Platelist: Chef Jerome Chang's Delectable Desserts

Co-founder of the famous Dessert Truck in NYC shares some of his favorite recipes.
3:00 | 10/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Platelist: Chef Jerome Chang's Delectable Desserts
What happens when a disillusioned lawyer decides to -- deserve loving dreams -- quits his job goes to pastry school opens a wildly popular dessert truck. And parlayed that success into -- on New York City restaurant and now chef Jerome Chang is whipping up his sugary favorites. For tonight's platelets. -- -- -- I was a lawyer. As a lawyer for one year in New York City. Decided it wasn't for me. And just -- everything and when -- -- pastry school and life has been different ever since. Someone making eleven days ago under review. Along with -- resonate. Ice cream sandwich and so -- need to take some sugar. Dissolve in some. Hot water. Was -- around pictured themselves infuse some nasal and some -- there will -- -- But poured through the strainer. -- some Jews. -- -- -- -- -- this -- let it freeze for about four hours -- scrape. Every half hour after hour I was working with. Really high and stock. For many years already and you know these losers who really government -- more paint like twelve dollar sixteen dollars and played just again this kind of stuff. And I -- time that. People. Get really good quality -- and an affordable price and that's what the truck idea came from so -- -- ice cream factory and sandwiches. -- has -- ice cream -- it's good for the stuff. Place in the middle. Session together. That isn't -- what is the very beginning for the desert -- is just me and my business partner Chris just me in the kitchen. Like sixteen hour days. Chris would drive the truck around it's just been. Almost a whirlwind since 91 it's been really -- -- break up the company has frozen its braving it here that I every half hour -- that is beautiful snow. And they haven't lived -- and diesel and flattened -- Grenada and the -- -- my dad's back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sandwich -- some simmering water with some time that's accusing him there -- in some passion. -- -- -- -- We'll -- assaults. Let's get around. Now -- it out until my -- ice cream containers. We're just going to -- this for few hours to outsmart. Of course though it is worth -- even if even if that truck opened up and -- the next day I would have had no regrets that make it to just that could be. Some -- -- when -- rolled out. -- little -- -- -- -- Convicted in the oven for about twenty minutes fifty. I'm about twenty million times happier as a -- analysis lawyer. Because is what I was meant to do. To these cookies just came out not one of them -- -- excellence and -- -- politically. Just flip over one of the cookies is that is. It's -- this beautiful so -- Sandwich and together. Like that got a beautiful. -- -- -- They -- to intercept cookies with his movements and they tell.

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{"id":17410968,"title":"Platelist: Chef Jerome Chang's Delectable Desserts","duration":"3:00","description":"Co-founder of the famous Dessert Truck in NYC shares some of his favorite recipes.","url":"/Nightline/video/platelist-chef-jerome-changs-delectable-desserts-17410968","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}