Nightline 10/16: Government Shutdown Heightens Survivalists' Fears

Government Shutdown, Oreos, 'Chinese Food'
18:56 | 10/17/13

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Transcript for Nightline 10/16: Government Shutdown Heightens Survivalists' Fears
Tonight on Nightline Apocalypse Now meet the survivalist. We're not taking any coverage in the vote by congress late tonight. -- federal government shut down -- venue and -- members. And believe me and it is not and how they say you can't prepare. They're -- -- -- holiday sugar rush this new study involving wraps and Oreo what had. Those tiny little brain was it really similar to cocaine. And -- that is why you can't eat just one. Oddly addictive. Friday that viral video by Rebecca black. The man behind it -- -- new. -- -- Why -- now having to respond to planes. -- From New York City. His Nightline -- Dan Harris. Good evening the federal government shut down is finally. Finally over after sixteen days 800000 federal workers sent home museums zoos and national parks closed. And an estimated 24 billion dollar hit the American economy there's the video from late tonight your government at work the Republicans. Backing down and congress passing a bill to end the shutdown. And to raise the debt ceiling so the government can pay its bills. President Obama went in front of the cameras tonight. There's lot of work ahead of us. Including -- to -- back the trust of the American people that's been lost over the last few weeks. Earlier today Ted Cruz one of the Tea -- years he's been driving the whole shut down train insisted. This had actually been a victory even though the whole thing produced no major changes to obamacare. And terrible new poll numbers. For Republicans. We saw the. House of Representatives take a courageous stand listening to the American people that everyone in official Washington. Just weeks earlier said would never happen that was a remarkable victory to see the house. Engage in April. -- -- -- Ted Cruz a few hours ago now I want to warn you before you take too much comfort in the end of this shut down. Mark your calendars because this bill only keeps the government open through January 15. So we may be going through all of this all over again and very soon. Which brings me to the subjects of our first story tonight they are called. The doomsday preparers and they say the whole mess in Washington is but one sign of impending disaster. And these guys are not taking any -- -- here's ABC's David -- Why -- he then came out with the -- -- -- -- -- the blast of a trumpet the seventh trumpet revelations that is heralding the final -- of the apocalypse. Know what if the end we're -- It took it was a breakdown of the political system we -- take -- -- that triggered the ultimate collapse of civil society. -- collapse significant enough to cause a run on the banks and the gas pumps at the grocery store shelves. That's a doomsday scenario that's the lens through which doomsday preparers. View what's been going on in Washington this week. The economy is by -- number one I would say eighty to 90% of the people that I deal with their concern about where the country's heading economically. The word about their future jobs Scott -- runs a doomsday academy of sorts in South Carolina training people to be self sufficient to -- entrances. His company practical preparers is a one stop shop for survival. The last few weeks he says business has been booming. We've seen considerable uptick in emails phone calls a lot of contact through social media to for help. Whether it's teaching whether it's equipment. Installations. Information. Hunt is also a consultant for the National Geographic channel -- doomsday preparers. He says his customers are deeply concerned -- -- it's unsettling when the government doesn't function. And the governments there to serve and protect its people and it's not functioning. And then there is you know there's there's an uneasiness in and people from all walks of life. As one of the victims his customers here this anarchy. To them it doesn't matter if anarchy is brought on by natural or manmade disaster. Doesn't matter whether it's encouraged by -- left wing activists angry at big corporations. -- right wing activists angry of big government either way the result they see is the -- in the future they see every man. Every woman for themselves. I'm preparing for an economic collapse occurred is one of the stars of the new season of doomsday preparers. The government has been infiltrated. -- been infiltrated by corporations. Based financial institutions labor unions a lot of special interest. What scares -- of the most is the crushing burden of US -- yes even the deficit means doomsday some people. When are sixteen trillion dollars becomes -- do. We will be in big trouble and the government will be shut down basically. He's played out the movie in his head to him it looks an awful lot like mad Max. For the road post apocalyptic. -- -- Content dreaming dreams of the channel mismanagement. All the things that we take for granted every single day could possibly be gone gas for your car too -- anywhere. Electricity could become an issue food. Will not be at your -- -- longer. I think you can get really desperate nasty. Christine -- result him heights don't necessarily look like survivalists. She's