Obama on Reviving Economy

Exclusive: President discusses economic plan to pull the country out of crisis.
6:05 | 10/19/11

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Transcript for Obama on Reviving Economy
Our exclusive interview with president Barack Obama at a time when a lot of Americans are having serious difficulty making ends meet. And are desperately looking for leadership on the economy ABC's Jake Tapper join the president. On his bus -- to two key election states. Any estimate is there really -- plan in place and how long is it gonna take -- get the country back on track so here is ABC's senior White House correspondent. Jake -- -- have heard we're take the low road trip this week. Just get out of Washington. The president's bus tour may be rolling through the train -- autumn country sides of North Carolina and Virginia. -- North Carolina barbecue. And sweet deal on the way. Much profit don't tell Michelle exactly -- on the -- But there's nothing amusing about the state of his presidency as He fights for his jobs bill. And for his job we are gonna keep fighting and we're -- He wore them. To put people back to work. This trip is official White House business. It's not a campaign trip. Today I appreciate the -- or Europe but right now I'm Bennett about the next thirteen months. We sat with him today to find out just how bad He thinks things are. And what it means for the American people. Are you worried I'm not worried in the sense that. I don't think we can solve these problems. The the jobs plan that I put forward. We know would grow the economy by as much as 2% and we know that it could add. As many as one point nine million jobs we could put teachers back in the classroom we can put. Construction workers back on the job rebuilding our roads and bridges and schools we know that would work. I'm not worried about. The long term prospects of this economy because we -- the best universities the world's best. Workers in the world. We've got the best option and worsen the best. Market system in the world. But I am concerned that. Right now. Things in Washington broke there's a little -- physical tone of frustration when your friends told me that that you -- are. Deeply frustrated and worried about the economy if you -- A sense of urgency in my voice. It's because these problems are solvable. But you don't get a sense that we're moving in Washington with the sense of urgency -- -- The worsening in the state right now for a majority of the voters disapprove of her handling of the economy moving -- to Virginia later for a majority of -- voters. Do not think He deserved to be reelected. The fact is that the American people are rightly frustrated. Over what they see as. A system in which. Responsibility. Is not always rewarded. That sense of the American dream is slipping away I think that is something that helped get me elected but it hasn't been entirely solved yeah. Some of the frustrations has come out in this -- Wall Street protests. You expressed sympathy. With their position their feeling of powerlessness. What I said -- is that I understand the frustrations. That are being expressed in those protests. And subways -- not that different. From some of the protests. That we soft. Coming from the Tea Party you know both on the left and the right. I think people feel. Separated from their government they feel that their institutions aren't looking out for them. The president's argument on this trip is. Point if he's saying that Republicans are the ones not looking to connect. Maybe they just couldn't understand the whole thing -- -- -- So so we're gonna break it up in a bite -- -- Republicans who block his legislation his most recent defeat. The jobs bill failed in the senate and now all be broken up into parts it seems like sometimes your parents -- the White House -- pitches. You're almost a victim -- -- you know it's those mean Republicans that are blocking me you've really got a lot done. I don't I don't say that they were victimized what I say -- is that we've got. Too little. Of the kind. Let's work together attitude in Washington. That we need and that has been true since I came in office and and and that's just -- -- The component the president focused on today is thirty billion dollars in aid to states. To save teachers' job. At the school where we spoke the president showed off his personal knowledge of children's books. Don't know what what what's your favorite -- favorites on the big Dr. -- kind of like you can't be effective. So -- class -- amazing. You know I don't know resident in the Horton. You know what's important tsunami or delays in -- fly as a way and I haven't gotten up to the -- -- -- you have. We left the school as the president made his way to his next time you worry that our kids are not gonna have a better life to me that you and I are both. Dance with young kids. You know. Buying and actually very confident that. America. Is. Positioned. To do as well reporters for -- we did report. If we make some tough decisions if we. Make a concerted effort to -- our schools put more resources from our schools that are just. There are things we know we have to do and if we -- our kids will be if we don't go. That are considered earned are going to be inheriting. An America that is not a strong -- -- been and there are opportunities are going to be more constrained.

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{"id":14766713,"title":"Obama on Reviving Economy","duration":"6:05","description":"Exclusive: President discusses economic plan to pull the country out of crisis.","url":"/Nightline/video/obama-reviving-economy-14766713","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}