Mysterious Hum Plagues English Town

Residents claim to hear a low hum in the middle of the night every day.
5:03 | 10/15/11

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Transcript for Mysterious Hum Plagues English Town
It's cloaked in the same -- real mystery as rumors of alien sightings or memories of a favorite campfire ghost story. But enough people have heard it it seems impossible they could all be making it up our correspondent NIC what knew He just had to find out if the rumors were true. Here's -- be uncovered. The hobby itself is very deep. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's very irregular you know is that actually gets ahead once you -- for the first time the victims until they she's. Socialism like an old diesel generator what in the distance. Point five -- Three of wanting decision just -- no -- no reason just. The strange reports -- London and we had investigated. Along drive north five hours behind the wheel -- woodland village they started. Pub was closed. So -- accident Nokia afternoon -- losing the local Paper. Meeting like -- -- they've heard the hum elsewhere. Many place Oakland New Zealand where it's tough to record low frequency walls or on -- Taos New Mexico Vancouver Canada a YEN. Multiple times offices across Britain. There's tool factory noise -- Gravitational. Waves generated by high voltage electrical grids but then why is -- localized in places like with the far from and I think what -- we old it. -- -- Pub open like build. Some locals no eyewitness -- added. So that. But. Questions -- about the united it would be used for UFOs and everything else nobody even then do you pretty -- now. The amount of equipment via a new photograph -- -- -- Catholic school that day about illegals -- -- it was not elected Paper towel. -- cut that they've pulled up and up wall site looks evident this woman I still laugh. They say the -- is only heard at night and strongest. Candidate -- This aids the woman who forest reported the woodland. And it was one tone but it was a half beast in between like at the -- and when the second night came and it was thereafter to my husband. How can always just horrible us is comedian -- he's always He couldn't hear but He is partially death. He stat but she seems. They need to destroy me is it fairly level rooms that basin. I've been -- number more having spoken to yell -- -- Muslims who lacked details in the gulf you find it. Scary I find it scary because. -- find things are changing now in the world. We only through late. Nothing. Still nothing. And then. Community. But -- there's electrical. Definition -- I deficits didn't -- that He could not. Be pointed in proved until. To ensure camera there -- -- It hasn't. Video camera the -- and -- -- No. Competitive. Yeah. Even their third. Week did not hear the -- -- people -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- not noise and not noises that. So what is the -- and an electric -- -- to doubtful wind whistling through abandoned coal mines bolts for people on the ground. Secret military instead nation perhaps emit much stories it. It certainly was certainly won't strangers. New blades as an -- -- moved into the militarism. -- as far as unknown characters we've hit up all the time for is that who I'm sort of loves that and you serve Europe it. Yet -- They just. -- mystery and last -- And and we drove Daryn is increasingly crowded and no easy little island in an increasingly noisy. Didn't work. Harm just the sound of -- increasingly. Jam packed behind -- planet. Spread them one day back. I'm nick -- for not -- In woodland in.

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"Residents claim to hear a low hum in the middle of the night every day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"14742902","title":"Mysterious Hum Plagues English Town","url":"/Nightline/video/mysterious-hum-plagues-english-town-14742902"}