Satanic Oklahoma Preacher Hell-Bent on Controversy

Thousands of Christian protestors tried to stop this devil worshiper and his followers' offensive "black mass."
7:01 | 10/22/14

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Transcript for Satanic Oklahoma Preacher Hell-Bent on Controversy
Tonight, you're going to meet a man who describes himself as a sort of pope of satanism. He is deliberately and gleefully blast femme mouse and seems completely unashamed of his own decidedly checkered past. So, when he recently announced he was going to hold a satanic ceremony right in the heart of the bible belt, you can imagine how that went over. ABC's Byron Pitts was right there. Holy Mary, mother of god. Pray for us sinners. Destroy the fear of the catholic church. Reporter: In this darkened room in Oklahoma City, Adam Daniels, self-proclaimed head of his own satanic church. Never nor shall ever be. Reporter: He is performing a ceremony of sorts in which he spits and stomps on a symbolic body of Christ. It did not go unnoticed. Christians by the hundreds demonstrated outside the Oklahoma City civic center. Christian conservatives, mostly. You drove six hours to be here for this. Yes, sir. Reporter: Why? Conviction. Reporter: Nearly 1,400 protesters armed with bibles, crosses, a choir, children in prayer. In some ways, it feels like people showed up for a demonstration and a carnival broke out. Every denomination is here. What's inside that building is our enemy. And we need to be praising Jesus and not tearing each other down. We need to be together. We're up to 14 physical members. Reporter: As for Daniels, his so-called church is a converted storage room in his house. What is that smell? A strong odor that wafts throughout he called anointing oil. It reminded me of a musty locker room. You're like the reverend? I guess you would say pope. Reporter: You're the pope? Yes. Reporter: Today,c:bxí Adam works as a restaurant cook. But he is also a convicted sex offender. You say that you are a religious leader. Uh-huh. Reporter: And you are also a convicted sex offender. Uh-huh. Reporter: You get how for most people those two things don't line up. That's fine. They can have chaewhatever thoughts they want to have. Reporter: This group drew next to no public attention for years until now. The group threatened to desecration one of the holy sacraments of the catholic church, the communion wafer. It's united the community. Reporter: The archbishop of Oklahoma City was outraged. I stillty the think there's a real danger involved. Reporter: Why? The powers they are invoking is real. This isn't a horror movie. Reporter: Isn't this about freedom of religion? It is not, in my view. Reporter: Because? This is more about hate speech, the way I view it. Reporter: The archbishop seeps this as an assault on the soul of humanity. I witnessed demonic possession. Reporter: That sounds like stuff in the movies, like "The exorcist." Yeah, that's based upon a true story. Satanic influences are real. Reporter: Oh, come on. I'm a priest. I've seen it. Reporter: But all this uproar created a viral sensation. The media outrage touched a nerve. The pews inside this local catholic church are filled with Christians of several different denominations. Many here pray for Daniels and his followers. See them as outcasts. Daniel insists he's more than that. He says he has super natural powers. And he's dead serious. Somebody crosses you in a certain way, why can't I use magic to attack them? Reporter: Magic? Sure. Reporter: For instance? Why wouldn't I curse a person. Reporter: Have you put a curse on anyone? We have an opponent whose mother was dying of cancer. It put his mother out. Reporter: Come on. You can't be serious. Very serious. Reporter: And so you think you're responsible for her death? That's a possibility and a very high possibility. Reporter: Part of that is offensive. Sure. Reporter: Part of it is incredibly arrogant. You're playing god, it sounds like. I can. Reporter: News of Daniels demonic service spread quickly online. 100,000 people signed a petition to block it. Many of them angry not just because the holy sacrament would be desecrated but it was stolen from a catholic church. At least that's what Daniels and his group wanted the public to believe. That's the big secret. There was never a stolen host. They're the ones who decided to claim we had a stolen host. There's a Christian store, if you want to go, I'll take you tomorrow. They sell all kinds of communion gear, including the hosts. Reporter: Deception or downright lie, this small group got exactly what they wanted. Attention. They meet at a local ihop for waffles and strategy. Priority one, security. There is going to be a huge police presence. Do not come within ten feet of any officer. The city is taking this seriously as a religious ceremony. Reporter: For many that support Daniels right to religious expression, he crossed a different line with his plan to build an altar to Satan. Keep us from the righteous. Reporter: His building material of choice? Debris from one of the deadliest domestic terrorist attacks in U.S. History. Rubble from the Oklahoma City bombing. Jimmy: Wh . Reporter: What? Sure. Reporter: Why? It has highly negative energy. Reporter: 168 men, women and children were killed in that building. Yes, sir. Reporter: That is a painful moment for this nation. Certainly for this community and you want to make an altar out of that? Yeah. Creation through destruction. Reporter: And striking a nerve is exactly what Daniels did el the rigious community here in Oklahoma. It's the morning of the event. And as he and his followers start to set up, a protester has gotten through security. What's this? Why is it here? Because I believe in it. But -- He made a prayer. I caught him in the middle of it. Reporter: The man was never identified. After he cleans that up, spit and detime file it. Reporter: The service went on as planned. The exorcist it was not. Afterwards, we wondered if anyone who attended was at all moved. In a word -- no. So, was it $20 well spent? I can't say that. Little hokey. It's okay. It's just -- it's nothing to be worried about. Reporter: Most here believe Adam Daniels and his small band of follows will once again drift into obscurity. It did remind us, faith in America runs deep. In a country where all are welcome, if not embraced. For "Nightline," I'm Byron Pitts in Oklahoma City.

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{"duration":"7:01","description":"Thousands of Christian protestors tried to stop this devil worshiper and his followers' offensive \"black mass.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"26365049","title":"Satanic Oklahoma Preacher Hell-Bent on Controversy","url":"/Nightline/video/nightline-satanic-oklahoma-preacher-hell-bent-controversy-26365049"}