'Night Stalkers': Africa After Dark

New camera captures how Africa's top predators behave differently at night.
3:00 | 12/16/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Night Stalkers': Africa After Dark
-- studying human beings during the day boy it sure miss out on some vital research. Happy hour for example which might give -- -- rather skewed picture of our species but the same goes. For animals in the African wild for years science had little idea about what kind of hunting fighting and -- went on. After dark but I got a chance to go to East Africa for our series into the wild. And see how new camera. At the top of the food chain if we need to drink we find -- -- But for the African spotted -- first. Is a lot more complicated. When will the beast and simple cross river commutes. It's not so simple. Reality TV in its most primal. About the invention of -- moving picture. About the nation's schools natural photographer our understanding of predator and prey would be severely limited. But for most of the history of wildlife photography we had no idea how these animals -- -- But now with the advent of cameras -- concern moonlight and daylight. Cameras a consensus -- -- scientists and animal lovers can witness a kind of drama never before seen by humanize. Stalking in my own home sit pine -- and we miss dinner. And get stuck like -- house cat. Crocodiles actually fishing using teamwork to separate that system improved from a small fraud. And most jaw dropping the way the power struggle between life and high eighteen changes after dark the to better understand this nocturnal art form we met up. With National Geographic filmmaker Morton door. In the -- -- wilds of Mozambique. Have. Animal camera. Basically -- concede that connection. And continue -- -- on its. Feet and now it is their ghostly dependent history. This is just the current. -- that's fantastic beautiful thing -- ultimately. You just -- he -- United Kingdom. Five miles an -- -- -- not really makes this new. -- to plan working behind. After years of shooting in places like -- Masai Mara and Kenyon. -- thought he knew exactly how apex predators behaved the way started shooting them and pitch blackness. Of discovered a valuable nugget. -- -- for any reason ever to find yourself alone in the middle of the night in the middle of the African wilderness if there are lines around. You should stand absolutely skills because these remote cameras have taught us -- -- can't see very well. Unless there's -- full moon. And we filmed and there's an animal that the line between looking for -- it's just who. -- -- -- -- and is it is it fumbling in the dark exit listening has an acting when this line Nightline. Well if it's an experience do you think he -- -- wolf who faced off -- -- that you see this. The night cameras also change Martin's biased towards high -- usually dismissed this -- feeding scavengers. These just proved though that they can be surprisingly intelligent hunters. And they smell wounded will the -- that create. Her to identify the weekly and buy music stamina in the dark run the animal to -- And more surprisingly after torrential downpour and with their pops sick in -- He saw a group of adult hyenas create their own water park. And an extremely you -- you have. -- -- schools to a nine you'll just have. Tolkien's. She's just happened before -- just never seen anything like. He's captured -- crocodiles are terrified the -- But even their -- struck -- he's prehistoric beasts he's seen leopards supposedly the most solitary the big cats hang out as a family. While dad has obvious issues with mom and son. His daughters obviously the -- But among all the he most dangerous and unpredictable. Is the hairless eight. -- -- -- -- Because themselves rifle. OK -- that stuff because it's got it. -- -- -- -- -- And those are poachers likely after leopard skins and they are the biggest threat to wiping out those amazing creatures just as we Begin the fully understand them. You can -- L Marten and his team fair and what else they find when night stalkers marathon premieres this Sunday December 18 on Nat geo walk.

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{"id":15176305,"title":"'Night Stalkers': Africa After Dark","duration":"3:00","description":"New camera captures how Africa's top predators behave differently at night.","url":"/Nightline/video/night-stalkers-africa-dark-15176305","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}