Police body cams capture horrific moments inside 2017 Santa Rosa inferno: Part 1

Santa Rosa police officers and other first responders describe the fear, chaos, bravery and sacrifices they made to save their neighbors in the middle of the night during the Oct. 2017 Tubbs fire.
10:11 | 09/07/18

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Transcript for Police body cams capture horrific moments inside 2017 Santa Rosa inferno: Part 1
Tell me just this neighborhood. No,ot, it's T W hill. D ps, do not pass God help me. ?????? It was a typicalsunday. K kids soccer. I recall was surprisingly windy in themorning. I don't Thi've ever been winds that were that strong. Damn this wind. Started work at 3:00. My par says, going to be a bad night because of the wind. Reporter: Little do they wind is carryingthing wit its it pses overillsf wine untry. I got downtown area up onto the freewaythe glow uon ? That's something on re. Reporter:gging wildfe is headed for their city. It's the dead of night. Many of the are asleep, arded. We had no idea thathis huge fire was coming tower the city of Santa the te iot to Santa Rosa, it seemed like embers the size of footballs were flying the sky. The fire just seemed to be explain everywhere you orter: As goliath begins to show itself on Santa Rosa's outss the fire department scoutsuickly ree they're no match in a fight. In they Tur their focus to saving ves. I mad contact with the department I lethem kno we to start theevuation. I belve a text came out om the departmentying, majorfires, you comese? And I rbe telling my wife, oh my god, you knowneed to go. Reporter: Wit cameras G, officers from the ro police dertnt joined forces with fir responders om all across northern California in treac race against time to evacuate the cit Santa Rosa as the firgulfs it evhought in a million yearsou encounter a fire like this. I'm not a firefighter. EP but when something is a magnitee this it's all hands on deckeporter: Offic and Adams and his colleagues' ear mission is T daunting and exha task ofunning house house, fuslyng on doors, hoping to W ashe sky around them begins to gl menacing huge, and smoke curls through the air. I would run up T a house I'd shake the ndle, I'd yell lifire's cong, you have evacuate right now, you ve on. Come here! I don'twhere she went. Right here. Okay you guys Ed to get out right now, right now. I would H expected that the urgey from people te a little bit more. I wa gting frustrated. Fa's in there? Et them! He's got wife and their son. Where? Etting inhe car right now. I D't think people Q reized the magnitude of what opening in the moment. We were findingesident Arizona eeding people still in their homes. PEOP unsure of what exactly to do. Hello! So what's your plan justtaying here with the ou're gng T fight it T? I'm going tht it ou ou sure? Yes. Is there anybody else here with you? M and M wife. Do you want me to get your wife out were? No, she's all right. Where are we going to go? And fight, he doesn't wife leave Sir, you'reoing to put a lot of peoe danger. The fire is houseser, it's T us. You guys are being straightforward and profenath hi at are you thig in your mind? My thinking at the time was, I T know wt fire's going to be like when heeeds to be rescued. You've got to get of , HT now, like I'm leaving now because I've to save myself. All go. Reporter: Later adamsrned the andife fled as their house theyoueverything he police ficers and continued the sperate mission, embers begin ining Dow fro the sky. The fire inthem cars and seeing fire on bh sides ro. Fi sunding us. Reporter: The fire does not know mercy. Itsyurpose is to churn rwnd consume anything its path. It was literally structure after structure atructure burning. Thousands of structures all on Orlando me is dispatched to a mentty is they nesteled in the burning hills. Herrives to their faces. The power isout. I Walke INT theobby of this . And T's just sea of elderly folks. I kind at that point said, alhat ae supposed to do Reporter: The cticking. The fire has surrounded the facility. For anybody to S they were' scared? Lying through your teeth. Reporter: With only small police aire vehicle on this can get all the people safely evacuated. Then a call comes that an unlikelyavalry I on the way. Rosa'sus drivers navigate their way tgh the fire and up the hi volunteerihe serves, they risk theirwn lives evacuate the masses ofnded and vulnerable. The true heroes of that incident werese bus Ivers. I took anoath, I said I'll face L these bathings. Those guys didn't.and yet twas awesome. Th was humanit at its best. I just started grabbingeo and trying to H oo the bus as fast as possiblebut as calm as possible too. Hi, ma'am. I'm Yo escort service. Good you. Let me take Y G. T there's calm amongst the storm, thatf you're a voice of reason, people teesonate towards at. Grab onto M shoulrs like 're dancing, okay? I can add fuel to the fire, so to speak. Might as well try top nerves calm and try fun with folks. A thinner guy to help navigate, but they got here we go. LE them big. You like them g,good. I want to treverybody LI I would my family. At lady whs M the whhair? D my mom. How would I want someone to treat my mom? I'd want someone to dance with R. Reporter: Onche buses are lo residents driven an evacuation. Bend them a neighboring LE burns to the ground. The grovne. Eporter: In a difnt part of town officer dav son N a lone mission to cleareveryouse he can. E end of the ho those houses would go up like matchsticks. Flames 40 feet in th Santa Rosa, I can't go any R, smoke's too thick. Eporter: Mtipleim finds himselface-to-face wit th devil, tempting fate at the Gates of hell. There's at T four distinct times I felt, done too much, I'veon too far. God help me. Reporter: Knowing lives are on the line, he keeps go on get iny car, ma'am. Get in my car. My house is surrounded! -- It's just soterrifyi! Eporter: Manages to get the woman and a group of otr evacus safely to a sherifs station. An I putvacuees I your till their rides G there? All right, folks. All GHT, goo Ni Repter: Not a moment to E, he'sack a it. So as nighten on you had that heavy feel thatature heat us handily.there was no waycould peedf T fire. Reporter:ompoundinghe chaos, most of communication are down. The unlikely beacon of hope? Radio. We rli fairly quickly that we one the O modes of communication still at Ksro interrus program for a breaking news update from the nsroom -- The north Bayn fire 20,000 acres in STA Rosa gone.this mayell be the wor fire situation in Sona county story. When knew that there was no sign oft slowing down was on the air with lowenthal.we heard say, "O my god,t jumped T freeway." And we knew that M more lives were in danger at th point. This is a Warzone, dude. Reportee comeba, a neighboood surrounded. Five elderly subjected side ofkioki court. Reporter: Offics race into the flames be it's tooat Fire! We need toorter: Stay with us.

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{"duration":"10:11","description":"Santa Rosa police officers and other first responders describe the fear, chaos, bravery and sacrifices they made to save their neighbors in the middle of the night during the Oct. 2017 Tubbs fire.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57665246","title":"Police body cams capture horrific moments inside 2017 Santa Rosa inferno: Part 1","url":"/Nightline/video/police-body-cams-capture-horrific-moments-inside-2017-57665246"}