The power of #MeToo after Steve Wynn, Uma Thurman's bombshell claims

Thurman claims Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted her, and casino mogul Steve Wynn steps down as CEO following sexual misconduct allegations.
7:44 | 02/08/18

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Transcript for The power of #MeToo after Steve Wynn, Uma Thurman's bombshell claims
forced to resign over allegations of sexual misconduct. Uma Thurman explosive allegations of mistreatment. Claims she was permanent nantly damage. "Kill bill" star breaking her silence about her own allegations against Harvey Weinstein. That behavior has to stop can't turn a blind eye it to it. That's obvious. It's not just Hollywood. Brotopia is her book. It is systemic. Industry-wide. Sexual harassment is a problem. And seeping into every workspace. The first CEO of a publicly traded company has resigned, casino mogul Steve Wynn calling it quits at Nguyen resorts after allegations of sexual misconduct. For decades the glittering lights ever the Las Vegas strip made brighter by Steve Wynn and his iconic properties. I'm Steve Wynn and this is my new hotel the only one I've ever signed my name to. The bell adjectiagio,mirage, towering monuments to creating a pivotal roll of the resurgence of the strip. When I was a kid in 1952 F came with my dad, guys wore cowboy boy boots, romantic freedom, eight or nine motels and you could ride a horse to the edge of the strip. Now the 76-year-old real estate developer is resigning as chairman and CEO of the company. You think of the company you think immediately Steve Wynn he's the business guy who put this company on the map and the company put him on the map. The Wall Street journal broke the story that dozens came forward that the billionaire pressured them into unwanted sex acts over decades. In 2005 a man I curist claimed he forced her to have sex and pressured her to take her clothes off and told her to lie down on the massage table he kept in his office suite. She told him she was marry and didn't want to have sex but journal reports he persisted and ultimately she did disrobe and they did have sex and he later paid her $7.5 million fr frommentity Y a company he set up to hide the money. Nguyen Steve Wynn denies the claims releasing this statement -- In a statement last month, he denied the claims he ever assaulted anyone calling it preposterous adding the accusations were instigated by his ex-wife and she told the journal that notion is not true. Former artistic director of the salon told ABC news people would hide from the businessman. It . Nielsen said some employees would get sick, have nervous break downs or lock themselves in bathroom when he requested them. Was constant pursuit. And he was a constant donor for the Republican party. Retiring as finance chair. Steve Wynn will you stand up. He's raising so much money for our great Republican party. His name is synonymous with luxury and comfort and his resorts is multi billion dollar publicly traded company with almost 25,000 employees and now a disgraced formalitieser CEO. The company is going to look a lot different down the line. It's a branding problem for the company really. Ends of the day he's gone and the branding will have to be redone all together. The company seems aware of these concerns in a statement announcing his resignation made sure to highlight more than 40% of all management are women, the highest in the gaming industry. The #metoo movement is spreading faster than the flu,seeing it in media, arts, entertainment, most recently in the restaurant world. The movement hasn't finished playing out in hollywood,act rest uma Thurman speaking out when the time Harvey Weinstein attacked her, telling the times he tried to shove himself on me, expose himself, all kinds of unpleasant thing. His attorney writes -- and says Weinstein didn't try anything else with Thurm. She. Described falling out of Tarantino alleging he formed her to drive this comfortable the raw footage shes her crashing and she said it was dehumanizing to the point of death and Tarantino said it was one of the biggest regrets of his life. He also says he test drove that route himself and supported Thurman. And rose Mcgowan said it is part of the pervasive toxic culture. You wrote it's abusive against women and call it art. Yes. And death proof, my face gets shattered over and over and smashed they tell you what they think of women. He gets lotted for having strong female characters look what he does to them. Every single one of these men tell you the truth you just have to look and see it. From the Hollywood hills to capital hill the me too movement spread across multiple industries including the tech world. The me too movement was happening in silicon valley years ago. She writes about the rat pant issue of sexual harassment in silicon valley including so called boys club. So much business happen outside of the office at the bobod bar, the hot tub. We will never know how many great ideas never got a chance because the people making the decisions are almost entirely men. Following the allegations against Harvey Weinstein his former film studio was headed for bankruptcy but according to reports the Weinstein company by a Hollywood outsider. They are betting new leadership will continue their winning hand. If we move the problem from the premises, there's going to be a moment of reckoning for the company, for investors and people in the immediate presence of Wynn resort it's. For "Nightline" from new York.

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{"id":52924511,"title":"The power of #MeToo after Steve Wynn, Uma Thurman's bombshell claims","duration":"7:44","description":"Thurman claims Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted her, and casino mogul Steve Wynn steps down as CEO following sexual misconduct allegations.","url":"/Nightline/video/power-metoo-steve-wynn-uma-thurmans-bombshell-claims-52924511","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}