down. -- he can't. Rarely put down they -- rarely put down. But in an -- -- two career families where parents commute for hours and infants are dropped off at daycare it makes this kind of parenting seem utterly unrealistic. -- -- Computers mainly. Its harshest critics argue attachment parenting and slaves women especially when they -- -- breast feeding kids on demand for years. You're pressing -- three world a lot of people would say what do you do -- I'm breastfeeding a three year old is actually three and a half. I'm meeting the needs of a child -- almost son being a baby but he's not done. My -- -- so much in this back to basic parenting approach she's written a book. Beyond the slayings which argues that meeting a child's every need doesn't spoil them in Foster security. And it's not that big -- sacrifice for her. That the subtext of this is how could you possibly be happy. When -- assumed your life to your children. I don't see it -- -- in Atlanta to my children I'm. Happy because. My life is rich. With the love of two small people -- -- She knows what she's talking about after starring is an independent teen on the hit show blossom truly bothers me that it can't come from a normal family. She earned a Ph.D. in neuroscience at UCLA studying hormones and parental bonding. The most controversial form of which is sleeping with your -- in a family Bennett. And you and cited the American pediatrics association. On nursing. But the American pediatrics association does not recommend closely that's -- and says it's dangerous and can contribute to you. Infant mortality -- smothering your child and -- co sleeping is not difficult it's not expensive. It is completely normal and natural. But in 2011 after the death of eleven infants in Milwaukee alone the city made a series of shocking public service announcements to get -- back into their -- What do you make of that I think it does more harm than good and why it's hitting a very emotional place. And not. Not a rational one it is completely normal and natural too -- -- your child. But my -- goes well beyond attachment parenting their Begin and practice holistic medicine. And raises for breast milk in your eyes mommy. You're picking -- -- LL -- and they even go well beyond garden variety home schooling that's at 26 peace and. As you get older -- will start learning that you can do multiplication this thing we home school but we don't keep -- Any strict curriculum and media movement and our children's lewdness and tensions have been moved to determine a lot of the -- and what we do. Guides that they thought thank you -- -- Mom teaches piano. And paying -- Hebrew and science data -- just about everything counts. But perhaps most curiously they practice something called elimination communication. Or diaper list parenting. That's right no diapers not even for newborns who -- to -- every fifteen minutes. What -- people looking -- that's just cookie. Thank you for your opinion -- works for us my child stopped being in a diaper at twelve months and I've never scraped -- author but. A nice day. Why you think people are so hostile to other people's parenting. One of my theories is that we've women especially have taken. Office politics and have transported them to our homes and to our social circles. There's a strong unit we write -- against the up and you're either right or you're wrong you're the right here -- Horrible -- -- share but this style of parenting clearly requires a lot of time spent at home something she can't do while starring in the Big Bang -- Didn't you -- girlfriend boyfriend sing along night. So her husband a UCLA -- himself is the one at home currently attached to the kids -- who does additions. -- -- -- Added that people do look at you and they assume we'll she's a high price TV star of course she can. Parent in this way none of my friends are actors there. I'm a normal person who really believes in the style -- parenting because it works for our family. But it's not a life of privilege. It's not something you need a lot of money to do and we do not use a lot of money to parent this way and theory frugal. For us it looks like a lot of things that looks like buying their clothing at their stores. It looks like not -- a dozen pairs of shoes. You put it all. And -- was the first to admit that her style of parenting is not for everyone. It is a lot of sacrifice and that to me being a parent is sacrifice no matter how you doing here. I don't feel like I'm sacrificing my sanity my mental health. I don't feel like I'm -- my marriage on an altar. Instead she feels together their parenting on the outer edges of a philosophy we can all believe in a willingness to do -- -- it takes for the sake of the kids. For Nightline I'm juju Chang in Los Angeles.

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{"id":15854936,"title":"Mommy Nearest: Attachment Parenting","duration":"3:25","description":"Actress breastfeeds her 3-year-old and swears off diapers, but is it healthy?","url":"/Nightline/video/mommy-nearest-attachment-parenting-15854936","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}