Nov. 6, 1995: Israel Mourns Yitzhak Rabin

Israeli Prime Minister was assassinated at a peace rally on Nov. 4, 1995.
7:28 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for Nov. 6, 1995: Israel Mourns Yitzhak Rabin
It is Tuesday morning now -- -- the dawn of the day after the funeral. The foreign dignitaries have already begun to go home. The -- family will continue to sit in mourning for the next six days while friends come to pay their condolences. The jagged differences over hard issues that divide Israelis were almost imperceptibly along the day that -- Yitzhak Rabin was buried. But already -- arguments are beginning to resurface. And they will pick up momentum and rise in volume as the days pass. The accused assassin who claims to have been instructed by god. Lives in a nation where untold numbers of orthodox believers are convinced that the very boundaries of Israel was set by the almighty. Who lives where is not simply a political or geographic question in Israel it rises to the level of a theological dispute. It is not the first time that God's will has been invoked to justify -- willfulness. But neither will it be -- last. Israelis have faced hard obstacles before. But this time they are not united before a common enemy this time they confront one another. Our report tonight is from Garrick Utley. The sound reverberated across Israel. And all of these stocks. -- -- -- In Jerusalem. In Jewish settlements on the occupied West Bank. As the funeral of Yitzhak Rabin began with a piercing wail of sirens was an expression of the pain. Fell by Israelis following the assassination. The -- of a nation coming to a complete stand still was a symbol of unity among Jews gift ever has that unity which is essential for Israel's security. Its very survival but under as much stress as it is now. I feel very shocked that the whole thing. I think it's a terrible thing that happened. Especially very juicy killing they do it's just. It's terrible I think the very fact that the country is is -- itself apart trying to figure out what happened in itself may be. The only blessing to come out of this I think and then hope very much that that we ruin your night. And the big danger is it. Civil war. If most likely will not come to blacks but when Rabin's confessed killer Yigal Amir appeared in court today he claimed defiantly did he have the right to kill ruby. Because the government's peace plan endangered Jewish -- The thing you go Amir is the righteous men. It did the right thing to do the group thing. We have a responsibility. For Jews and have been killed by Arabs and -- we have the responsibility to deal -- -- that are allowing Arabs. To kill Jews. Those voices on the West Bank settlement of -- tough -- reflect a tiny minority the most extremist Israelis. And today the Israeli government plan to charge them with incitement and -- -- would act to stop what has been called the tyranny of the minority. It puts Britain -- has been studying the Israelis who live in settlements on the occupied territories and the fears that can lead to extremists. If you'll go around assessments if you look at these people not from the political and ideological. But as the communities there are flourishing community they've created. -- -- -- -- -- Good day and those places. -- -- -- The settlers figure they may have to leave because of this the peace process and accept Palestinians taking control of an Arab West Bank town. It's not the peace process it's there is enough enough anything enough or not has taken up security. The division among Israelis can be seen in how they interpret their religion. One part of Israel is increasingly a prospering secular society the other part holds firm to biblical commands. Jews who take their scriptures literally say the land captured from Arabs in 1967 has always belonged to them according to God's mandate. And that they have the right to remain in control collapsed. The Israeli government believes that compromise in a religious history is an acceptable price for peace with the Palestinians. The head of this issue of or religious school things compromise -- -- assassination by an extremist. If his government wouldn't -- brought about the situation. -- frustration. And anger. Than even these crazy people would not arrive with such criminal act. Is opium is Serbian will be known as a martyr but he fell because of the separation because among the Jewish people I think this separation is one of the worst things happening. And nothing drives a sharper wedged between Israelis and the sleight of their government and the Palestinians making peace. It is the worst nightmare for those Israelis unwilling to make any concession to the Arabs. -- they still stop the peace process we. -- -- Guns armaments by our government and security forces. Commanding us to defend ourselves. And we certainly will defend failed. Many Israelis are especially concerned about what the extremists could do -- -- the West Bank has handed over to Arab control later this month. They have an interest in the process how you -- -- talk to provoke historic throwing rocks at Palestinian policeman once they -- a few who shook the and he immediately who have an incidence. And it was to avoid any incident today but Yasser Arafat watched Rabin's funeral on television in -- -- -- -- While other leaders including President Clinton came to pay -- much. Even President Mubarak of -- came his first visit to Israel. And King Hussein of Jordan the first time he had set foot in west Jerusalem. They also came to send a message to the extremists to show their support for Israeli government and its separates. I think. Live from extreme right. And anybody. Who opposes the government posts. -- -- advocate. Violence. Will not be only an old cost. -- government owned by -- But for the millions of Israelis and today pay tribute. -- -- -- Israelis though are divided over -- -- legacy. Whether will be true -- If this nation and world went up -- it's. It's loophole. On and that nothing could no. Stuff that. I view the prospects of these is. As -- to be honest here. I don't think that it's a matter -- pieces of Paper. It is a it states -- peace but cultures. Have to do a lot more than -- -- -- -- they're gonna live together. And Israelis understand that they have to -- to live together. A rabbi today said Israel's greatest enemy -- was not anyone outside the country but the enemy within. The divisions the intolerance which took the life of Yitzhak repeat. Garrick Utley for Nightline in Jerusalem.

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{"id":14886682,"title":"Nov. 6, 1995: Israel Mourns Yitzhak Rabin","duration":"7:28","description":"Israeli Prime Minister was assassinated at a peace rally on Nov. 4, 1995.","url":"/Nightline/video/nov-1995-israel-mourns-yitzhak-rabin-israeli-prime-minister-assassinated-14886682","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}