Moms: Alleged Abuse Victims Will Testify

Two mothers of boys claiming Jerry Sandusky raped them say their sons are ready.
3:00 | 11/16/11

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Transcript for Moms: Alleged Abuse Victims Will Testify
Major development in a child abuse scandal that continues to grow. Yet another mother has come forward saying her son was adopted by the now disgraced former Penn State coach Jerry sandusky. She says -- -- used in children's charity he set up and ran for decades to gain access to her son. And others sandusky is charged with forty counts of molestation. And abuse here's ABC's Jim after. It was an actor from the beginning. She knows Jerry sandusky all too well Debra longs shares a child with. Hers by birth his first as a Foster child -- at age eighteen adopted as an adult after a relationship that began when Matt was just ten years old. When it first started. He conceded he was like excited to see -- -- -- -- and it as it progressed you come to the point where. He would look out the window and see Jerry polian and hide behind the bedroom door Montone I'm not here. Matt has said publicly he was never molested. And to this day is a line -- adopted father. But his biological mother does not believe it and says coach sandusky stole her sons' affections drummer with the same predatory skills. Prosecutors say he used an eight alleged victims of sexual assault. Meeting her senate the children's charity second -- mentoring. Among giving insight into what she and prosecutors contend are -- Huskies grooming techniques. X it was cherries and asking any ten year old kids going to be impressed by Penn State for its gain here laureates. A picnic there Penn State. Jacket said. Athletic Wear shorts and money and troops -- -- trips everything that a kid would -- But for this mother watching her child slip away -- dissent -- -- Foster care after the boy vandalized the garage not sure what was happening to. It was a different kind of drink. How scary is this is a look. So it's a nightmare. Nobody even wants to think it's eminently do that to their child now and then so many adults knew about it he did nothing. Has it right. It is the same method this mother says -- -- -- with her son. But -- the alleged victim number one. Says he was molested by -- -- ABC news has learned that he along with another the eight alleged victims identified in the indictment paperwork. Are now prepared to testify against and -- in court. Is your son anxious to testify against him -- scared but he's anxious he's. He's ready he wants to do what he wants him to go to Jeremy wants me to pay for -- -- found. The other boy ready to testify is represented by attorney -- Andrea -- He has decided to dig in his heels and he's not going anywhere -- fully intends to testify. The attorney says until -- -- tried to minimize his conduct on national TV this week his client was only on the fence about testified. But now. When he's called upon by the attorney general's office. To testify in the criminal case will be prepared. Those two alleged victims will join coach Mike McLeary as the key witnesses against Jerry send -- McCrary says he in Iraq and a brutal attack by sandusky and a ten year old in the Penn State locker room shower area. Macquarie already testified in front of the grand jury in that panel found him credible says the former district attorney for the Penn State area Mike -- era. In this circumstance you have a group again a group of jurors that were unequivocal. In saying. Mike Parker's testimony was very credible and obviously the prosecutors are hoping that when they present that testimony. To -- what we -- Petit jury or a jury of twelve in a criminal case that that jury will feel the same way that the grand jury felt. Former DA Madeira has a brother in law adopted by Jerry sandusky so when the molestation charges first came to his office in 2009. He saw that they were serious and turned the file over to the state attorney general claiming conflict of interest. And even now he is shocked at what he sees as the pattern of abuse that was allowed to go on one of America's fight -- Institution's. New look at what happened in this case. Where officials were informed and they didn't go to police. It's pricey yes it does my visceral reaction to that. He is -- -- you know what we now know his alleged you were told and not have done something more with it. Indeed happen you know in 2000 or 2002. Now -- where three separate incidents. And not have done something about it eight alleged child molestation cases and perhaps more to come in over a decade of time. By a man prosecutors contend used his position -- power and the attraction of big time college football. In what many are now calling the biggest scandal in sports says. At Penn state university I'm Jim up -- -- night.

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{"id":14969599,"title":"Moms: Alleged Abuse Victims Will Testify","duration":"3:00","description":"Two mothers of boys claiming Jerry Sandusky raped them say their sons are ready.","url":"/Nightline/video/moms-alleged-abuse-victims-testify-14969599","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}