Penn State Scandal: Victim's Mom Speaks

Mother alleges Penn State football coach sexually abused her 11-year-old son.
3:00 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for Penn State Scandal: Victim's Mom Speaks
This scandal engulfing Penn state university he accusations of repeated sexual assaults on children. -- -- -- there have shocked the country today President Obama expressed his outrage now. In an exclusive interview the mother of a boy who says he was sexually abused by coach Jerry sandusky speaks out for the first time. Her story is gut wrenching for all parents. Especially those whose kids play sports boys. As well as girls Lindsey Davis reports. Thousands gathered tonight to remember the victims. A candlelight vigil on the steps of Penn State's old main building marked the end of a stunning week. First this shocking arrest of former defensive coordinator Jerry sandusky. And then the firing of legendary head coach Joseph Paterno. People in riots that shook the campus had threatened to overshadow the -- -- sexual assault victims at the heart of the case against sandusky. -- infuriated -- -- period that nobody that nobody told me. You know what was going on these is the mother of the little boy whose allegations started this whole thing. She spoke for the first time on Good Morning America. For her protection and her sons her face as it hit and her -- altered he was angry about something -- didn't -- -- I went to the school counselors and you know. And it was basically they said of puberty thing points he wounds. -- get violent. Intentionally getting grounded. According to grand jury documents send -- allegedly began taking victim number one to football games and -- golf clubs a computer and clothes that skips. Eventually send -- allegedly sexually assaulted the young boy repeatedly during sleepovers at his house it's. Different from the typical abuse story -- in how prominently abuser is. Nevertheless the outlines of the case are all too typical. Aerials land that runs -- sexual abuse crisis center and says one in six boys are sexually abused before the age of eighteen. 90% of them by someone they know a relative a teacher a coach. A coach came. He had very trusted and revered authority figure in a child's life. Athletic containment can beat what causes a child to -- can get -- access to a college education. The coach can be in position of enormous power with a child it begins with the abuser grooming his potential victim. With the boy we're talking about sports it will be special attention and in the coaching process for me being special. And opportunities to -- to coach outside of the confines of the normal coaching relationship. And might even be special favors on in terms of how much playing time so when my -- and many of them don't speak up about it. The most common emotion that a child may feel. When thinking about disclosing. Abuse Sheen. Me often feel that it's their fault that somehow they're responsible and often -- -- -- will capitalize on this. And and help the child to feel -- -- their fault that they are responsible. Feel flurry it was a National Hockey League star who says it happened to him. From the time rows fourteen through time I was seventeen years old -- -- was molested -- about a 150 times -- my coach flurry it was a junior hockey player in Canada. With his sights set on the NHL. When his coach sexually abused him. 400 miles away from home in all he knew he was this guy was everything to me. He was my daddy was my mom news paying for everything for me he basically at that -- -- convince me. That the only way that I was gonna make it through that -- -- through him and and being with them. And like many other abuse victims he kept what happened to himself you just don't have the faculty. To be able to. To deal with it. Plus who -- gonna talk to I've nobody to talk to. You know -- blow the whistle on this guy will -- be branded this trouble maker of the sky that blew the whistle or. You know -- -- gave. After years of drug and alcohol abuse. Fleury has now found healing in trying to help prevent other children from being abused. -- to the -- driving your kid home after practices. If the coach. Starts -- pay. Particular attention to your kid or if you see this -- being. More attention one little guy as opposed to everybody else on the team that's a telltale sign that that kids getting groomed. To get abuse. He's playing echoes that advice and says parents can look for additional warning signs a child me who normally slept well and was carefree announced loans not to be sleeping well not to be eating properly. Older children will engage in risky behavior things that they didn't perform where they don't seem to care about themselves as much as thick as -- -- -- And most importantly kids and adults alike should always report abuse. A sentiment the president -- tonight we all have a responsibility we can't leave it to a system. We can't leave it to somebody else each of -- septic upon ourselves to make sure that our kids have love and support and protection that they deserve. For Nightline I'm Lindsey Davis in state college Pennsylvania.

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{"id":14937485,"title":"Penn State Scandal: Victim's Mom Speaks","duration":"3:00","description":"Mother alleges Penn State football coach sexually abused her 11-year-old son.","url":"/Nightline/video/penn-state-scandal-victims-mom-speaks-14937485","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}