The Mystery of a 4-Year-Old Girl Named 'Maria'

When Greek investigators raided a gypsy camp, they found a little girl who seemed out of place.
5:39 | 10/22/13

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Transcript for The Mystery of a 4-Year-Old Girl Named 'Maria'
In most missing children cases, the authorities frantically try to locate a missing boy or girl. But in greece, the fair haired little girl known asth maria was found, looking nothing like those who claim to be her parents. Who is she? Was she kidnapped? We are in athens with the latest. It's an international mystery, who is this little blond girl seen here dancing in pink? Greek officials are asking the same question. She has been dubbed the blond ang angel. It is her blond hair and blue eyes that made her stand out to police, who looking for drugs and weapons last week raided the camp. Authorities noticed maria's light features are in stark contrast with the dark features of the couple calling herself her adopted parents. She appears to be five or six years old. The couple's argues that the child's mother gave the young girl to them and they took her in. Our clients claiming that we never abduct this child. We just adopted. Prosecutors also suspect the couple falsified paper work for their 14 children, six of them born within ten months according to documents. Authorities are also investigating whether maria might be a victim of human trafficking. Outside the court, members of the community rallied in support of the family. Today the bbc visited the community when maria was found. No one answered the door but there were signs that children lived there. One neighbor said the family took good care of maria and that she cried. Now there is an international effort to find her biological parents. Now trying to dereceive the specific lead that might be useful for the police. Maddie has been missing since 2007, taken from her bed while her family was on vacation. I am begging to let madeleine come home. Please give our little girl back. Now for the first time, there are new images that seem to offer a glimmer of hope as scottland yard announced a new person of interest. If they know who this person is, please come forward. And new optimism. I genuinely believe there is a possibility that she is alive. That led to a massive new effort to finally bring her home. It has also given the family a reason for hope. More than 20 year ace go, ben needham was abducted during a family vacation. His sister never gave up hope. Discovering maria could be the spark that the family needs to find ben, particularly when they were told by greek police there was no way the community were involved. For years and years we were told that gypsies don't steal babies and that it would be impossible to hide a european or british child in such camps. It was quite shocking any the. Her plight has atracked worldwide attention. U.S. Officials say there does not appear to be a link to a missing american child. But at the national center for missing and exploited children, they are following the case closely. We will be communicating with greek authorities and we have asked that they their the dna information with us so we can compare to any children here in the u.S. That which we have samples on file. Another facet of this investigation is how many children are with this group or others? There are hundreds of thousands of roma communities throughout europe. They tend to work outside the mainstream society. So, who are the roma? 11 million strong and originally from india. Today many live as knnomads. This case is unusual say experts, especially in greece. Up to now in greece we have seen schools of roma families selling newly born children to greek families that do not have children and cannot adopt and those families in fact came from other areas, most of them. This is the first case I have seen now where a child ends up and lives for years in the roma family. As for moo rmaria, her dental records are also being checked. What a story. Thanks alex.

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{"id":20641922,"title":"The Mystery of a 4-Year-Old Girl Named 'Maria'","duration":"5:39","description":"When Greek investigators raided a gypsy camp, they found a little girl who seemed out of place.","url":"/Nightline/video/mystery-year-girl-named-maria-20641922","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}