Quitting in Style

A Goldman Sachs executive's resignation goes viral after a saucy op-ed.
2:36 | 03/15/12

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Transcript for Quitting in Style
To many people the giant investment bank Goldman Sachs represents corporate greed at its apex and today. In a shocking move one of the company's executive said just that as he met. But his resignation letter was certainly not sent in the usual -- even Hollywood hadn't thought of this one for ABC's David Wright. About the summer time. Now we all had days like Howard -- in the classic movie network. But how many of us act on -- -- Derivatives trader Greg Smith did today with an op Ed in the New York Times why I'm leaving Goldman Sachs. He writes that the environment there is toxic and destructive. And the greedy bankers routinely talk of ripping off their -- clients call him the Jerry Maguire of investment banking conscience triumphs over -- Do what -- -- they got it -- which it did. Hollywood loves a quitter he's -- someone else with humor questions I think Anne Hathaway's character in the devil wears Prada. -- Ed Norton's character in fight club. Literally beating himself up in the boss's office for help are you doing. In real life some people do quit in spectacular ways most famously that jetBlue flight attendant who slid down the emergency slide. Be treated like. On YouTube you'll find -- -- filled by a guy who worked until last year at the -- -- News. Quitting. He brought his own marching band. And for -- -- there's how to quit McDonald's. Whether -- flipping burgers were flipping multimillion dollar deals quitting his powerful stuff. But today Goldman Sachs took issue. In affirm our size it's not shocking that some people could feel disgruntled -- CEO Lloyd Blankfein in response. -- but today one disgruntled guy spoke louder than the world's most powerful bank. One clever London web site quickly offered a Star Wars parity. Today is my last day at the empire after almost twelve years -- -- began and one guy against the death star. -- force to be reckoned. I'm David Wright for Nightline in -- it.

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{"id":15925122,"title":"Quitting in Style","duration":"2:36","description":"A Goldman Sachs executive's resignation goes viral after a saucy op-ed.","url":"/Nightline/video/quitting-style-15925122","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}