'The Lookout': The Undercover House

Part 1: One house. Seven mold inspectors with radically different approaches. Who do you trust?
7:13 | 05/30/13

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Transcript for 'The Lookout': The Undercover House
ABC news looked down continue. Now it's still not only -- lord our undercover house. -- the -- light blue doesn't. Maybe -- -- -- defense. Let's get some shutters. Big old apple TV and the swing. You flower bed. And then you own. And -- -- cleanly. They become -- okay. Take all the super storms and Franken flooding of -- a lot of people -- -- all of them water will lead to the nightmare for mold. Mold inside your walls. From room to room. -- -- -- -- Well Jan thought -- -- there that they act. So she agreed to help us with a kind experiment her town in New Jersey wasn't flooded. But she worried and -- -- -- -- infected from home with a mold problem. Children and I want all my house but it's hard to -- we -- can't see or smell -- Mold inspectors make big promises and -- and coupons and come -- -- rescued. But with more money on the line blue canyon trust. -- To find out we bring -- expert this picture honestly -- southern. To thoroughly inspect -- home which we've rented and tell us whether she does have a mold problems. And a flashlight but Richard is -- professor and researcher. Point -- and Bill Clinton environmental consultant both of the wealth of experience and are highly regarded and everything here is fairly consistent. They call the house top to bottom looking for any telltale signs of mold and moisture the -- zeroes so this stuff is -- right. Every house has some mall but -- the behind and the amount permit. Problem. The -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- your two expert opinions there is no mold remediation need in this house. Correct absolutely. Then there's something -- -- you should know. They made several openings. That would allow inspectors to see inside the walls for their diagnosis. It's good to claim -- -- Finally we have for the house with hidden cameras and microphones. But -- the control room in the garage. -- -- seven -- inspector. Department. -- I haven't seen this person -- this -- we call him a flash. -- every week about a year and a half ago but these rooms alone are experts and thorough visual investigation with temperature and moisture readings should take -- from a half hour. Let me tell you can't. -- -- he starts at 116. Races -- bedrooms addict in the living room. And -- one when he won just five minutes later he's sitting under the kitchen -- again. Could he possibly gotten enough information to make a diagnosis. And -- I'm going to send them to hold these little information to my office. You do this as -- due to. Two days when it. Not an estimate -- a -- why would have happened to remove from mold to white have homes and the -- swim team now despite repeatedly asking Sheen gets an answer and has to wait for the promised estimate that -- -- much. -- expert Richard says no one clinched early in. Cinemanow. In the amount of time this morning -- -- specifications. Ever seen. That's -- this this team we call them the hair care. That in our -- they reach -- conclusion even quicker than just four minutes. The -- in the living room wall is the clincher for them to do what we do -- -- -- -- small there. Agents inspecting and take their diagnoses a step further -- -- very frightening morning. By not doing anything behind the war and -- was actually still minimal. Trip continues to grow until this. Two days here's a little push against the sheet rock -- humor. -- -- one that was spurred you can -- he didn't prosper. Over this. He's around being -- resolution Tylenol. I still laugh and if it's pretty funny -- because it. If there were an ongoing leak if the walls -- where. Then there could be some substance to what Hussein. But distinguished Americans. And factor or hidden cameras catch him take that meeting when -- was out of the -- If -- -- more -- measurements he would have known that the wall was tried and therefore that entire statement has nothing to do with reality. Next. Yeah -- -- an example to example visible here corporate examples -- -- and contractor has a different from. A tough time -- how high levels. If you want to do a lot of tests. And what does that cost. Fifty for example fleece -- three for a total of 11100 dollars including the inspection -- just to find out if we have a problem. Plan -- Texas where I'm convinced. I don't know why -- nine thank you have to do that and yes -- resentments. That pricing standards really have to yeah. Ridiculous play its home home. Is that. Customary rate -- -- That is the highest grade I've ever heard I would say if it's double. The highest more customary. -- Only that he give Jan a receipt for 725. Dollars less than -- -- Wonder why he isn't the only contractor who tests to others -- sampling as well. -- -- tests are no premiere is costly and their results in shall see you later. Quite different. There are also a couple of others who didn't test -- good -- that -- -- but conducted thorough inspections. Like this man. An inmate -- He tells us he's my -- instant. I'm an please yeah. It's time why I was born scientists and he says he can -- mold. You much brighter -- If that house as a potential from mold because polls give off gases they give all over I don't -- But just to be -- -- comes armed with a lot of equipment there's no. Turns out the nose knows his diagnosis he died. The hair cut her hair. She youngsters what -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"7:13","description":"Part 1: One house. Seven mold inspectors with radically different approaches. Who do you trust?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19284456","title":"'The Lookout': The Undercover House ","url":"/Nightline/video/part-undercover-house-19284456"}