'Murder-for-Hire' Target

Prosecutors say socialite's husband and mistress plotted to kill her three times
3:00 | 11/02/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Murder-for-Hire' Target
In need genre films hiring a hit man means a trip to a bar on the wrong side of -- a briefcase and a photograph works almost every time. But real life is a little bit -- here and pain to have someone killed. There's a transaction right -- all kinds of complications cops are called money is stolen. Gunman miss tonight the story of three failed murder times and one incredibly complex marriage here's ABC's John Donvan for our series. Crime and punishment. The disturbing -- of yet another murder for hire plot to one innocent seeming address in Houston won a well heeled socialites who live there are names you -- stern and an unbelievable three times the gunmen have tried to kill her and. And in usual number of people are involved in this murder for hire this is the second accused hit man to go to trial -- -- -- -- attempted capital murder charges the first time February 2010 the house was sprayed with bullets she wasn't at home. The second time April 2010. She and her family were home this time the shooter missed the family moved out of their house and into this luxury apartment complex. The third time may 2010. She was finally hit in -- SUV inside the gated parking lot of her apartment building point blank through the window. The bullet went through her purse and make -- bag and then hit her in the stomach -- she managed to drive to this gas station. Yeah. -- -- this witness said weeks later he received a threatening phone call us. And should that they. And his alleged former lover Michelle geyser. Prosecutors believe guys -- hired this middleman to find -- for the first up 28 year old James Larry worked at a tattoo parlor. He's awaiting trial for aggravated assault the second 38 year old new twin was found guilty of aggravated assault and is now serving 45 years in prison. And now the third alleged hit man -- Florence is standing trial. Today guys -- who has pleaded guilty to hiring the gunman. Took the stand to testify against florists sobbing she admitted that she gave him 151000 dollars to make that third attempt -- -- Stern's life. I made a horrible mistake she said there isn't to date that goes by that I don't regret what I did I'm very ashamed of what I've done. I feel bad for her and the people I've hurt because of my actions murder for hire the mob might be good edit their professionals. But it's the amateurs who keep getting caught as indicates recovered last year Danny Campbell a car dealer Montana learned it was a contract on her life. And that the person putting up the money was her teenage son -- is -- -- And no matter what I will always love him he -- and at this point -- While I don't trust at all but caught Matthew only last month was given a five year sentence. Or former Food Network star Juan Carlos Cruz who is now serving time for trying to hire two homeless man. To kill his wife expecting temperatures apparently just don't realize what they're getting into says former FBI agent Brad Garrett. People believe. In their sort of naive state that they can step to somebody else have them commit the murder they think if that guy pulls the trigger -- clear right. Take the case that exists practically start to finish on videotape and audiotape. What impact it might look like -- It. -- a deep -- a Florida who thought she was paying a gunman to kill her husband but it was actually an undercover cop recording at all. There were hunter obviously because she had made a rookie mistake. What they do is they step two and a friend or an associate. Or someone that they knew in their past and what happens in a vast majority of the time the person they step to go to law enforcement. In her case the charade went as far as the police actually convincing her that she'd succeeded. Her husband had been shot dead inside the house. -- -- -- back and the leader that same day though they confronted her with the recordings. And listen Linehan saying hey you're ordered yeah and then they confronted her with news that her husband still alive. -- -- -- -- Absolutely -- she's now under house arrest while appealing a twenty year sentence and is divorced obviously. Or -- obviously isn't the word. Because back in Houston the Stearns are apparently still together as a family Yvonne stern did file for divorce but now she's changed her mind. Perhaps -- which seems to be her husband's defense a man who could be described as smarter than the plot itself seems to be. That was his girlfriend hiring the killers and that he had no idea she's alive today she -- before she could tell the truth. If you had to Jeffrey stern has been indicted but has pleaded not guilty his trial is in February the couple once again holding hands in public. Did nothing to do with this could not do anything with this. We are victims of a fatal attraction we're getting -- Forgive him for his indiscretions. Indiscretions. May be giving everything that's happened that's not the word either. I'm John Donvan for Nightline in Washington.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Prosecutors say socialite's husband and mistress plotted to kill her three times","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"14862827","title":"'Murder-for-Hire' Target","url":"/Nightline/video/murder-hire-target-defends-hubbie-14862827"}