Prosecutor: Doc Caused MJ's Death

Prosecutor's closing arguments denounced Conrad Murray as selfish and reckless.
4:47 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for Prosecutor: Doc Caused MJ's Death
He was paid 150000. Dollars a month to keep Michael Jackson healthy. But Conrad Murray could soon spend 48 months. Burning prison wages after the death of the pop star six weeks of testimony twelve men and women are deciding where his -- tonight. As today's -- closing arguments indicated the stakes feel much greater than the maximum of four years Murray could spend locked away. ABC's Jim model was there that has the latest from Los Angeles tonight Jim. Bill there was no holding back from either side today closing arguments this was -- street fighter litigation. With the prosecution blasting Conrad Murray as -- confident saying that his mistakes and his negligence led directly to Michael Jackson's death. While the defense contended that in fact it was Michael Jackson and his terrible lifestyle that killed Michael Jackson. For Michael's children this case will go on forever because they do not have it thought. It was the -- not in court who dominated the emotional opening act of the district attorney's closing arguments. The prosecution searching for a sympathetic victim. Turned away from Michael Jackson's -- -- life. And instead to the innocence of his children. They do not have a father because of the actions. Of Conrad Murray. The prosecutor weaving a story of Michael Jackson who wanted -- clean up his life and hit the concert -- so his children would see him perform. And he could settle down -- them. Put on June 25 2009. Hired hands and prosecutors the 150000. Dollar -- month Doctor Conrad Murray. Killed Jackson and history. He hit the lottery. He was going to get 150000. Dollars a month Michael Jackson trusted Conrad Murray. He trusted him with his life. He paid. With his life. Prosecutor David Waldman blasting away at Conrad Murray's negligence and mistakes each and every day. Conrad Murray violated that sacred trust premised on that hollowed relationship between a doctor and a patient. And they hammered away at doctor Murray's decision to delay calling 911 and -- there could motivate a medical doctor. To delay making that call. Rather than to protect himself rather. -- sheer self preservation. Putting Conrad Murray birds. Putting Michael Jackson. His life. Last. I think everyone agrees. Doctor Murray -- stop but the question alternately will come down to are these jurors. Ready to hold him criminally responsible causing Michael Jackson's death. For the defense lead attorney Ed turned -- went right at that question. Telling jurors yes Conrad Murray was negligent but it was not him they killed the drug addicted Michael Jackson. He gets brought into this situation because he thought -- get out he could help him sleep normally he was just little fish. And a big dirty pop. And sure enough told jurors Conrad Murray is being held responsible. Ford Michael Jackson did to himself -- -- may belong in front of a medical review board. But not in criminal court. If it were anybody else but Michael. Anybody else. With this doctor be here today if you're gonna hold Dr. Murray responsible. Don't do it because as Michael. But prosecutors -- not through it it used biting sarcasm good drive home their final point doctor one man is responsible for Michael Jackson's death in it is not the man who died that day. Or Conrad rumors. Michael Jackson is dead. And we have to hear about -- Conrad -- And -- that after six weeks with 49 witnesses more than 330. Exhibits the jury was given the case. In a high profile case like this. Jurors tend to take a little longer. They don't want to be seen is the OJ Simpson jury. That came in after four hours deliberations Begin tomorrow morning. The fate of the doctor caught in the whirlwind that was Michael Jackson hangs in the -- one of many who -- an icon woody -- But when the medical musical chairs stopped. Conrad Murray was left without a seat Jim -- for Nightline in Los center.

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"Prosecutor's closing arguments denounced Conrad Murray as selfish and reckless.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"14878699","title":"Prosecutor: Doc Caused MJ's Death","url":"/Nightline/video/prosecutor-doc-caused-mjs-death-14878699"}