a stay at home he's a tennis instructor. -- recently spent 800 dollars each and a three day weekend and learning how to escape if you're handcuffed in the trunk of a car. And other survivalists. I'm not worried. I Islami compared son -- on the rumble and if he can't I think most people are anxious -- less people can feel it. Who knows what it's going to be -- where it's going to be but I'd like to be prepared prepared. For even the most extreme crisis I worry about my girls and myself and as some -- -- -- him I wanna be able to take care myself just as easily. Their survival instructor Kevin read the -- any. We used to markets software for apple says increasingly the people he trains are middle class folks like the -- I'm getting a lot more citizens. Just normal everyday civilian American citizens -- who -- saying -- you know what. Things are not going really good. Example -- -- show. These folks are not crazy. In fact you could argue that concerned about the future of humanity is part of what makes us human. Over the centuries the collective response to those existential concerns. Given rise to the world's great religions faith of any sort may well be the ultimate manifestation of survived. A bull work against humanity's extinction. Offering reassurance. That in the grand scheme will come out okay. In the modern era technology. Has given us new things to be here and new ideas how to survive. Duck and cover under the table baby boomers grew up -- Duck and cover. Boy. So it's hardly surprising so many should turn to it now. They fall into two basic camps there are the preparers people like Tim Ralston stockpiling for the inevitable. Only quite an -- he's taken over the family's two car garage and Scottsdale. And turned it into a staging areas crammed with canned food and water purification system. -- Sugar and weapons lots of weapons and ammo. He's planning to bury his cash and a container deep in the desert and he's training his sons to defend it. The other extreme there are folks who take -- less aggressive approach. But the preparers but the wilderness survivalists. People like Tom Brown who runs a school where he trains people to live off the land. They see the preparers as potential victims of their own preparation. Looking at that approach to survive you are in prison. Here in prison by -- structure. -- in prison by your supplies. Your -- ammunition your guns. Everything involved. In fact there's maps if you get off the Internet that tell you where these bunkers. I don't want to be in one of those bunkers because it's called supermarket. As of tonight both the preparers and the survivalists can breathe a bit easier defected in Washington tombs date didn't come this time. Doesn't convince them they were wrong to fear it. As they see -- we now have a bit more time to get ready. I'm David Wright for Nightline in Los Angeles. And as we said there's a new deadline coming up in January our thanks to David Wright. By the way a new season of doomsday preparers premieres Tuesday October 29 on National Geographic channel. Shut up next here on Nightline what happens when scientists. Give Florio's to rats and does it -- the eternal mystery. Why can you not just have one. Speaking as a man who has on more than one occasion consumed. An entire sleeve of glory -- and a -- entered a shame spiral I was very intrigued by a new study which hit the news today that involve -- giving -- goes to rats. What scientists found in those tiny little rodent brains was similar to what happens when rats are given cocaine. Tonight the company that makes Aureus is responding to all of this and meanwhile some experts are saying I told you so. Here's ABC's juju -- Seems people the world over have a love affair with the Orioles the -- -- the creamy center. But can -- -- -- mix of creamy crunchy sugary for -- really be as addictive as morphine or cocaine. Those provocative findings out of Connecticut College -- lots of buzz today. Turns out when given a choice between a bland food like rice cake and a sugary high fat food like an Oreo. Lab rats display a clear favorite perhaps they. Actively -- pleasure center and a brain. To a greater extent. Then ordinary it's. -- that's a no brainer but what researchers actually looked at the neural activity in their tiny -- brains showed a strong response in the pressure just as hard core of substances. Like narcotics. Animals exposed to Oreo Cookies are high fat high sugar foods will -- will develop a preference that is equivalent to. Cocaine or morphine but -- -- international Oreo -- parent company downplayed the results saying the research has yet to be published must -- peer reviewed. So they're not in a position to comment but they did caution against interpreting any results as specific to Oreo cookie. And some addiction specialists add it making a stretch still label it an addiction and say it may not be fair to compared junk -- effects with narcotics which have a painful withdrawal. But some nutrition experts like doctor -- -- have long been making a case for food addiction. We call them the hyper palatable -- sugary fatty salty foods. -- and be just as addictive. As cocaine and other drugs of addiction. She says the Oreo study is in line with other evidence linking high sugar high fat and highly salty food with brain science this recent study. Adds