Patricia Cornwell: Jack the Ripper's Knife

Crime novelist shares her research and British Victorian-era weapons collection.
2:53 | 12/05/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Patricia Cornwell: Jack the Ripper's Knife
-- -- Jack the Ripper case it was I wanted to bring real science to it. Now these things here which I I bought during that entire investigation. These are all -- your collection -- wanted to see what was being used back then these for example handcuffs that the Bobby's would've had. In Victorian. London when Jack the Ripper was roaming the streets and and murdering people and these -- -- the swords they would have used. As what we now use riot guns. These are some of the weapons at a Victorian gentleman or lady -- had an investor the person. It is -- but you know what someone does can do a lot of damage is very tiny -- report done. Well this is a kind of thing that can -- and it's not so I was interested in the weapons -- this is a Victorian. Police whistle. It's what -- heard on the street -- the streets right hailing each other. This is my one of my favorites is the police -- -- what does this. The body scary d.s and when -- -- Jack the Ripper would've heard the east has let me tell you some I DNT this guy. Was hanging around shadows as he wanted to see that the party he just -- kick and one of the things he -- heard in the foggy darkness this. In this is how the cops let you know body body come and have radios this was the radio. So here the Billy clubs get this is this to be a very common. Might stick that a Bobby yeah. And some of them were quite a lab where I -- -- them out you know we're all the same whenever -- I want my at a time tricked out police I want chrome -- my car. These are some and kinds of guns. A police department might have had not just marveling over how amazingly heavy these things are it's not loaded -- -- payment over that way. This would have been a police weapon. It could economy and accurate they kept. I don't know for sure the time rejected her because I'm not a fire arms expert. But this would be -- -- -- similar to this. They might have had a couple of them in one of the precincts -- if something got really. But mostly they were using sorts. So -- what kind of a night. Well did you come to the conclusion objector to I think it was a very simple sort of dagger and this would be a great candidate for that because it's doubles -- sharp double edged. -- got to guard. -- handle scored C don't slip this much and you could and I tried it I got but -- rump roasts and -- mountain put. -- in -- you know from the grocery store me in my shopping. And and -- wrapped it up in cotton and wool multiple layers and in the kitchen tried office and to see it -- you when we're red vest. That -- was the best that doesn't mean that -- exactly like to run close to it was used but that's part of and that's part of just good old gumshoe.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"Crime novelist shares her research and British Victorian-era weapons collection.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15091067","title":"Patricia Cornwell: Jack the Ripper's Knife","url":"/Nightline/video/patricia-cornwell-jack-ripper-knife-15091067"}