Newlywed Murder Trial: Is The Bride a Killer?

A Montana woman is accused of pushing her new husband off a cliff on their honeymoon.
3:00 | 12/12/13

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Transcript for Newlywed Murder Trial: Is The Bride a Killer?
committed during what should have been one of the happiest periods of her life. Prosecutors say jordan graham is a cold-blooded killer who shoved her brand new husband off of a cliff. She meanwhile is mounting a rather unusual defense. Here is abc's ryan owens with our series "crime & punishment." Reporter: Only two people know what happened atop a cliff at one of the country's most picturesque national parks. One of them is 25-year-old cody johnson. He is dead. The other, his 22-year-old bride, jordan graham. Do you want to say anything? Reporter: The trial has become something of a tabloid sensation. And why not? It's the story of young love and an even younger marriage. Just eight days that ended with a bride pushing her husband off a cliff. The story even seems to have its own sound track. Listen to the lyrics of the song that was the couple's first dance. ♪ Everyone on the same page ♪ ♪ and you're mine ♪ Reporter: The song "you're mine" written by elizabeth shea at the request of a woman who prosecutors say murdered her husband a week after saying i do. How did till death do us part end up as death at the bottom of this cliff. When cody told me he was going to propose to jordan. I wasn't supportive of it. I didn't feel like they had a strong relationship. He said basically this is what he wanted to do. He, he wanted our support. But I did have conversation with him saying that, I think he should, you know reconsider. Cody's best friend, cameron frederickson testified today. In fact for the last three days. Cody's closest friend have lined up to testify against the woman they never wanted him to marry. But in their quest to prove jordan committed first degree murder, prosecutors have turned to some surprising witnesses. Jordan's maid of honor. Tell us what it was like to see her? Even her teary eyed stepbrot stepbrother. Fbi agents say, jordan shoved her husband face first off this cliff into a stream at montana's glacier national park. The medical examiner says, he found no sign of a wedding ring on cody or in the water. Prosecutors belief she blindfolded him and pushed him with both hand. Her motive, prosecutors say he had gotten cold feet about her marriage. After eight days she didn't love her new husband anymore and wasn't interested in having sex with him. Kim rtinez, testified against her one time best friend. She told the jury she got the text from the bride one day after the wedding. Tote leap just had a meltdown. I am completely second-guessing everything right now. And these texts in the days that followed. I should be happy and I'm any just not. If I tell him how I am really feeling it is going to break his heart. Prosecutors say instead of telling him how she felt, she pushed him 200 feet to his death. Then they say she engaged in an elaborate cover-up for four days. While her husband any bed lody lay face down in the stream at the base of the cliff. Defense attorneys told the jury she wove a web of lies. Jr. Dshe made statements to the police. She lied, lied until she admit she'd pushed him. The prosecutor is going to use all her false statements to law enforcement to prove consciousness of guilt. The jury has seen two police interrogations where jordan insisted her husband disappeared after going on a joy ride with friends. Jurors have read an e-mail, jordan allegedly sent herself from a fake account. Pretending to by a friend of cody's. That e-mail read in part -- hello, jordan. My name is tony. There its no bother in looking for cody anymore. He is gone. Call off the missing person's report. Cody is for sure gone. Jordan kept searching even reap krufting h i -- recruiting her own family how to look for a man sheep knew where to find. Jordan's 16-year-old stepbrother michael broke down on the stand, when questioned by the defense attorney. Not so much any more. She could have told us the truth but had to keep adding more lies to cover up. That provoked his sister to cry too. The first hint of emotion jordan has shown touring the trial. In fact the young bride's lack of emotion, lack of tears, has been a key issue inn't case. Her own maid of honor testified during a prayer service they held for cody, two days after his death, she looked amazing. Like she had just got done at the spa. She wasn't upset at all. Other friends noticed too. Everyone was crying except for his new bride. Seeing her, fairly normal. It was really upsetting. Made me think the only person who is going to feel that way is someone who has the comfort offing into what has happened. Or some kind of information about what has happened. Park rangers testified her demeanor didn't change when she told them. He asked her how she knew to locate him in a massive park. She calmly replied it was a place he wanted to see before he died. Defense attorneys say their young client is shiy and misunderstood. They say what happened on the cliff was a horrific accident and nothing more. Government, has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she premeditated this and malice aforethought. In their opening statement. Jordan's lawyer told the jury the young bride pushed her husband in self defense. That cody grabbed jordan's arm during an argument and she just pushed him away. They say all of the lies that followed were just sophomoric attempts to cover-up. Because she was afraid no one would let her explain what really happened. Cody's friend say they're hoping for justice. The biggest thing I want people to know about cody is something that I would say most people strive for. The personality and just the -- the whole person that he was. Completely selfless, would always go out of his way. Always be there to help you. In a matter of days it will be up to the jury to decide if jordan graham is a cold-blooded killer or a young widow whose eight-day marriage ended in a tragic accident. I'm amy ryan owens for "nightline," in montana.

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{"id":21188886,"title":"Newlywed Murder Trial: Is The Bride a Killer?","duration":"3:00","description":"A Montana woman is accused of pushing her new husband off a cliff on their honeymoon.","url":"/Nightline/video/newlywed-murder-trial-bride-killer-21188886","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}