Pope Francis Kicks Off Historic US Trip

An inside look at how the Pontiff will be traveling and who he will meet with on his first trip to the US.
1:48 | 09/23/15

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Transcript for Pope Francis Kicks Off Historic US Trip
Finally here tonight pope Francis in America. He landed just hours ago. So what should we expect in the coming days from a man known for the unexpected? This afternoon huge crowds as the pope touched down at joint base Andrews in Maryland. The red carpet rolled out, the entire first family on hand. And as Francis emerged from the plane on this wind Y day, he removed his hat and descended the stairs for a hearty welcome from the commander in chief. In a signature moment for the man known as the people's pope, with the president's limo nearby, the pope opted for this modest choice, a fiat. Tonight the pope will sleep here, essentially the Vatican's embassy in Washington, resting up for a six-day, three-city U.S. Tour. Tomorrow pope Francis will visit the white house. A crowd of 20,000 expected outside. Thursday, he will walk the halls of congress, and then it's to New York where 80,000 people are expected to watch the papal procession Friday. Security at an all-time high. The city shutting down more streets than ever when more than ten miles closed, nearby the famous St. Patrick's cathedral spiffed up for the occasion, 9,000 organ pipes restored and communion wafers at the ready. Philadelphia is closing 25 miles of streets and highways to prepare for a million people to turn up for Sunday's mass with pope Francis. And while he's here in America, the Vatican tells us Francis' popemobile will be a jeep wrangler, the same type of jeep he used in Ek what door back in July.

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{"duration":"1:48","description":"An inside look at how the Pontiff will be traveling and who he will meet with on his first trip to the US.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"33967584","title":"Pope Francis Kicks Off Historic US Trip","url":"/Nightline/video/pope-francis-kicks-off-historic-us-trip-33967584"}