'South Park' Creators and the Mormon Moment

The "South Park" creators explain their semi-blasphemous "The Book of Mormon."
3:06 | 12/28/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'South Park' Creators and the Mormon Moment
Other best known as the potty -- duo behind south park at least they used to be. Now Trey Parker and Matt Stone somehow managed to turn a musical send up of Mormon is a mobile things into one of the biggest hits the bloom on Broadway. In the last decade here's ABC's Jake Tapper for our series it was a good year old. Didn't they were the South Park guys Matt Stone and Trey Parker Robert commands a lot more fun movie from. At the march premiere of the book of Mormon people I think at the -- president. That the best people or to -- that we actually does one make people laugh it's safe to say they succeeded. The book of Mormon is a bona fide hit with rave reviews a Grammy nomination. And a whopping nine Tony -- -- show his signature stone and Parker brilliant and propane blasphemous and hilarious making people laugh often while making them extremely. Uncomfortable at the same time -- people are Heath. A trademark of the pair for the past fourteen years with their show about those -- propane cartoon here. Leadership of South Park has made fun of every religion. -- -- not gonna let out Honecker crap on me Ari why go after Mormon. You know we -- Mormon -- them in the book of Mormon to just talk about religion in general I don't think either think -- -- -- -- any who -- then. -- -- Christianity is that almost that the point that it's about religion itself not necessarily mormons and I grew up loving musicals and of course all the issues about religion and what we're trying to say in all this come -- but really it's. Let's put on a good show. Music after all has been a huge part of Parker and stone's work. They were even nominated for an Academy Award for a song from the South Park movie. You might remember the outfits they wore that night in 1999. Who would Google will Collins for I'll be in. You'll be which America lose in a phone call certain dress that's at the deaths of the big kicker -- leading. Yes did you think yes -- you you that you had you have trial. I -- an atheist I live my life like him and he's now I'm a little bit more sympathetic when people go -- -- -- kid and you know. -- -- -- What made I mean it is like you can know all the chemical processes and all the natural phenomenon that the earth both -- -- a child it does. If you think of all when you when you when you go through and you call that an atheist love letter to religion I think it's kind of a good way to -- I think it. Apparently because I'm not -- -- old. Again you think -- get in trouble religious people or atheists got really mad at us after your interview that -- consciousness to the universe. Among the happened when I wanna kill you they don't think you're going to play. Oh this divergence on the other -- -- If I think -- an -- or -- at least I'm going to consciousness pending warm. Food with a certified Broadway -- -- their hits. This is Jake -- for Nightline in New York City.

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{"id":15243996,"title":"'South Park' Creators and the Mormon Moment","duration":"3:06","description":"The \"South Park\" creators explain their semi-blasphemous \"The Book of Mormon.\"","url":"/Nightline/video/mormon-south-park-broadway-musical-15243996","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}