yet another piece a proposal to mounting evidence. That we'd been accumulating over the last ten -- showing a very strong relationship between certain foods. An addiction last year -- spent time with doctor -- who authored the hunger fix one of the first consumer books on food addiction and how to beat. -- organic changes that happen in the reward system are identical. Whether it's drugs alcohol or food. And it just might be playing into America's obesity epidemic more Americans die of obesity related diseases than all cancers combined. Doctor peak argues for some people food can be as addictive as cocaine with cravings and bingeing and withdrawal. You're -- creating lots of that wonderful pleasure reward. Brain chemical called to opening -- is coming out in this just giving you that fantastic feeling of wow this is wonderful. Doctor peak introduced us to -- Costa who calls herself a recovering addict the substance she abused. Food the -- plus size model was in just over eating she was out of control. Give me the full line experience I would -- wings. Waffle Fries with cheesy greeting -- pick up a pint of Ben and Jerry's and about the problems and that -- lawless -- around 6000 calories all it's not morning. By the age of 22 she tipped the scales at 316. Pounds and then decided to shed the weight in the most public way possible. TV showed the biggest news of she lost an astonishing 100. 85 pounds landed on the cover of magazines like OK and woman's world but once some -- started to creep back she realized it wasn't just her body she was battling. It was her mind. Not about all will power that. Might be something -- -- doctor peak offers a prescription to get food addicts on the road to detox rehab and recovery. She calls at the three Adams mine mouth and muscle. -- one strengthen the mind. And whole foods we discussed healthy alternatives and then revealed the snacks we crave most for me it's cheats for Pam it's a cupcake. And now it's time to meditate so we had to Central Park take -- deep. -- I'm in control. -- in control. I'm powering up my brain and time -- This is not a new age moment this is -- Hardcore. Neuroscience. You're powering up the brain to be able to stay vigilant. To say no and to be able to rein in impulses. Step two -- the mouth. We stopped in at rouge to -- restaurant where instead of ice cream we try a chocolate cherry almond protein smoothie there's not an -- -- refined sugar in it. Instead of a -- -- bar a wonderful banana. Peanut butter when my favorite things step three move your muscles. By working out regularly -- -- -- off cravings and rewards her brain with endorphins instead of sugar. Now -- had too much sugar actually get violently sick. These scans from Yale -- the reward centers of the brain reacting to a chocolate milk shake for some people the pleasure -- sector's turn off. For others he keeps reacting wanting more. By focusing on the three -- mind mouth and muscle doctor -- believes you can retrain the brain. This is my new current vision board -- to keep going be Schoen. -- says she'll be a recovering food addict for the rest of her life but just knowing that she says is a victory. I wish I could be -- with that but you know -- I have hope that. It will be okay the science. Has helped people feel relieved. That it wasn't all their fault. But what they must now do is take action. To get the stuff out of their life and as for it is delicious Horry knows clearly not everyone is addicted to orient house. But there are probably a large number of people out here who are struggling with their way right -- who find themselves. Very attracted to these kinds of foods and also out of control a round these foods. For those people we need to be able to have programs to help them for everyone else. Have you Oreo for Nightline I'm. Juju Chang in New York. Fascinating in universal stuff you thank you next it's the man behind -- viral video Friday and he's got a new hit on his hand. It's called Chinese food and it's blowing up the Internet. However some people say it's racist then we got his response after the break. That I -- frenzied animals by reality absurdity and claims of insensitivity. It all started with a Rebecca black's Friday. -- wildly viral heavily auto tuned and sometimes mercilessly mock video. It was then followed up by its Thanksgiving night -- whole west. Both of these videos have made this -- a lot of money. That is writer producer Patrice Wilson co-founder of the ark music factory. Now -- that it again but this time there is controversy. The artist is twelve year old Alison gold and this song is called. Chinese food. Some critics are calling his video races due to -- over use of aerial attack. In the video young men build his -- rollicking through field with a guy -- a panda -- -- -- -- -- And mastermind behind his -- broadcast. Definitely he -- landed on oriental avenue. We reached out to wills and tonight for comment on these claims of racism and he told us quote. I'd really love Chinese food. And that's why I wrote a song about it people are entitled. Through their opinion. And there you have it. Thank you for watching ABC news world news now is coming up soon with -- overnight breaking news tune into GMA first thing tomorrow morning and as always -- online. At

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