Proposed Ban on Magnet Toys Has Buckyballs Crying Foul

Kids can swallow the tiny magnets from the wildly popular desk toy, but is a recall going too far?
3:00 | 09/13/12

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Transcript for Proposed Ban on Magnet Toys Has Buckyballs Crying Foul
You may have seen them on your co workers -- committee meeting got a set yourself they're called. Bucky ball so wildly popular magnetic toy designed for stressed out office workers since inspired a score of copycats but now. They've gone from flying off store shelves to being in danger of being banned from them all together. Because as ABC's journal finds you discover those tiny magnets. Can also be pediatricians. Nightmare. Their -- Bucky ball magnet Middle East. One of the most popular rock constantly on the planet could more than two million U sold in the US. But they can also be extremely dangerous. -- performance -- It what have fueled -- yarns and was hospitalized after he swallowed eighteen Bucky ball beads last month. They Wear on this table here when he found them his mother Laura says she never saw the warning labels on the package had accidentally left the toy out were presently read it. He was -- in -- and I cite her. Less than five minutes at the time she had no way of knowing if -- actually swallowed magnets that Laura took them -- pediatricians office the next day just in case. This sex -- a ring of eighteen Bucky balls lodged in his stomach. I panicked I news of that if they had passed from his -- in -- and testing -- conduct. Doctors say that is these high powered magnetic beads travel through the body they can stick together pinching tissue and ultimately. Puncturing holes in the -- intestinal lining. This injury is like a gunshot wounds and -- cut. With no sign of consumer products safety commission says that presently is just one of an estimated 17100. People. Who've been hospitalized in the past three years. After ingesting these kinds of magnets. As a result they're demanding that Bucky balls and similar brands of -- to always be pulled off the market immediately. But -- all CEO -- -- isn't willing to back down. This is the first time in eleven years -- company has said -- the commission. We don't agree that a recall is necessary. Zucker says Bucky balls are not defective and don't require band. He says it's enough is -- -- clearly not intended or marketed for children. Happy meals since February cartoons where. -- an adult stores. He thinks the US government has gone too far with their ban. Sucker punched a provocative online campaign called save our balls to rally support for his company. When conservative pundits caught wind of -- they wanna give this company the death penalty shot it down -- not a business the Bucky balls -- inadvertently sparked a debate. On the role of big government since the nanny state is a serial job killer for sure. Zucker says that his company has tried to reach a compromise with the government namely he's taken steps to educate consumers about -- safety. And labels is packaging -- these clear warnings to parents it is -- it's impossible to miss the warnings. Decade -- all over the place. Thanks but the Consumer Product Safety Commission told us these labels don't go far enough. It's not working the packaging education campaigns is not stopping children -- facing serious -- Presently -- -- -- was eventually Russia a hospital where doctors were able to remove those eighteen Bucky balls without major surgery. Two year old Braylon Jordan has not been as lucky as a bag. Guess -- promise -- doesn't yes. Back in April he's -- eight magnetic beads from a toy called -- cubes one of the eleven companies targeted by the government ban. Actually volunteered to stop selling its products. -- -- parents first noticed something was wrong when he began throwing up. Santa thought X ray asphalt that it was eight magnetic -- his parents bought the neo -- from a local supermarket before Braylon was born. They -- all the warnings on the package and made sure to hide the toll -- out of reach. But the Jordan say they weren't careful enough. Common sense says you don't have room he would somehow -- he found. A couple had. -- -- -- -- The magnitude Braylon swallowed stuck together inside of him twisting and ultimately destroying his intestines. After eight surgeries and one month in the icu. Rambunctious two year old is now tethered to a feeding -- Eighteen hours a day unable to process solid food. Wherever they go look at the -- now have a million and a half dollars in medical bills. Now Braylon only hope for a normal life is a rare lower bowel transplant. The and yeah -- -- told us they didn't want to be responsible for anyone getting hurt. But added there's a lot of dangerous products out there. Especially if you eat them the Consumer Product Safety Commission plans to regulate the production of future magnetic -- and order and make them safer. In the meantime they're determined to get all existing magnetic toys out of kids' hands and off store shelves as soon as possible. For now Bucky balls brand magnets can still be bought and small specialty stores and on the company's web site. I'm sure -- -- for Nightline in New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Kids can swallow the tiny magnets from the wildly popular desk toy, but is a recall going too far? ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"17223344","title":"Proposed Ban on Magnet Toys Has Buckyballs Crying Foul","url":"/Nightline/video/proposed-ban-magnet-toys-buckyballs-crying-foul-17223344"}