Prince Harry Brings Life to Royal Tour

British royals traditionally have been stoic or stodgy on their worldwide tours.
3:33 | 03/13/12

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Transcript for Prince Harry Brings Life to Royal Tour
The British royal tour abroad -- a stodgy stoic completely predictable and at times unintentionally entertaining affair. That was until the queen's youngest grandson got ahold of it and they agree you don't dare touch the queen -- Is a hunger and the royal subjects are eating enough here's ABC's nick watt. The British royal family is finally discovered -- perfect role for Prince Harry they cents a month. Michael of oil -- -- -- Six Atlantic but for. And not just meeting of people but I actually partying with them. And some of the drinking that he's done that Don thing he's -- doing what he does. -- -- -- -- -- Short of expertise. Long and enthusiasts. Are again 71 side and him and -- hugged the Jamaican prime minister. -- -- Brazilian mobile. -- I run the world's fastest. Because so there was a special -- -- cost croissants and don't get involved. -- of these countries are going to be fantastic -- I -- on -- never -- myself too seriously. Like -- note that even narrowed and royal watcher Duncan lock him on Boston to the naval landed on east the new squad relief after ten days being tried as I am. It's -- -- ten days -- three months of this. Including sixty. The queen had to be -- the gifts due to a distinguished -- whale's teeth rose a big. He's visited 129. Countries by plane train and Oldsmobile accompanied by a Alex -- feigning excitement wherever she went on to lie -- to get back -- I'm still rule. -- -- -- candidate 22. Tides around the world -- Traditional conferences I always find these these that these votes will withdraw the strength. And -- the royals are basically brand ambassadors for Britain using their superpowers. -- -- -- -- Theme park. Parades costing them. -- princess royal advisors would tell reference suppose they're not saying do not balance they're not releasing the recruitment of things and trying out to -- Funny because he might not put it all. -- -- -- -- -- all awkward moments Charles sporting a -- still -- in Jamaica queens snoozing through adult seminar in the bush lent. There's always something that goes -- inevitable bush Jr. suggested she's 200 years old. You helped our nation celebrate its bicentennial seventies. And 1976. She gave me a look that only a mother could give a child. For -- Canada 98 gave us a glimpse of the future Charles wears -- -- School Williams -- developed the -- princes. -- -- -- William and Harry -- go about rock star quality that. Others -- half and -- -- just we -- the rule book on how to be a royal tourists but that's dedicated once written off as just. -- -- -- -- -- And look.

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{"id":15907380,"title":"Prince Harry Brings Life to Royal Tour","duration":"3:33","description":"British royals traditionally have been stoic or stodgy on their worldwide tours.","url":"/Nightline/video/prince-harry-brings-life-royal-tour-15907380","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}