National Anthem Flubs

Every kid in America knows the song. Why can't famous singers get it right?
0:56 | 01/24/12

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Transcript for National Anthem Flubs
The star spangled banner was written an 1814 and became the National Anthem in 1931. Now seeing -- before major sporting events has become a hallowed tradition. But it is not an easy song to sing and has been mangled by some very famous people here's ABC's David Wright went -- night. Sign of the times. Why did Stephen Tyler -- can test not a judge on American Idol -- Please rise for the singing of our National Lampoon his performance last night would likely mean he would not be invited back. And return of these okay. Like Christina Aguilera and saying the wrong -- -- the Super Bowl one here hand -- Like Anita Baker who just couldn't hit the high notes at the the NBA finals. Tyler has now joined a select group of star mangled screw ups. They say they're just two possible outcomes wouldn't sign up to seeing our National Anthem. Okay. Do you do -- right and it's quickly forgotten. Her fortieth sinks so badly they'll watch it on YouTube for years. Just asked Carl Lewis saying at a Mets game -- 99. Three yeah. -- -- -- he clearly did not win a gold medal -- vote. Or. 2005. -- -- -- Maybe he should have just gone with I believe I can -- But the worst most memorable of them all. Of that title belongs to rose -- He had the number one show on television. Before she sang -- at San Diego Padres game. It was horrifying I knew I started to -- about the fifth -- didn't you're smiling through the roof there. I've felt like crying. Maybe all this is unfair. The song is notoriously. Difficult to master -- -- most news Karen youths and in. Just as New York vocal coach Mick -- Peters. If we're going to -- an -- that represents a nation. You should be prepared trained able to do it easily and -- excitement and energy and freedom. Steven Tyler is in good company the thing is the NFL should have known better. Tyler sang the anthem before at the Indy 500 almost ten years ago. And yet there he was last night regrettably. Back in this. -- -- David Wright for Nightline.

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{"id":15426134,"title":"National Anthem Flubs","duration":"0:56","description":"Every kid in America knows the song. Why can't famous singers get it right?","url":"/Nightline/video/national-anthem-flubs-15426134","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}