Polar Bear Cub's First Steps

Handlers say baby Siku will be a poster child for his threatened species.
2:07 | 03/02/12

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Transcript for Polar Bear Cub's First Steps
Now a great cause in a little package and absolutely irresistible polar bear cub is lighting up the Internet becoming instant celebrity in the process but he's more. Then just cute as -- takes his first steps captured by our cameras. He's making a giant leap forward for polar bears everywhere -- this little guy helped save his whole species. ABC's Jeffrey Kaufman explains. Meet -- the unbearably. Human being polar bear. All. He may look like a stuffed animal but he is very much alive. And crawling like man. Watch this -- who's little wobbly but so ready to stand on his own four feet. With seek -- around the clock. -- is frank B Larsen director of the Scandinavian wildlife park here in northern Denmark. So -- stages CNN if you -- -- -- -- he would be coming out of the game with his mother. So this is the state to a huge stock to. -- what the world is all about another day or two and he'll be running all over the place. These grainy images show the -- -- who was born here in late November. Within hours it was clear there was a problem he whose mother Oca had lost two previous cubs because she couldn't produce milk. This time park staff were ready and tranquilizer still cut and removed a frightened and hungry little polar bear from heard them. It was simply a mission to save the baby bear. But when these staggeringly sweet pictures landed on the Internet -- who became an overnight celebrity around the world. Did you know he was gonna become so famous so fast that surprise is a lot that he and he became so -- media Dolly not surprising at all. Remember -- -- I think she looked like he let another celebrity baby bear. Born in Berlin in 2006 he was rejected by his mother and rated buys him. Good news media spanned the globe voice TV specials -- Dependents. From Berlin zoo the -- died last year. Frank is determined not to seek to become another canoe so what was the mistake -- new. I was there was a mistake he -- to you assume YouTube -- that he was not used as -- -- -- for years for the environment. And so frank has turned down offers of sponsorship toys and Hollywood films but he has accepted help from two American foundation. So that secret and become an ambassador for polar bears in the wild. Polar bears are the first species to become endangered because of global warming seeking means she dies and a total this gets all the foods from the CI soon to CIS disappears the -- -- not able to feet. And then there was simply die from starvation and that's happening right now very rapidly see who is oblivious. Focused on his next meal. And getting up -- those lumbering pause and walking. At big bear he wants to be and he will get big. That's his father -- -- four adult polar bears here at the Scandinavian wildlife park. He weighs in at a hefty 11100. Pounds and stands ten feet tall and and there is -- -- whose mother. Unaware that her little club has survived. And -- Eventually seek who will join the big bears but for now he sleeps with his keepers and -- -- polar bear. Clinton in the senate president blissfully unaware here's me and before we leave -- -- we've got some breaking news hour. They after we visited with him seek to got up on his feet. The snow. To call for Nightline. In or -- Denmark.

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{"id":15830641,"title":"Polar Bear Cub's First Steps","duration":"2:07","description":"Handlers say baby Siku will be a poster child for his threatened species.","url":"/Nightline/video/polar-bear-cub-takes-steps-15830641","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}