Which 'Percent' Are You?

From "the 1 percent" to Romney's caught-on-tape 47 percent, math has become a political weapon.
3:00 | 10/04/12

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Transcript for Which 'Percent' Are You?
A surprise tonight while everyone expected to hear about the percentage that's been making waves the past few weeks Mitt Romney's controversial 47%. Comments. Conspicuously. Absent tonight and it doesn't mean the percentage. Didn't get -- -- because it's become this year's hot political weapon of choice. And ABC's David Wright is doing the math. In this year of rotten economic news. Unemployment at 8% economic growth less than 2% deficit 54%. In four years. 60%. -- were on the wrong track the challenger ought to have a pretty good argument and middle income Americans have been very. They're they're just being crushed this year Mitt Romney wrapped up a gift for Barack Obama. -- -- A clang -- behind closed doors at a fund raiser where he seemed to write off. Half the electorate as monitors and cheaters. That's put Romney on the defensive right when he was hoping to close the video of this is a campaign about the 100%. Campaigns always have slogans and statistics. That the -- person. Supporters southern person but this year instead of hope. Change or even experience. It's a -- left one person. The statistics. Are the slogan you want four more years with unemployment about 8%. Both candidates are playing the percentages I think everybody tries to get their points made. In quick easy short memorable sound bites and percentages. Helped do that. Challenger trying to beat the incumbent as mr. eight point 3%. It's been above 8% for 43 -- so people are trapped in a bad economy incumbent trying to paint the challenger as mr. 47%. I'm Barack Obama and I approved -- -- fat -- from the 1%. Who played just 14% in his taxes. Moonlight in this final jeopardy round. We depends on which percent -- -- to you even know. Well unless you earn more than 380000. Dollars a year -- officially part of the 99%. Rock stars and athletes -- just 1%. Of the 1%. Wall Street wizards just 14%. Of the 1%. In fact the 1% includes nearly twice as many doctors and lawyers. Albert Einstein said genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work in the same is probably true politics. Tonight's debate. A blizzard of percent to 97% of the businesses are not not taxed at the 35% tax rate to all these percents it's met its arithmetic. Intended to make politics seem like facts can't be argued we'll mathematically -- there's -- -- like a sports analogy. It is -- percentage -- -- people have those percentages in their mind they also know that percentage take home pay. All the things that sort of -- -- their own life but you let me percent -- you risk sounding like Yogi Berra who said baseball is 90% physical. The other half -- mental. Recent survey showed 42%. Of Americans. Don't believe the polls bottom line presents don't always make sense now. Keep in mind tonight both candidates looked like they were addressing the 100%. But really they're vying for a much smaller piece of the pie really they're trying to capture the undecided voters in the swing states who happened to be watching. That's not the 99%. Not even the 47%. But that tiny fraction will end up deciding who want. If you want to focus on a percentage in this election that matters the most is 4% of the people that are undecided that are still wavering back and forth. These guys that might be the most important percent -- I'm David Wright for Nightline in Los.

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{"id":17393302,"title":"Which 'Percent' Are You?","duration":"3:00","description":"From \"the 1 percent\" to Romney's caught-on-tape 47 percent, math has become a political weapon.","url":"/Nightline/video/percent--17393302","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}