Nightline 01/06: 24 Hours Inside the Polar Vortex

The Polar Vortex, Ke$ha Enters Rehab, Super Bowl Ads
3:00 | 01/07/14

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Transcript for Nightline 01/06: 24 Hours Inside the Polar Vortex
Tonight on Nightline. -- in USA. A state of emergency declared across the country tonight as temperatures plummet to record lows. And Chicago this happens when you open a window. Mere minutes outside can be deadly hospital waits for victims and the worst may -- yet to. He called this back. I'd be sick joke crazy beautiful white birds take top singer and I think -- to a wedding -- leading this. Your music producer -- gone too much pressure. Odds minus ten super at more -- -- -- -- -- -- -- old -- kicks off 2014. With an eye catching new ad campaign -- -- I think link building all the women -- Ball last year's Super Bowl giants like Budweiser and gear up for the pricey -- season. Ever. But do they actually -- From New York City and this is Nightline we Dan Abrams. -- the -- thanks for joining us at least fourteen people are dead so far schools closed across the country. 4400. Flights canceled many businesses at a standstill. All the result of a pool of cold there known as a polar vortex. Bringing with -- the coldest chill in decades. ABC's -- when he says he's out in the frozen zone where fire departments hospitals and the ships that carry our precious goods. Are struggling to survive the cold. Michigan's upper peninsula a lifeline to a gross invasion. Here the extreme chill could have disastrous results the major shipping routes separating the US and Canada. Is -- heating oil coal and so much else must pass and there are now just precious days left to get the big ships through a race against time. That's the kind of stuff that we're -- -- right now. That diocese of one thing. And that is very difficult -- -- breakthrough because when it knits together -- -- together stronger than it did before. My name is lieutenant commander John -- currently on Coast Guard cutter Bristol Bay heading down down in the Saint Mary's river system. The personal day one of the four Coast Guard cutters smashing through these waters around the clock. There's no way can soften this sound tonight breaking of the very loud -- Do you get a strong wind. He'll blow the track that you spend so much time building those blow it out of the channel. And then you're left the brand new -- trying to work through stuff like this off on the side. And drink a brand -- for. Hundreds of miles self where the cargo was crucial Chicago. Is bracing for the lowest temperatures on record. You know your right now my eleven at the Lakefront windchill minus forty below. Our day starts of the city streets where the deep freeze is causing a nightmare on the -- Triple -- reporting thousands of calls for help some for collisions like we saw this weekend in -- wrong. But about a third for car battery failures so we hit the road with a -- all right so get out there tow truck driver James Rodgers. Fluids freeze every. Hard to. The interior car in this -- are they just freezes in the books frozen cold. Can be from the battery and I -- Smart starter you know a lot of people are -- -- how many cars you think you don't -- those week. 67. Dollars and just last night Tony 530 people this is so cold and there's barely I mean there's barely any really any guys on the street help them -- Within ten minutes at 11 AM a driver -- this down -- is dying. Company are yes -- it's -- -- cars he had just helped another driver get out of the snow. And got locked out of his own -- do you think you're -- the frozen. Pads just it just adds. We have guns. This winter freeze falling -- on some of Chicago's most vulnerable there -- and they've they've found. I'm just gonna let the zapatero -- at Cook County Hospital doctors are bracing for patients suffering from exposure. -- your feet feeling right now are they -- you're. Not only are we experiencing. Problems with cold injury and direct impact to the skin but. Everything tends to get worse people have lack of access -- there. -- they can't get to their appointments so their problems that they our behalf are going to be getting worse. Miguel -- a homeless man came in with swollen feet and very worried that it could be -- by. -- -- -- -- -- -- It turns out Miguel also has pneumonia. Absolutely this brutally cold weather at. Attributed to his illness it's getting worse. But even safely inside his home another Chicago -- showed the world what it was like outside his window. -- twenty. He needs he's he's been twenty years into -- -- 58. In Minneapolis schools are closed today and tomorrow. But they're ready for anything at firehouse they -- -- in the names were in this the first districts. Today we expect to see a lot of -- it's probably the biggest seamlessly also frozen pipes are -- on days it's extremely cold like this. We're here we'll. Okay. Just before 1 PM a call comes -- When on a medical -- -- possible heart attack. A 53 year old complaining of heart trouble. It here. Okay great lady right here. Burgeoning reputation. Penicillin -- They keep them warm in the fire truck until an ambulance arrives taken to the hospital. And -- -- walking around. We homeless. -- -- high blood pressure. Hi Harry countless more to -- Camera. Call back to -- -- and ready for any other emergencies that cold weather might very. The weather was so harsh it even created a water spout out on Lake Superior. With that great -- behind the American mariner now hoping to push into the waters of the hero. He -- America -- it was coming through 1830. Told us -- -- interest. The mariner is -- giant ship more than two football fields long. And able to carry 37000. Tons. Tonight she's trying to get Indiana. But the mariner has had trouble in these waters before. Running aground. Bringing shipping here to a halt before she was towed away. And that was in good weather. Just to give an idea of how close is actually is about eighty yards off on our our port side -- left side over here is six water. There's not a lot of room to work winner here. -- sunset less than two hours away will it be safe one and the biggest parts of being in this job as having make that call. This is news -- 620 WT MJ jewel won the -- thirteen degrees below zero. In Milwaukee we meet up with police officers from a special unit. Prowling the streets to save the especially vulnerable homeless it's extremely cold. Then people could get frostbite can think of that eventually die out here jungle somewhere right now warm. And all the libraries open until six and six six -- you know that serious -- -- -- looking out for people you know. Are like myself put -- in. We'll look for you later on today okay -- Peter ray Andy Steve -- okay. Back here in Chicago the city hit a new record low -- fifteen degrees below zero at O'Hare international airport. The cancellation more than 16100. Flights left thousands of passengers stranded causing long lines that -- travelers appear well frozen. It's about -- Lost luggage piled up and the frustration pile -- So what's behind this cold -- some scientists say it's actually tied -- to global warming -- Sea ice in the Arctic is melting. And that's changing this temperature difference that changes the patterns whether we see here it just a general disruption of the redundant and patterns of the chaos that is our weather. Back on the river connecting Lake Superior and -- on. The Coast Guard is running into some of the toughest -- they've seen all. And this is one of those things I wish that the camera can capture is the sensation that you're feeling right now. In the entire -- is just shaking as she tries to cut through this tough free throws a nice. And there -- -- -- and now lieutenant commander Henry and his bosses have a decision to make. Is it safe and easily -- the American mariner to pass by the time they get down here they'll be dark trying to go through. I wouldn't feel comfortable trying to work that right now. Definitely will do thanks -- The plan hot off the presses literally a phone -- came through. -- American -- will be hoping to for the night and we'll do that transit first thing in the morning with a fresher eyes and that's sunrise we do the transit down the type of person ever. It's getting a cold it's gonna get and uncomfortable the ice is gonna freeze but -- -- were built for that's why -- out here. And with that the Bristol Bay and her crew head out again ready to face -- winter that's already smashing through the record. For Nightline I'm GO Benitez in Chicago. It is frigid out there thank you GO. Next why did dirty love singer cash check into a clinic -- eating disorder. This weekend pop star cash shocked her fans -- announcement. She was checked herself into a clinic for an eating disorder. Millions of Americans can identify -- body image issues. But for cash a life in the public -- may have made things worse -- many making comments about her body. Here's my Nightline co anchor Cynthia McFadden. She's pop music's tough girl sexy girl skinny girl. And she's burning up billboard's top 100 with her new single timber. Now 26 -- had ten chart topping singles in just three years. Including. Tick -- So easily -- -- -- yeah she showed -- for a good time party girl credentials. On the road get pretty crazy on her MTV reality show. Russia like crazy beautiful life. -- imagine she's the most confident girl in the world right he would have to be to pull off we are who we are. A but over the weekend cash -- made headlines for a different reason the tough sexy skinny girl. Doesn't feel that way. -- on her FaceBook page. I'm a crusader for being yourself and loving yourself but found it