Prince Harry's Wild Adventures

Prince William's brother is having the time of his life traveling the world.
3:25 | 03/06/12

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Transcript for Prince Harry's Wild Adventures
Single ginger haired military man with strong spirit and -- for a party upwardly mobile with great career prospects. Seeks wannabe princesses of all sorts who don't mind -- seem to -- law. Since his brother settle down England's Prince Harry is probably the last guy -- -- places singles -- especially when celebrating his queen grand -- jubilee. And meeting all sorts of celebrated new fans and exotic places ABC's Bob Woodruff. That's along with the prints. Forget parting like a rock star when you can hardy and prince. From police. To the Bahamas everyone seems to be wild about prince -- but more -- than the slightly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And his first official tour on behalf of the queen his dancing. Drinking. In dazzling. And crowds along the way. Does handling it. Wearing casual clothing in his dancing shoes he tested local Roman here in -- Looking more like local prince to go to -- before and -- -- He is arguably the world's most eligible bachelor even the reigning miss Bahamas is calling him hot. How does he spoke of having a crush on Prince Harry. And that sheet she -- to marry him and I think -- is just further cementing his image as the world's most eligible bachelor. And this man is officially on the market but all his prince charming aside Perry is playing a serious royal role. He is representing his grandmother's celebrating the queen sixty years on the thrown in British commonwealth. Where she is still considered head of state. The island hopping -- -- on a ten day jubilee tour first stop beliefs where he brought new energy to an old tradition known as the royal walkabout Chris Dodd will provide your favorite in the seventh. He also visited a Mayan temple here. But it was in the -- moments of ice Princess Diana loved and visited in 1982 when she was six months pregnant. The Prince Harry appeared to pay tribute to his mother's love for children. If it could -- the with a private program from The Herald this people's prince also done his military garb this weekend. A top gun Apache helicopter pilot he says he wants to get back to Afghanistan. For years Harry was living in the shadow of his brother and a bit on the edge parting his way to London. But today it seems he is a mature man making his royal debut of sorts step one and rebuilding his rebel reputation. This is a very big deal for Prince Harry this this -- first official overseas trip. Where he is traveling alone representing the queen and the crown from what we've seen he's been a huge -- -- his brother Prince William settling into a new marriage in his duties of the future king. It's prince -- -- the world seems to be watching Nightline I'm Bob Woodruff traveling with Prince Harry in Jamaica.

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{"id":15854926,"title":"Prince Harry's Wild Adventures","duration":"3:25","description":"Prince William's brother is having the time of his life traveling the world.","url":"/Nightline/video/prince-harrys-wild-adventures-15854926","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}