Obama: Breaking Stalemates

Exclusive: President talks about calming the public anger aimed at Washington.
4:48 | 10/19/11

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Transcript for Obama: Breaking Stalemates
And we're back -- -- special broadcast an exclusive interview with president Barack Obama and as the president. But for way to jumpstart the economy is also in the political fight of his life and He knows it so Jake asked him about. What has to happen for him to convince voters that He deserves a second term here again ABC's senior White House correspondent -- -- -- Today in the battleground states of North Carolina and Virginia President Obama took to the road to sell his jobs plan -- himself. The math is tough for 47% of the country voted against -- with everything going -- -- pretty much. It's not difficult to think that there -- four million Americans who thought well. I gave was shot it didn't work unemployment still high let's get this other -- and -- on the there's no doubt about it I guarantee it's going to be a close election because. The fact is that the economy is not where wants to -- and even. -- I believe that all the choices we've made have been the right ones we're still going through difficult circumstances. And that means people. Who may be sympathetic to. My point of view still kind of feel like but it hasn't gotten done yet. Across the country the Republicans who hope to make him a one term president were preparing for another debate. The president doesn't talk much about his would be opponents by name is giving speeches I'm not the democratic president I'm not the Republican president on the president. He seems pretty aware of what they've been talking about. We've had a president responsible for this economy for the last three years and he's failed us. It's just every two months until the Republican. Iowa caucus. There's a lot of talk about the economy Herman Cain has -- 999 -- what are you hearing from Republicans when it comes to the economy. I've got to say. What I haven't heard is anything new 999 news well I knew that well in the it would essentially what -- supposes -- that work longer. Make sure that. The wealthiest among us -- less. And we replace. Any revenues with the sale tax that would be a huge burden on. Middle class families are working for us that's not new. One emerging campaign theme to not only run against the Republicans but against the excesses of Wall Street. They want to roll back all the Wall Street reforms that we put in -- place. As if they've gotten -- amnesia about how we've gotten of this problem in the first place you're senior program -- given Xstrata spend a lot of time in the last month talking about Mitt Romney. Is He your biggest challenge -- He would -- be the toughest candidate to be I genuinely and not spending a lot of time worrying about who. Their candidates going to be. Must have to worry about and -- -- thinking about. It doesn't make sense for for -- prognosticate on what I think's gonna happen on their side what I am certain -- though is that there is going to be. A very clear contrast between whoever they nominate. And their vision for where we need to country and where I believe we need to take the country. And so the president is out here trying to win the support of the country. Back. His last stop of the evening was another rally at another school in Emporia Virginia. -- -- -- -- -- Good absolutely ignoring struggling this stuff wrong like you know I love getting out of Washington and talk and folks. You know when you're in -- -- somebody grabbed and says you know. I've been out of work for six months but I haven't given up you know I'm still trying and I hope folks are looking after. Their business of Washington that it. Gives you the kind of energy that you need to keep on going and do you need I mean -- it's -- it's. It's tough the job we'll look at my singular focus every single day is how can we make sure that this economy work. For ordinary folks that's what led me to run for office are there times where you say man I wish this happening faster absolutely. Are there times word. I think to myself. That. Somehow we're not gonna get there never walking or riding hood but -- He gets here it's against -- I do and I'm thrilled about that. Although because there's very little about where -- want -- they -- -- you know. Because they love me they act like. It's really exciting when I come home but I think. You know on a day to day basis. Their focus to start to -- elsewhere. But at Nicosia -- -- effective but -- Jake Tapper for Nightline in Emporia Virginia.

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{"id":14766808,"title":"Obama: Breaking Stalemates","duration":"4:48","description":"Exclusive: President talks about calming the public anger aimed at Washington.","url":"/Nightline/video/obama-breaking-stalemates-washington-14766808","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}