Purity Balls: Lifting the Veil on Special Ceremony

Inside the Christian-faith ritual, where fathers vow to protect their daughters' purity.
3:00 | 03/26/14

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Transcript for Purity Balls: Lifting the Veil on Special Ceremony
An estimated 95% of Americans will have sex before marriage. Tonight, we're taking a look at girls whose families urge a different path. Girls who pledge not to kiss or have sex until they marry. And fathers who pledge to be their daughter's boyfriends until they find them a man worth marrying. So exactly what are these purity promises? And can they be kept? Bye, love you. When you go into middle school, it's like you want to get a boyfriend before you go up to high school. You need to have a boyfriend in order to be cool. Reporter: But Caroline Johnson won't have a boyfriend. Not now, not in high school, not until she's ready to marry. Because already at age 12, she's taken a vow of purity. It nose tis not just about sex. No dating. Kissing? No. I just want to make sure my first kiss is with a guy I'm going to be with forever. Unthinkable for a lot of kids her age, but not for the other kids at her church. The culture is going to challenge you really fast. Really quick. What do you mean you're not dating? They're going to say, you're weird. Reporter: Caroline's father Ron is the pastor. Each of her older seblings has already taken the purity vow. I want one husband and one husband alone. And I want to have successful marriage, so I feel like if you date in high school, it's just setting you up for a divorce or a practicing divorce. I had so many friends. They were talking to me like oh, Caroline, do you have a boyfriend? We all do. We should double date or something. It's like I don't need a boyfriend. It's your dad. Yeah. I don't need a boyfriend because I have my dad that's already filled by a man. And Jesus. Yeah, and Jesus. You talk about yourself as your daughter's boyfriend. That's going to have a lot of people -- that's going to make an awful lot of people uncomfortable. It's way too freudian. This is what I find absolutely humorous in our culture today where something as pure as a daddy going out with his daughter on a date is twisted to make it seem like, as you mention, freudian. I wasn't thinking about Freud at all. I was thinking about having a great time with my daughter. No, I encourage my daughters come sit on my lap. We snuggle. We sit by the fire. There's absolutely nothing sexual in that whole experience. But if you talk to adolescent psychiatrists, what they say is the whole point of adolescence is for children to separate from their parents, to become independent. To seek your own kind of path. What do you make of that? And I hear all that. I think Jesus was better than Freud. I like his counsel better. Father, we thank you for allowing our family to eat together tonight. The eldest Wilson sister, Lauren, kept her own vow of purity until she married Aaron, now the youth pastor at their church. Had you had a girlfriend before. May I ask, have you had intercourse? At one point I was compromised and I did lose my virginity. And that was something that really shook who I was as a person. I lost sight of thing things. . One, two, three, go! It's become part of my testimony. I've helped several young people go through this. My story of hey, you've done this, there's restoration and a way to be made whole and new. If you haven't done this, here's my story, don't do this. Let me tell you what it's like on the other side. Do you think you could walk this purity path if it weren't for the church? I definitely think it would be really hard. I feel like if I didn't have my friends at church knowing that they are going through the same thing as I am I feel like I'm so alone and I feel like I would give up. But as we're about to see, the Diop son gijohnson girls are not so alone afterall. They're headed to Colorado to the 14th annual father-daughter purity ball. Where 60 like-minded fathers will pledge to protect their daughters. The event was started by randy Wilson with his own five daughters in mind. What I hear from young ladies is there's this need for that physical touch and from a male being. That's what I believe the father role is. Randy's daughter Jordan is attending with her new husband. She says the first time she ever kissed anyone was a few months ago. In church on her wedding day. Okay, I have to admit when I kissed my husband on my wedding day, it was not the first time. What is it like when it's the first time? It was just like oh, I can't believe this is happening. And in front of everyone. It was a little like, okay, you can't mess up on a kiss. You know exactly where the lips are. Did you worry a little bit. What if you're not compatible? Everybody doesn't kiss the same way? No. None of that? I didn't. So you guys aren't worried about that either? No, no. You figure whoever you pick, that's going to be fine, it will take care of itself? Yeah. He knows how to kiss. Meanwhile, Ron has a special gift for Caroline before they all head to the ball. I'm ready for you, dear. You look lovely. Well, you are growing up before your daddy's eyes. One of the things that you were talking to daddy about was when am I going to get my -- you're waiting for your prince charming to come along and she's got to pass tlouring you dad. Because dads are really smart. They can separate princes from toads really well. Let me show you the ring that I got for your here. When somebody comes along who is ready and has the proper character and will treat you like a queen, then that's the guy who passes the test. Until then, this is just a reminder of keeping yourself pure is important. So you keep that on your finger and it's a daily reminder that at this point you're married to the lord and your father is your boyfriend. And we're going to have fun together and let mega and give you that. Get ready to dance the night away. We will pour in the hearts of our daughters. We will be the standard for our lives and all their future men. Fathers, we stand together in this accord. Let's take those covenants in the middle of your table. I choose before god to cover my daughter as her authority and protection in the area of purity. There's a pen in the middle of your paper. Pick it up and sign that. As the high priest in my home. What's that mean? There is a hierarchy of levels of authority and we believe in the home the father sits at that place. You say there are moments in Li life -- This celebrates the strength of the father, his love for the daughter. And it celebrates one of those moments he will never have again. This is the night that she will share with her daddy. I wonder from there aren't kids who for one reason or another couldn't live up to the expectations that you have for your children. What happens to them? If they feel they failed in that purity journey? Life is about redemption. We all mess up. Misstep. Make mistakes that are bigger than others. But it's all about getting back up and going after it again. So you wouldn't disown one of your kids if someone -- Oh, my goodness, absolutely not. Oh, absolutely not. I think the best thing we can do is to gather up and walk with. If my life and what we're sharing with people is so bizarre why am I so in love with my wife? Why do we have 30 amazing years of marriage? Why do my kids all love one another and love us. And you know, you have to look at that. Father, I pray, covering for them, father protect them as they go. For each one of these daughter, godly men that you will bring.

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{"id":23061335,"title":"Purity Balls: Lifting the Veil on Special Ceremony","duration":"3:00","description":"Inside the Christian-faith ritual, where fathers vow to protect their daughters' purity.","url":"/Nightline/video/purity-balls-lifting-veil-special-ceremony-23061335","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}