Mutton Busting: Toddlers, Hang On!

Bizarre sport has little kids ride on the backs of frantic sheep, rodeo-style.
3:00 | 11/07/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mutton Busting: Toddlers, Hang On!
Some torrential projection projects are self explanatory want your toddler to play for the Yankees put on T ball visions of the -- 124 Olympics get that little girl some skates but what are you or your offspring. Really loves rodeo. Well as ABC's Neal Karlinsky explains you sign a waiver by -- helmet. And find some sheet. Of all the things you can do with a toddler in running that haven't. This may just be the weirdest. Adolescent males get -- it's cold mutton busting and it's about as simple as it is obscure welcome to the Puyallup fair who. Take any willing kids six and under put them on the back of a -- sheet and see how long they can hang -- The combination of hockey helmeted teams frantic -- plus a healthy dose of dirt in two years. Makes for -- particularly strange form of entertainment. Even the pep talks are a little sketchy this mom is as nervous as her daughter. I'm more nervous they see as all but. Hopefully couples who -- Burrell and -- about to send her sweet little girl -- to battle but you're here at the hockey helmet. Lincoln written and sandals yet again. We weren't planning on -- but -- Wouldn't you know -- little Villa owned that she. And had one of the best rides of the day. And that's saying something because as we watched total after -- After -- Wound up face down in a pile of dirt. Most with the seems stunned expression. This little girl lost -- -- But the real cowboys -- Tommy -- you don't need them modest man behind them -- I'm -- like down Thomas Edison invented the light bulb a GE made -- -- lot better. Mean that's kind of what we did you seriously congress of the Thomas Edison among that's absolutely I mean come on I mean who else is doing this across the country -- we are doing and Tommy traveled the country putting on these shows and says -- launched 101000 kids into the ring this year alone. Up from 2500. A few years ago here on the road you when your -- -- in the -- he talks like a man who's been hanging around sheep a little too long. -- -- -- -- -- It is good -- slogan. -- -- -- -- -- -- We didn't witness any injuries but the sport is clearly not without risk so why do it where you -- about safety. -- -- -- -- -- -- Five year old Dillon to drew he had the white knuckled grip of that champion just -- -- And determination. Hold on tight words to live by from a five year old mutton buster and police were dirt stained tears. -- -- -- Neal Karlinsky for Nightline in Q well it. Washington.

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{"id":14901753,"title":"Mutton Busting: Toddlers, Hang On!","duration":"3:00","description":"Bizarre sport has little kids ride on the backs of frantic sheep, rodeo-style.","url":"/Nightline/video/mutton-busting-toddlers-hang-14901753","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}