New Money: Today's Mega Moguls

Founders of Spanx, Under Armour and 5-Hour Energy are now billionaires.
2:56 | 03/08/12

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Transcript for New Money: Today's Mega Moguls
-- banks are to slimming undergarments would Kleenex artificial tissues at 41 she's young she sought after. And she's worth about a billion dollars and Sarah Blakely is just one of the newly minted Forbes billionaires. Whose inventions are quirky and whose fortunes -- -- virtually overnight. And ABC's John -- tonight. Product placement what new products placed some newly very rich people let's -- number on forbes' billionaires list for the very first time. Well stocked and makes you feel better and feel better -- says you look -- -- work and putting the Forbes list together. Americans are on the go -- -- aren't looking to improve constantly and they're looking for products that can help them do it. Then it's -- Pink underwear for example -- -- the -- inducing pantyhose alternative that launched in 2000 and then really launched after Oprah said she likes them. Puts bank's founder Sarah Blakely at number 1153. Sounds low well low is a net worth of one billion dollars -- she's 41 years old. Think underwear again under -- The sweat -- material developed by a former college football player first as a T shirt but it went on from there. What's under -- founder Kevin plank who is 39 at 1075. Worth one point one billion dollars with the business he only started in 2006. That's getting rich awfully quick isn't it. That's because they are creating. New product categories and they continued to dominate those product categories in many cases they're taking those companies public and people are excited about the products and -- investing. Hello my friend. -- can't get it together in the morning try this is what put -- for governor on the list 12 -- -- at a time he's only been in business eight years virtually creating the energy shot field. And it's built him and it's worth of one point three billion dollars. And given him Scott number 960 on the Forbes list go higher up the list all the way to 634. And there's Elon Musk who made money in PayPal. But right now -- baby is this the Tesla car it's electric -- -- like George Clooney. Musk who is forty is worth two billion. And then there is this consumer product anything with this logo on it. And of course the man behind -- left does not long ago but as his wealth was passed on to his wife she is now worth nine billion dollars and that number 100. Is one of only two newcomers to the list to break into the top hundred. So who's really -- up there where the network gets into the forties and the fifties in the sixties and billions of of some familiar old faces and we could list their products to all of them what they really makes no matter what. This money I'm John Donvan for Nightline in Washington.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Founders of Spanx, Under Armour and 5-Hour Energy are now billionaires.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15874246","title":"New Money: Today's Mega Moguls","url":"/Nightline/video/money-todays-mega-moguls-15874246"}