The Mormon Bachelor

A hit web show brings together devout singles on a search for latter-day love.
3:00 | 09/26/12

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Transcript for The Mormon Bachelor
It's a new twist on the looking for love reality genre. Taking a page from the batch lover's playbook but adding a religious spin. It brings together singles on a search for life-long love. We look inside the contestants and the show's mastermind. Reporter: It's just like the abc show you know and love. We're steaming in there because of us. Reporter: But with a very important twist. That's not my tile. I don't like kissing on the first "the batchelor." "The mormon bachelor" was inspire by abc's "the batchelor." While it bhips up reality show of speed dating with all of the romance and sex and scandal you come to expect -- I couldn't live without her. Reporter: The real life series "the mormon bachelor" has a distinctively mormon approach. The star of the show is chris barber a 26-year-old virgin. We don't engage in sexual vities before marriage? not. We try to keep it clean. Well, we talk about being chaste. This isn't fun stuff to talk about on a date. We have lots of things to talk about. Reporter: That's melissa, one of 12 women vying for chris' heart. They let us tag along as the got to know each other. Right off the bat cis and melissa broke one of my pre conceptions about the church of ladder day saints. Coca-cola -- we're not supposed to drink hot drinks. Yeah. I don't think coca-cola will turn me into a lunatic. Reporter: It's a far cry from abc owes "the bachelor pad" this summer a bunch of contestants ended up naked in the pool. Not likely to happen on "the mormon bachelor". We get hit on about doing a fantasy suite. Sorry, kissing is all you'll see. Friends aubrey and erin came up with the idea of the show after graduating from brigham young university. As young mormons they found the dating culture especially frustrating. Our dating practices are so different than the dating practices of the main stream. Holding hands and kissing which is not very passionate, is pretty much all you can do before you're married. So it's very different. How old are you? . 32. It hasn't been easy. I can imagine. But it will be worth it. Aubrey auditioned for abc's "the batchelor." I don't know why I would make it. In reality I wanted to marianne lds guy. Aubrey met her shining prince on a shining harley. Six months later they wed in a temple ceremony and now have a baby girl. When choosing contestants for the current season. Someone who put god before himself. Handsome would be nice. Reporter: One thing they're not casting for is drama. Erin said he's honestly trying to help chris find a wife he can love for all eternity. Fun living, not too serious. Strong lds girl. Reporter: They're not looking for a marriage that last a lifetime. Mormon look for something. It's not death until you part it's time and all eternity. Wouldn't everybody want that? I don't know. I'm single in the afterlife. Reporter: For anyone who watched popular shows like "big love" and siste wives an obvious question arises. This was a religion that allowed polygamy. If you watch those shows, you think you have a choice. I have somebody ask me, if you're the bachelorette, can you choose if you want to be a polygamist or not? Not exactly. Reporter: A lot of reason the producers are making the show, clear up all the misconceptions. Is it the mormons watching or others from the outside intrigued? I say it's intriguing to people to watch this mormon bubble of dating. The majority of our viewers are lds. Reporter: As for chris he's still searching for that eternal soulmate. I haven't had that jumping out of my chest like I'm in love with somebody. There's potential. A lot of potential. Reporter: A very different version of reality tv. I'm david wright for "nightline" in los angeles.

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{"id":17325821,"title":"The Mormon Bachelor","duration":"3:00","description":"A hit web show brings together devout singles on a search for latter-day love. ","url":"/Nightline/video/mormon-bachelor-17325821","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}