Psychic Predicts Travel Nightmares

Meet the woman who says she uses her psychic power to help travelers plan trips.
2:18 | 01/21/12

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Transcript for Psychic Predicts Travel Nightmares
Some bad news for travelers tonight Chicago airports and canceled 800 flights due to the biggest snowstorm of the winter so far. More than six inches of snow reported in some areas there there's a snowstorm brewing here in the northeast as well. Not necessarily a good time to hit the road. Not unless -- -- to know ahead of time conditions would be like tonight we need someone who says you can't here's ABC's TJ Winick. -- Whoever said half the -- is getting there must have never been stuck in a snowstorm. Crazy added. Or endured hours on the tarmac and -- yeah never had a very applicable. Because let's face it Lester a stealth ninja business traveler like George Clooney in up in the air. It's pretty easy to lose your cool would running behind schedule. But stresses me out it is. Everybody else doesn't know what they're doing between his high powered PR job and pleasure Jeff -- on the road about 60% of the time. You never leaves home without his wallet his passport or consulting. Is travel psychic. Meet Linda Lawrence who -- she can help guide you to a smoother journey just a single ninety dollar. Half hour reading I've been on the receiving end up don't take that plane. And then that plane out of service the next day because there was an issue with the engine so I trust this woman implicitly -- can leave earlier later. Earlier the earlier absolutely earlier figure -- part travel agent part ghost whisper she's meeting with Jeff to talk about his trip to visit family. I can pinpoint a person's energy so they can work -- How they're going to travel and what they need to watch out for in terms of pitfalls of -- -- act. Well just -- to Pittsburgh we put Linda to the test. They're actually all that. And -- performer reading over Skype. Before making the truck got to see her in New Jersey when -- first ten minutes and that's -- -- -- I don't start your right. -- is -- -- under rich girl later -- when we hit the road the next day just as Linda predicted I sensed a better option. Traffic has been so light that I'm thinking -- did tell me that I should trust my -- the first ten minutes or selves. I think it would make a left hand turn -- -- canal street. And take the Holland Tunnel instead. So far so good. He really needs GPS when you have a travel site. But then something -- and and see -- getting out of Manhattan couldn't have been easier and now as you can see we're stuck in. Little that a traffic. You sort of saw that we're now more problems up fronts. We surprised to -- wind up as a scorpio gone by your gut you're gonna -- full steam ahead so it might have been a whole different trip. Had you not change the course with post 9/11 flying increasingly stressful and and commuting to work increasingly time consuming more and more frequent fliers and drivers are turning to psychics like Linda for directions. I think some people. May have a hard time believing that the same woman who can communicate with spirits can also tell you that your flight from Tulsa is gonna have engine trouble OK but why. Why if it's all intuitive. -- consulting her cards calendars and spirits Linda told me she sees visions. For airline delays huge -- with the numbers reversed or maybe upside down when it comes to road detours she sees red -- Traffic well hello Linda describe that one. -- invasion in traffic for this person. I'll see a whole bunch of pupil and a -- -- means. I know it's really weird but I do so at a PRI several of your -- magnate. Remember Jeff who saw Linda before his trip to Pittsburgh. We caught up -- after his trip. You might encounter some delays where exactly are so welcome -- the morning it was a complete torrential down for sure I would love a heads up about the regular you know who -- and I can't get a meteorologist at particular. So you think if somebody's gonna take a flight say -- Los Angeles from New York would they be better off having a session with you. Or would they be better off may be getting the upgrade to first -- up. -- -- now how fair is that question but okay. Hey I -- -- upgrade but I'd seen me first if it was worth it. So may be just may be some things -- better off left the fate. Especially if that is the journey and not the destination that matters for Nightline and TJ Winick. New Jersey.

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{"id":15409147,"title":"Psychic Predicts Travel Nightmares","duration":"2:18","description":"Meet the woman who says she uses her psychic power to help travelers plan trips.","url":"/Nightline/video/psychic-predicts-travel-nightmares-15409147","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}