Prince Harry on War, Being an Uncle and Tabloid Antics

British prince said he prefers flying helicopters in Afghanistan to dealing with the press.
3:00 | 01/22/13

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Transcript for Prince Harry on War, Being an Uncle and Tabloid Antics
From third in line for the throne to the front lines of battle it's Prince Harry as you've rarely seen him. In -- cantonment candid -- interview to members of the British press from his Afghanistan's army base where he was wrapping up his second tour of duty. The prince opened up about his time in the war zone the royal pregnancy. And the notorious photos proving that what happens in Vegas might be seen -- the world. Here's ABC's llama Hasan. He's sure -- -- probably blows its cover but in case you haven't figured it out. That's captain Harry Wales -- 616 squadron third regiment army Arab war. Prince Harry to you than me. And he's on a mission and one of the most dangerous war zones in the world Afghanistan's Helmand Province. -- my office is quite -- -- 62. My knees up against results on the plane -- -- Why America -- -- wings like don't give a bottle instructs eastern colts. Here he's just one of the dice this is my birth the other in America around on her which is -- -- united. He sleeps where they sleep eat where -- it's very easy to -- To continue to drive our -- mom and the only time when the guys -- -- -- president of. This is the prince's second -- -- DT in Afghanistan. In his first deployment he would go on foot patrols and he was a Forward Air controller. -- an hour strikes on enemy positions. Was cut short his location was leaked the media com. And his and his troops security. -- -- and the dollar was. To me about -- Being pulled out about point. And Drudge -- -- is -- just I think it was all done. Wasn't on the wrong way -- there's just. But -- -- -- cool captain Wales scrambles to another emergency mission. In between those mad dash is responding to schools to go into combat. There is a lot of waiting -- -- And some training. Unconventional. Way. The only ones -- the lowest -- -- exports. -- Muslims politics and I'm -- -- some sort the younger generation of. Graduating told gone off to training at the naval air base in el centro California. -- is now an Apache helicopter could -- as a Gunner. But before you still get the cold light snow which is dissolved. The whole full vibrates. -- -- for -- missile Oracle's. Sort of little bit. He's the man -- his finger on the trigger. He's not afraid to use -- to take about seven multiple insulin revolve around us was the pivotal answers about stuffed dog wasn't. Noble will world's economic must is why do you without that Harry -- -- -- major milestone his 28 birthday. Marred by a Taliban attack on his base the high profile print -- suddenly became a high level target. Obviously I thought I was like cool dismissal against me no one really knows yet because delivery will. -- and -- someone busters those very. I've got to -- And becoming an uncle ought to talk to them. Plus what's my brother -- unloved by Troy -- by our outfield. Harry makes no secret that this is what he was born to. His love for the -- a -- dates back to when he was a young boy. The stories -- -- -- to continue to drive our glam mom and -- only. You know everyone everyone's on the everyone's wearing the same informant in the same kind of thing. The kids can get away from the the prying eyes of the media doesn't hide his hatred for the press. Although his sister -- -- sister -- console or -- Roberts of course are -- as the stories when Cameron a bombing a womanizer what's been sent. The award -- is just upset me and I'm committed but you don't get away reports and so they didn't I think distraught over cellphone behind us. -- -- -- -- -- Case in point his recent court on -- -- romper Las Vegas that made international headlines. But the prince says he -- feel some remorse. We're not myself Donna -- -- -- -- -- dominant you know I was I was in for very much -- -- miles from permissive ones and expects to. There was over -- is on to -- probably didn't see much only in a normal friends this is a simple case about. But he doesn't forget his other role. His royal. Three and three Miyazawa. Who won the only one -- solutions from -- apartments on and then once over the phone and stuff on us. There is there is a switch on online I don't friction when necessary guns. -- lots -- -- it's it's measures and bonds is the way it is. Obama comes to us as it is my work and then the day. And his charity work which is close to his heart. Gorbachev -- anymore pitches because -- the lost thing my brother myself I'm also Katherine. Mostly want this Brussels to -- across the ground couple walking with a -- itself -- events coming up. Medicaid if I can do about -- -- -- -- Charity work that Harry will get to do now that he's out of Afghanistan safe and sound. But just like any other member of the serving army not before he has some -- -- -- well earned fear. For Nightline on -- -- house -- London.

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{"id":18290054,"title":"Prince Harry on War, Being an Uncle and Tabloid Antics","duration":"3:00","description":"British prince said he prefers flying helicopters in Afghanistan to dealing with the press.","url":"/Nightline/video/prince-harry-war-uncle-tabloid-antics-18290054","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}