Getting To Know the Red Panda

Knoxville Zoo curator Sarah Glass talks about how these creatures live and what they eat.
3:00 | 08/22/12

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Transcript for Getting To Know the Red Panda
I -- this -- and that curator here at the Knoxville zoo has been working with these -- for almost twenty years now. -- and this year since the late seventies that we are -- really well with these guys there. Parents -- mothers were brought over here and mania breeding ground from New Zealand's. As a way he brings new blood line into the North American population red -- actually. Are very global population. With -- happening between countries and between continents. -- -- -- help keep the captive population strong that it waiter can -- released these guys in the wild weekend. Put back a very strong animal that these guys just a -- -- and -- -- -- when they get to be adults and generally. Going. To spend about sixteen hours -- their -- sleeping you'll usually see them hurled the ball stripped down. Lynn. Relaxing but we've got actually happen Havel at some level of us law -- bill. That winner this is their playtime they like to play really rough with each other and they are also -- which makes an extra. Two. Deal with at this age Dolly here -- our wild child she's up for anything. -- in our little guy right here. Is our common it's a little. Little more mellow. And then Bernadette believe it or not is usually the -- one of the bunch. Are really unique species people often think. These -- being -- died and that's an expert in that -- as are their real hand and they were first given the name and in the early eighteen hundreds. And after the giant panda was discovered it was given the name giant panda because it was similar. These little -- people have. Talk about -- to me in and if you look -- descriptions of them in the 18100 people talk about being fabulous that for a little Victorian. Lady. They are so individual. In the -- Personalities. Some would be really mellow instantly be a little crazy. That they're kind of like -- that. And he was one. If you've ever had. -- cat just let's be left alone comes up defeating that kind of like that if ads are not particularly social. As adults. So they're not -- To be social with humans. -- And yes they know when their work and it.

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{"id":17061451,"title":"Getting To Know the Red Panda","duration":"3:00","description":"Knoxville Zoo curator Sarah Glass talks about how these creatures live and what they eat.","url":"/Nightline/video/pandas-red-endangered-poachers-target-nightline-17061451","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}