After pro-Trump mob at Capitol, talk of Trump’s removal as his social accounts locked

President Trump’s social media sites were locked as a slew of staffers resigned from the White House. Police face questions about the response to the siege. There have been only 80 arrests to date.
10:11 | 01/08/21

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Transcript for After pro-Trump mob at Capitol, talk of Trump’s removal as his social accounts locked
Witness yesterday. There's not discern. Who is not disorder. It was not protest. There was chaos and don't dare call them protesters there were a riotous mob. Insurrections. Domestic terrorists. President elect Joseph Biden denouncing the perpetrators CBS news attacks in the capital. The most heinous in modern history and director pointing the finger at president Donald Trump its. Architect of the NR. Wish Hillary could say we couldn't see coming that isn't true. The past four years read a president. It was made his contempt for our democracy. And our constitution. The rule of law clear. Did everything he has done. Joseph. 306 vote. Donald. 232. Vote. With Biden's victory now certify and less than two weeks before leaving office president shrub this evening finally acknowledging his presidency is ending. A new administration will be inaugurated on January 20. My focus now turns to ensuring a smooth orderly and seamless transition of power the video was posted to his recently on frozen Twitter count. The president had been blocked after posting a video that did not condemn the Capitol Hill riots. And continue to perpetuate his lives but as megaphone isn't completely turned back on FaceBook announcing it will continue blocking president Trump's account including mr. Graham for at least through the end of this term. And potentially indefinitely they still the president of the United States he's got massive power at a course is the commander in chief he's still somebody falls of around with the nuclear codes. Democrats and even a few Republicans today calling for the immediate removal of the president a very dangerous person. Who should not continue in office this is urgent this is emergency of the highest. Magnitude. The president is six. In the president's own op. And the president. Must now relinquish control the executive branch voluntarily reported homes here soon to be senate majority leader Chuck Schumer. Asking vice president tends to invoke the 25 a man. He may have only thirteen days left as president. But yesterday demonstrated that each and what every one of those days. Is it directed democracy. So long as he is in power the most. Practical thing that is likely to happen is simply trying to box the president in dealing with the vice president. As if you were the acting president here's actually have that authority for this would be an effort to try to just keep the president isolated and unable to do any more damage. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi threatening to second impeachment if pins does not comply my phone is exploring. Impeach impeach impeach a president. Must be held accountable. Again the Washington DC police department has made eighty arrests so far releasing this 26 page person a ventures document. Asking for the public's help in a dent notifying individuals who were. Part of the mop as we speak we have numbers of the metropolitan police department are scouring the area hotels. Businesses. Etc. are trying to identify some of these individuals. ABC news sept identifier and several individuals inside the capitol. Including Richard Barnett from Arkansas demand photograph with his speed on speaker pro Lowe's sees desk. There was also Jake Angeli CNET the president's rally earlier this week who appears to have posted several videos about the baseless cured none conspiracy theory. Ten GO net AKA baked Alaska a well known right wing personality who live stream himself storming the capitol. And Adam Johnson from Florida seen here caring oust speaker Pelosi is podium. Critics are now questioning why despite repeated early warning signs and social media and on right wing web site. Any but it suite from president trump in mid December saying in part big protest in DC in January 6 biewer will be while. I think right here we're gonna walk down to the capital. They'll never. Take back our country with a weakness do not. How there could be such a strikingly small police presence. You should mean. Should massive police grosans. From all levels of government now we know that. Your world is real wouldn't think it's black asked wore our nation that wants you. Some are questioning the actions of the Capitol Hill police officers who were there. After videos posted a social media appeared to show officers moving barricades to sign up you know another one posing for a self. Obviously it was a failure. Or you would not have had police lines preached. Authorities say they recovered eleven Molotov cocktails a military assault rifle and sue potentially lethal pipe bombs near the Republican and Democratic National Committee headquarters in. One day considered. Usually show of patriotic we're not who you know. These aren't looking better. Because I promise you that you're not a picture this huge standup. The eighty year rest that the DC metropolitan police made yesterday. It's just a fraction of the arrests made during the black lives matter protest last summer we're on what they made 289. Iraq. East and we must also understand why the federal law enforcement response was much stronger at the protest over the summer. Then during yesterday's attack on congress. Over the summer we watched as law enforcement came out in full force and we saw military helicopters flying low. We saw tear gas and pepper balls. Deployed. On peaceful demonstrators we saw them being forcibly pushed back in order to clear cap for president dropped to dig a photo walk at saint John's church you may remember him boarding up. That Bible. And these were just two completely different scenes after covering old. My big question was what would have happened here at the US capitol if those writers would have been black. The events of yesterday in the police response yet another stark remind. Deep racial wounds the nation's still care things no one can tell me. And it had been a group of black eyes matter protested yesterday. It wouldn't have been they would have been treated very very different. The mob of thugs strong. We don't know we'll look best. And it is an accepted. Totally unacceptable. Earlier this evening I spoke with former Republican governor of new jurists union ABC news contributor Chris Christie. Good evening governor first question what's your reaction to present trumps video this evening as just what kind of tone that could have prevented what happened yesterday. Sure it especially if he had done that. On the Saturday after the election. When the election Lewis was called for president elect Biden. That's the kind of thing that we expect from presidents and and and the kind of thing that all of us who have been friends with the president for years. We're hoping for. I think doing it you know eight weeks later. You know is is too little too late today it all the talk is about the 25 amendment and removing the president from office. Is this viable you. I don't think so far and I I don't think. Either of the removal procedures is viable because worked twelve days left him in the job. So whether it's way Fifth Amendment which has an appeal process built with in it even if you can convince the vice president at half the cabinet to sign off. The president can still appealing to both houses of congress and NRC impeachment has to go through a house and senate. So none of those things would happen in twelve days what are you hearing from your fellow Republicans people who stood by the president. And many would say have been in labeling him what are they saying now. Through through. I mean it in them in the mainstream of the party in the people who. I've spoken to beard they're fed up and they've had enough and I think Lindsey Graham put it really well last night you know Lindsay is being. As biggest supporter of the president's as anybody probably in the United States senate. And he said enough is enough Favre had it. This is about a personal one for the sake of full disclosure make it clear I can see your friend your someone who Y both respect and admire. If there's someone who has given present front council before. We give you selfish save this morning did you find yourself wondering what more could you have done any any soul searching. They you've been going through these last went for hours or so about what. You might have done and in the days weeks months years leading up to this moment. The exits that Byron is yes and no. The soul searching for me is about what tools what the white to from here. To try to help heal the country. And unite our party. Behind the ideas that we believe in and to be able to make this a part of our past. The no parties I've known Donald Trump for twenty years and I've giving him lots of advice of retirement somebody's taken but a lot of it he hasn't. And I know that in the mood that he's been in the last three weeks he was not listening to anyone. And so I I wasn't thinking as they got start done something differently. All I wanted to do what I tried to call him yesterday was to give him a sense of urgency. Of how bad this was how bad it was for the country how bad it looked around the world and that he needed to step up but obviously. In the end all of this is up to the man who looks in the mirror himself. And Donald Trump press look at that mirror at fig about exactly what he wrought yesterday. Chris Christie thank you so much a seat on the red thank you bar.

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{"duration":"10:11","description":"President Trump’s social media sites were locked as a slew of staffers resigned from the White House. Police face questions about the response to the siege. There have been only 80 arrests to date.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"75128287","title":"After pro-Trump mob at Capitol, talk of Trump’s removal as his social accounts locked","url":"/Nightline/video/pro-trump-mob-capitol-talk-trumps-removal-social-75128287"}