Obama, Romney: Analyze This

ABC's Jake Tapper talks to a psychoanalyst who judges the candidates based on their childhoods.
3:00 | 10/17/12

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Transcript for Obama, Romney: Analyze This
Psycho analyzing a person you've never met. May seem unorthodox even beyond the bounds of the profession but when it comes to presidents politicians and world leaders there inner psyche. That's fair game for everyone from historians to the CIA. Now one psychiatrist is on tangling the sub conscious of Mitt Romney and President Obama. And he let -- ABC's Jake Tapper hop onto his -- For now the -- one into our history have we finally finally learned enough about these two candidates in order to pick one for president he stuck his chin out. And -- -- punched him hard and one thing women voters don't like is a bully and these two men were each other's faces. Doctor Justin franks watch -- these debates not just as a voter and he's a liberal Obama supporter it should be noted. But as the Psycho analyst. The guy who shakes hands with their hand on the top. Only has -- way of living rooms Boston that's what -- only did Obama. -- is the author of both bush on the counts and Obama on the couch so doctor frank I'd like to talk to you about some issues I'm having with my candidates. So I thought from his couch I might glean some insight. -- -- -- with -- what does that mean. Well means -- Anderson how people got to be the way we are. To looking at unconscious factors in their childhood. Cycle analyzing leaders one has never met it's not so odd actually. Was Abraham Lincoln -- Why was Jack Kennedy so reckless in his personal life. Richard Nixon Bill Clinton there's no shortage of material I read an analysis. Of the first debate that said you could tell. The real difference between who had a strong father vs present Obama. Who did not have a strong followed its Romney was very -- -- being assertive taking charge eye contact is also. That their room his five sons and -- -- -- going to be tough. A conversation with doctor frank offers -- -- usual election analysis. -- the -- thinker who applied cyclone that repetition compulsion either or thinker you get your chance at a moment optional speaking mommy was what's called in and narcissistic friends meaning he fights I can disappear positions -- sort of talking down the person. Could describe most at a horse out there today course so I have a lot of history. Doing what's called applied -- witches. They're looking at the past looking at patterns -- behavior looking at repetitive things. Of course politicians might have another take on. This is a bunch of stuff long ago stuff buried in the -- stuff. Frank posits that Obama's -- he can change Washington had its Genesis in his childhood. He was -- a myth as a child about his father who was a black. African Mahan who went to an all white -- in Hawaii. And there was somebody making racist slurs. And and his father walked up to this -- in the middle of this all white bar. And talk him down from his racist attacks and that was a story that Obama was fed over and over you know they really think it's very important to view the power of reason he can really reason with people -- them. -- which you can't reason with somebody who's can Vince likes it Mitch McConnell for instance in just destroying and making sure your one term president. And -- authority -- Mitt Romney's seminal moment may have been when his father governor George Romney Mitt Romney's hero. Was essentially chased out of the Republican presidential race -- creek ended its support for the Vietnam War saying this. Why does have the greatest brainwashing that anybody who got. That quote was twisted unfairly and George Romney became sadly something of a punchline it was scathing for his son. One of lessons he's learned was never to risk being humiliated and therefore never to say what you actually think. Of course doctor frank. Let's be fresh looking at Mitt Romney and Barack Obama just in terms of mental health. Is there one whom you would give the edge to. Actually to be president you have to have a certain. Amount of on the health. As long as your reality testing you have to be strong you have to sometimes do things that people don't like. You're not always going to be considerate and always going to be thoughtful and I think that that's very. Different kind of leadership. The view from the counts of doctor Justin frank. -- for Nightline I'm Jake Tapper in Washington.

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{"id":17497157,"title":"Obama, Romney: Analyze This","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Jake Tapper talks to a psychoanalyst who judges the candidates based on their childhoods. ","url":"/Nightline/video/obama-romney-analyze-17497157","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}