Like Mother, Like Daughter in the Club?

Some mothers and daughters bond at the club, but some experts say that could be unhealthy.
8:39 | 11/15/13

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Transcript for Like Mother, Like Daughter in the Club?
You've no doubt heard of helicopter parents who hover over their kids. Tonight you're going to see the bizarro world version of that. Moms who go out clubbing till dawn with their daughters. This trend appears to have started with celebrities, but now regular moms are fighting for their right to party. They say it's great mother-daughter bonding time. But psychologists are not so sure. Here's abc's juju chang. ♪ Reporter: It's 11:00 p.M. At a new york city hot spot. But the night is young for vanesa levine. Her bff, nicole, is her shot-taking, booty-shaking partner in crime. They hit the dance floor nearly every weekend. But there's a twist. Nicole is vanesa's mother. You like the music? I like you. Whoa. Reporter: That's right. 22-year-old vanesa parties with her 47-year-old mom. I'm sure you've had this before. But you do not look like mother and daughter. Thank you so much. When we travel and we go out, we usually say that we're -- we usually say that we're here for business. And out for the night. Yeah, we're co-workers. But we don't say we're mother-daughter. Reporter: Forget traditional sunday dinner or the old school mani-pedi outing. For some mothers and daughters, modern-day mommy and me time now means partying together till dawn. Let's go. There are some people who say you shouldn't cross that line, you should always be mother-daughter, not best friends. What's wrong with going out with your daughter, having fun, dancing, enjoying amazing moments together? I don't see anything wrong with it. Reporter: And it's not just nicole and vanesa. The trend toward hipper, hotter moms can be spotted amongst hollywood mother-daughter duos. From lindsay and deena to madda and lourdes to demi and rumor. They're setting the bar for intergenerational clubbing. Hi. Welcome to our home. Reporter: Party moms were famously parodied on the big screen in "mean girls." There are no rules in this house. Not like a regular mom. I'ol mom. Reporter: And on "keeping up with the kardashians," kris and her daughters are nightclubing regulars. But not everyone agrees this is healthy mother-daughter bonding. Whoo! Reporter: Dr. Catherine starling says celebrity culture can damage relationships. It can very well be destructive to a young girl, especially if the mother is more attractive, especially if the mother is more outgoing. And that engenders competition. Reporter: But the levines say their relationship is anything but competitive. Do you feel like you're more like best friends or mother-daughter? It's like a mix of best friends plus someone who's telling you what's right. And you know that when they're telling you you listen. Reporter: Earlier in the evening before they hit the club we join nicole and vanesa as they primped for the night. Is that lingerie? This is not a shirt. This is lingerie. It's something you wear between consenting adults. What are you going for with this look? Because this is very hot. Is it? Yes. Reporter: But despite her penchant for sexy young clothes it's clear nicole has no problem being the older voice of wisdom when laying down the low. Crazy. You're not going to be able to walk. So what happens when there comes a time when you have to discipline her? So I discipline her. Absolutely. If you knew me, I'm very blunt. And if I feel that she's doing something wrong, then I make sure that she stops. Reporter: And yet more and more it seems women are blurring the lines of middle age. In fact, a recent poll showed 90% of people think women are under far more pressure than men to look young. Men are considered sexier at an older age, whereas women are more likely to consider plastic surgery to beat the signs of aging. What is it that drives women to be demi moore? They're just fighting their age. Why is it that there's so much pressure to be young? It comes from the outside culture. If that's all you think about and that's all that is important to you, you're going to strive for that in the same way that someone strives to be a nobel scientist. It's just that we're in a photoshop generation, in a photoshop culture world. Reporter:49-year-old debbie DeANGELO IS ANOTHER MOM WHO Parties with her daughter, but she says despite what some people might assume -- I feel downright boring compared to you. Reporter: -- It has nothing to do with recapturing her glory days. I had my children young, but I also was out at the clubs when I was younger. So you had your -- I had the fake i.D. Back in the day. You had your misspent youth the first time. Yes. I've been there and done that. So I'm not looking to recapture anything. Reporter: She calls her 26-year-old daughter gina her bff. In fact, the two of them showcase their relationship with other like-minded moms and daughters on the vh1 reality show "mama drama." A lot of things that are generational and a mother needs to pass things down to her daughter. Mine is big hair and whip cream vodka. You're looking hot. I love those jeans. I've gone through so much . And the saddest part is she had to go through everything with me. And we've been the rock for each other. Reporter: Debbie grew closer than ever to her daughter gina in the wake of her divorce, which any family therapist will tell you is a common dynamic for mother-daughter party duos. Our worlds are kind of falling apart. Do you ever wonder that she's worried about you and therefore feeling responsible subconsciously for socializing with you? Clearly I'm not somebody that's crumbling under pressure. I never did and I never will. Gina was probably more concerned. And I know that my son was very concerned, like what's going to happen to us now. And what's going to happen to you, mom, now that you don't have dad. Many of the women that go partying and go clubbing with their daughters are divorced women. Perhaps looking for a companion to replace all the years that they were married. But if your mom is a divorcee and she has the option of sitting at home by herself or come on, mom, you can go clubbing with us, that's a responsibility that the daughter feels. Subconsciously that means the daughter is then responsible for making her mother happy and making sure that her mother has a good time. When honestly at that age she should be worrying about whether she has a good time. Reporter: Nicole levine is also divorced. But she says her kids were too young and she was too stressed out to go clubbing. Instead she threw herself into work. When I got divorced with two kids, I was 26 years old. I was broke. I really, really was very, very poor. Reporter: Nicole went from cleaning offices to owning a hugely successful cleaning company. I was so desperate to make money and to actually be able to pay my rent that the business just grew. Reporter: She went from rags to riches. Cole rediscovered the fun-loving youthful side of herself she'd long neglected. I reached 40 and I realized that I love dancing and I love to go out and I love doing things. Reporter: And now she's vowed to spend her money enjoying herself with her kids. She and vanessa travel the world. From brazil to ibiza and recently to berlin and prague. Checking out the club scene along the way. Some people will look at this and say, you know, what is that mom doing out on the town? Those people are not going to be part of my circle. And what about oh, you shouldn't be drinking in front of your child? What's wrong with drinking? Am I going to drink more because she's drinking? Probably not. Reporter: And when these beautiful ladies go out, is it a battle in the meat market? No fighting over the same guy? Definitely not. Do you date men a lot younger? As young as your daughter? No, no. And what happens if men hit on her? Then they hit on her. You know, she's a beautiful woman. Why not? And you don't feel threatened by that? I definitely don't feel threatened. And the guys that would hit on me are different guys than would hit on her. Do you ever feel like oh, mom, please, you're embarrassing me? No. Not at all. I'm telling your dad right now. Reporter: Clearly they don't worry about people's double takes or raised eyebrows. At the end of the day they are two party animals who know each other so well they finish each other's sentences. What did marilyn monroe said? I'd rather be absolutely ridiculous -- than absolutely boring. Reporter: For "nightline" I'm juju chang in new york city.

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{"id":20897222,"title":"Like Mother, Like Daughter in the Club?","duration":"8:39","description":"Some mothers and daughters bond at the club, but some experts say that could be unhealthy.","url":"/Nightline/video/mother-daughter-club-20897222","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}