NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Charged With Murder

Former New England Patriots tight end is accused of shooting and killing his friend.
5:37 | 06/27/13

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Transcript for NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Charged With Murder
A year after signing him to a five year forty million dollar contract -- New England Patriots -- Aaron Hernandez today. It's kind of announcement that would make it above the fold in most sports pages outside Boston but it happened two hours after the tight end was charged with murder. And so we have another front page tale of an elite athlete entangled in bloody scandal. Hernandez pled not guilty and was denied bail and -- prosecutors have to prove how and why he could exe cute of friend after a night on the town. In Massachusetts on this night here's ABC's John -- from. Aaron Hernandez seemed to be living the dream trip to the Super Bowl its -- to -- -- that's touched down. Big time endorsements a million dollar home would you left the simple things -- us. -- -- came crashing down today when Hernandez was arrested without bail. George the murder of his friends semi pro football player 27 year old -- in Lloyd. A promising tight end Hernandez -- game winning touchdown from superstar patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Analysts 43 year old Fernandez Eden where his district. The arrest ends more than a week of speculation Hernandez was involved in the execution style murder. -- was found dead in an industrial park listed one mile from Hernandez his home in North Attleboro Massachusetts. In court prosecutors outlined an elaborate alleged murder plot stemming from an argument Friday night at a Boston nightclub called rumor. Her. Prosecutors say the plane went into motion Sunday night authorities found telling text messages allegedly from both -- and as Ian Lloyd. Last Monday they say Lloyd -- into a car with Hernandez and his two friends. After driving for awhile the victim sends a text message to a family member at 307 in the morning saying did you see who I am -- His sister responds by saying who -- says NFL which prosecutors say means Hernandez. As soon as Lloyd got out of the -- here in the industrial park prosecutors say he was shot three times immediately falling to the ground still alive prosecutors allege. Hernandez and his friends stood over the body. When Lloyd was shot two more times at close range. In his chest. -- -- The murder bubble boy prosecutor seem to know intricate details of what allegedly happened the night voted boy was murder. Please quickly it to -- Yeah. -- -- That registration -- to fly an intimate and the phone that was recovered. I was also. And revealed that there had been communication between the defendant in the victim. Within hours before the victim's death. We want this defendant -- -- parents and independent beautiful. Further -- vision your first call or write these it is -- bottles circumstantial case he's not wrong. Why would someone. One who seemed to have everything to lose allegedly get himself into a situation like this. They are young men with high energy. And they are young men who believed that they have conquered the world to some extent -- if they get to the heights that Hernandez got. And I think it contend the make the reckless. Some say there were warning signs early you'll. ESPN's Jeremy -- told us they were concerns over Hernandez before he was drafted to the NFL if we're to believe the reports we're hearing Aaron. Her name is became a fourth round draft pick rather than a second or third round draft pick in 2010 because the -- had looked into -- background. And some people are determined that they didn't. Like what -- CN FL coaches have been known to take chances on players with tons of potential. He'll Bellic -- somebody who was always looking for a way to -- And I'm not saying -- character isn't a factor in their decision making they've shown eagerness -- at least a willingness over the last two years to take chances on guys. Who'd had -- serious run ins are more minor run ins but certainly not. The first thing that gets considered when someone -- not only -- the New England Patriots but by just about anybody. Today just two hours after being arrested Fernandez was released from the patriots. In a statement the patriots -- quote words cannot express the disappointment we feel knowing that one of our players was arrested as a result -- this investigation. We support their efforts in respect the process at this time we believe this transaction is simply the right thing to do you read the NFL's connections to law enforcement. That they had a bad feeling about where this was going. It obviously where -- ended up going with a first degree murder charge. Is not something in NFL franchise even if it believes it is it is since wants to be involved. Hernandez is one of an astounding 27 NFL players who have been arrested since this year's Super Bowl. The -- can only do so much I I think the league honestly tries to. Teach young athletes. To behave themselves not to associate with the wrong kinds of people. People to a certain extent are who they are Hernandez could get life without parole if convicted. He pled not guilty. I'm John -- and for Nightline Attleboro Massachusetts. --

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{"id":19503344,"title":"NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Charged With Murder","duration":"5:37","description":"Former New England Patriots tight end is accused of shooting and killing his friend.","url":"/Nightline/video/nfl-star-aaron-hernandez-charged-murder-19503344","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}