hard to practice. I'll be unavailable for the next thirty days seeking treatment for my eating disorder. To learn to love myself again exactly as I am the -- has garnered tens of thousands of likes. Publicly blast in the tabloids after these photos of her on the beach came from life she told Self Magazine last summer the criticism hurt. I've had to endorse so many people telling me no you can't do that no you're not pretty enough. No you're not skinny enough. State fire scale that number will -- -- she was telling herself all the right things. It just wasn't enough. What the problems the criticism was reportedly coming from at least one of those closest to her music producer doctor -- Seeing here together in 2011 N and Nightline profile. We kind of develop -- -- together his sentimentality. Is just. Like a gift from god it's bizarre everything -- -- evidence -- is in credit bond and is so catchy and Turkey. When it's right it's. Perfect but over the weekend TMZ reported that every thing that came out of his mouth. Might not -- doctor Luke allegedly told cash she was fat. Even going so far as saying she looked like a refrigerator. He did not respond to our request for comment today -- is not alone in her struggle. They're played four million keep calling United States alone -- have eating disorders -- celebrity only makes the issue worse the very very complex disorder. A lot of -- with eating disorders have really no self esteem that a lot of difficulty Latin sounds the pressure of being in the world that's he's then -- mean just. Hike it up much higher. Cash is reportedly -- timber -- -- outside Chicago. One of the nation's leading residential treatment centers for women with eating disorders the very same plays Demi Lovato went for help. -- famous for hits like heart attack. -- -- -- And skyscraper. Has also struggled with the pressures to be perfect in the spotlight. Hi I'm a teen star on the Disney Channel after the second season of sunny with a chance. She decided to get help BBC's rob. And Roberts talked to her about it I was -- because -- sat and then a few months later I developed an eating disorder and that's kind of been not have been yelling let's have a sentence. We're live in the limelight only seem to make things worse as performing concerts on an empty stomach I was losing my voice from purging -- I later -- was so emotionally. Whacked out. And I took it out on someone that. That -- -- of. Just three months she came out feeling stronger recording her third album. Her music reflecting her journey. What was the darkest. Point preview my darkest period was going -- -- treatment for that first forty -- not having. Any communication with the outside world's. Even letting some people -- that as an act I. I -- and I couldn't talk to anyone and I was just kind of -- should be and section different environment. As for cash up seeking help in doing it publicly he's just the beginning of healing. Until thirty days in treatment will put this young woman back on stage strong sexy and healthy. For Nightline I'm Cynthia McFadden in New York. Are you inspired by catch his confession tweet us at Nightline. Next remember -- -- king's dream girl in this Mercedes commercial from last year's Super Bowl and we do. Now the race for ad space is beginning of earlier than ever let this -- -- -- here. If -- one of those people only watch the Super Bowl for the ads. Prepare to start rooting for your favorites a little early this year. On tonight's speech frenzy. The NFL playoffs and here. At media is already under way it's old -- that if he'd already generating -- -- and weeks ahead of Super Bowl Sunday. Their latest campaign -- -- -- view this past weekend. Holland sky news. What do you on the new drugs vaccines and right out of my son from the beach and. I don't plan on -- And -- series. American good. No escape being easy emotional moms -- just can't let he it's a promising start -- better. Prices for the ads that run during the big game are set to be high. -- million dollars per thirty seconds. Maybe that's why old spice got a jump start so. We and other media. -- in the valley. Big dogs like Budweiser not quite out of the -- yet for 2014. They stole the show last year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- does what the funny humorous. Bringing us the story of -- go with a chip on the shoulder. But of course those Super Bowl would be complete game without an appearance from the E*Trade baby you know if you're still bent on blowing this fat stack of cash. There's a couple ways you can do it. Let the super -- -- -- of the year. Now whether those pricey spots do anything to boost sales that's another question. Thanks for watching ABC news I'll see you Good Morning America tomorrow and as always we're on line at Good night.

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