Oklahoma SAE Frat Condemned Over Racist Chants

Two students were expelled after being caught on tape singing racist chants, putting Greek Life in the spotlight again.
6:44 | 03/11/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oklahoma SAE Frat Condemned Over Racist Chants
It's the caught on camera moment raising questions about race on campuses in America. Tonight there are fast-moving developments. Two expulsions, possibly more on the way. But there are also people coming to the defense. Reporter: The video is just 9 seconds long. The consequences could last a lifetime. ? There will never, never be a ? Reporter: Tonight two frat brothers from sigma alpha epsilon have been expelled after leading a chant that they would rather black people be lynched than join their fraternity. The video went viral. The problem is, nobody's pointing out what's going on! Reporter: Today university of Oklahoma president David Boren sent this expulsion letter to two students involved in the video, saying they had created a hostile educational environment for others. Tonight one of the chant leaders is identified as parker rice of Dallas. Rice's friends tell us he's already home in Texas and will not be coming back to Ou. I know parker. He's not a racist. He really is not. He compromised his morality for the liking of his friends. Reporter: In a statement, he says alcohol was a factor in his actions and that he is deeply sorry for what he did. He mentions he was taught the offensive song but not by whom. Another student in the video identified by his parents as Levi petit. They write, he made a horrible mistake. We know his heart, and he is not a racist. The two expulsions are just the latest fallout from this video. Today moving trucks littering the front of the Sae fraternity house. The university banning the group from campus and giving members until midnight to get out. Are you embarrassed? Extremely. Can I say anything else? We have no room for racists and bigots. Reporter: The scandal began when the video was texted and spread over social media. Everybody on that bus was singing this chant proudly and confidently. Reporter: Social media lit up with posts about the incident. At one point the Twitter hash tag saehatesme was nationwide. This is only one of two black members of this Sae ever says the punishment fits the crime. Ironically, he was once in charge offraternity's songs. I never heard anything like this song. Reporter: At least technically, these were your brothers. I don't consider them my brothers. I don't think that they were ever deserving of the letters, because those letters mean something. Reporter: Still, some on campus are jumping to Sae's defense, including the fraternity's chef who fines himself out of a job after 14 years. I think it's outrageous. Reporter: Another supporter, the frat's house mother who appeared on local news Monday night. Had you heard that song before? Never heard it. Never heard it. I thought they made it up or something on the bus. I never heard that sock. Reporter: Hours later, this video emerged of her, posted two years earlier. . Reporter: She's repeatedly using the n-word while singing along to a rap song that used the same slur. She issued a statement saying she's not a racist but understands how it must appear in the context of the events. Sae is one of the largest fraternities in the country, they say they shut down the Oklahoma chapter within hours of learning about the offensive video. Our reaction was the same as people across the country. This is unacceptable, racist and very offensive and inappropriate footage. And it is sad that anybody in sigma alpha epsilon would have thought this was something they should do or a way they should behave, because that is not what this organization is about. Reporter: The scandal comes at a sensitive time for Greek communities. With sexual assault in the spotlight, "The hunting ground" mentions Sae by name. When asked by "Time" about the documentary, they said we believe anyone who commits sexual assault or other illegal acts should be held accountable and face punishment that is appropriate for those actions. This is not the first time Sae has grappled with allegations of racism. This confederate flag got them in hot water in several sororities came under fire for not admitting black women. The university of Alabama will not tolerate discrimination of any kind. What happened here is unfortunately endemic in Greek fraternity life. Fraternities and sororities operate along principles of ex-cluesivity. It expresses itself on racist terms often. As far as I'm concerned it won't be back. Reporter: Still some are questioning if expelling the students might be a step too far. While a private university can basically operate the way that it wants to, a public university is restricted by the first amendment. I think what happened to these kids, expelling them, is a very problematic thing. The racism that they expressed was raw, ugly, as ugly as it gets, but those factors don't necessarily make it illegal. Reporter: I'm Ryan Owens for "Nightline" in Norman, Oklahoma. So, was expelling the frat brothers a fair punishment? Head to our "Nightline" Facebook page and tell us what you think.

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{"duration":"6:44","description":"Two students were expelled after being caught on tape singing racist chants, putting Greek Life in the spotlight again.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"29547040","title":"Oklahoma SAE Frat Condemned Over Racist Chants","url":"/Nightline/video/oklahoma-sae-frat-condemned-racist-chants-29547040"}