Plastic Surgery for a Better 'Selfie'

Some use apps to improve their appearance on social media, but one woman took it a step farther.
6:28 | 06/22/14

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Transcript for Plastic Surgery for a Better 'Selfie'
Perhaps never before in human history have our faces been such a valuable currency of communication. Even if you don't take selfie, you probably posted a profile pic or two and waited and watched how your virtual world weighs in on how you look. Now you'll meet a woman to who has gone to extraordinary length to be picture perfect. And more than once. Trianna is no stranger to going under the knife. She's about to have her second surgery in two years. This time it's fat grafting. That's the first place I'll put the fat. This doctor will take fat from her butt and inject it in her face. I think we're going around the eyes and temples. Possibly in the hallows in my cheeks. All in a seemingly better ending quest to look better online. I'm constantly untagging myself. She said a digital image is the escape from the world. You can't escape a bad picture. Social media put so much focus on how I like. It makes me look self-conscious. The only person between me and every other person getting plastic surgery, I'm not denying it. She had botox and breast implants. I don't know what real bobs feel like. I don't know anybody with real boobs anymore. She doesn't like her chin. She didn't like how it looked in Skype chats and photos. She decided on a chin implant. Looks like you're going to a pretty far extreme to make it work to you. People say surgery, that's a commitment. Today surgery should be after you worked out, a last ditch effort. After you have good discipline in diet and exercise. The doctor also suggests a nose job. When you do the chin, you have to balance the nose and chin. How are you feeling? I'm getting very excited. Starting to border on nervous. So I'm ready to get going. Okay. Ready to rock and roll. This is going to be her cheekbone. This is the chin implant. It curves around the side a little bit. It's a rounded one that's very soft. It's not pointed for her face. It is two hours of surgery on her face. You look good. Yeah. Real good. Very nice. Good. Are you happy with everything? I'm thrilled. I couldn't be happier. A month later -- Hello. Hi. Hi, Cecelia. Welcome. Wow. Oh, my god. She thinks she is finally camera ready. Here is the quintessential profile shot, which before you never would have put on. I never would have put that on because my little chin would have been looking like a little turtle. Trianna isn't the only one obsessed with her virtual self-. People are more conscious than ever honing in on every tiny flaw. I see so many people bringing in a picture of themselves. I said, I went to this party and I took this picture of myself. Do I look like that? You have to bring someone back to reality. Just because you have one bad picture and you run to the plastic surgeon's office is insanity. It may sound crazy. B more and more peep of doing that. 33% of people are getting plastic surgery for the sole purpose of looking better on social media. There's many young people that think this is an art form. It's a way to make certain people happy by doing subtle things. The nips and tucks might have been subtle but the reaction to trianna going under the knife to be picture perfect wasn't. 90% has been positive. And then there's the angry 10%. And the angry 10% thinks I should have sent the money on therapy. That I should have gotten more work done. That I looked better before the surgery. But it doesn't bother her. The opposite, in fact. Of course I like the attention I get from this. I would be a liar if I said I didn't enjoy the attention. Now she's even going back for more. I'm not getting more procedures done for more attention. I'm getting more procedures done because I want to maintain and prevent aging. What's your biggest fear of plastic surgery? My biggest fear is that I'll end up looking like donnatella Versace. That doesn't stop you? I trust my surgeon. Triana is a familiar face at the plastic surgeon's office. Since she's a family friend of the doctor. She gets a discount for the fat grafting. It can cost thousands of dollars. Plastic surgery is something that has to be done well. It's not something you want to Barragan shop for. I'm blessed I work really hard and what I spend on plastic surgery is my business. After a short consultation, and computer rendering. Her surgery begins. We'll fill in her eyes. The procedure is intense. She's knocked out with general anesthesia. A syringe is used to suck out the fat, which is then spun in a S centrifuge to concentrate it. Injecting it in her face requires precision. There's no room for error. This is very precise. There's no leeway whatsoever. Suting her body to all of this takes two hours but for Triana, it's worth it. If getting all of Nobody ever stomped their foot and asked

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{"duration":"6:28","description":"Some use apps to improve their appearance on social media, but one woman took it a step farther.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"24249784","title":"Plastic Surgery for a Better 'Selfie'","url":"/Nightline/video/plastic-surgery-selfie-24249784"}