New Radar System to Help With Turbulence

In-flight turbulence is dangerous, and new technology could help pilots navigate safer skies.
3:00 | 08/16/12

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Transcript for New Radar System to Help With Turbulence
Worse -- crying may be worse than lost luggage when it comes to air travel woes extreme turbulence is tough to beat. Because not only does a bumpy ride where -- hundred years ago also be dangerous -- passengers and the plane but there is. A new way airlines are working to end the in flight shakes. And ABC's Jim Bob -- literally it takes it for a spin. Most flights try to avoid the bombs. Today on this -- vintage airliner in 1952 condor turboprop. Retrofitted as a Honeywell labs test plane. The pilot's instructions are to look for all the storms and turbulence -- confined. -- -- -- -- -- over North Carolina storm chasing contestants show off a new radar system designed to avoid this. It happens more than 70000 times a year. Pilot reported moderate to severe turbulence unstable air caused by colliding winds and temperature changes. Three fourths of all weather related accidents caused by rough fair shaking up the cockpit in cap. The two flat payment they're back there one of them got not there -- Flew and landed on the hallway -- Rough weather rarely brings down a plane but it injures more passengers than you think and causes a half billion dollars in damage and delays every year. This turbulence animation shows how the -- belted can achieve weightlessness. Something I nearly experienced on this flight. This is why the flight attendants are always fascinating keep your seat belts -- turbulence causes more injuries in the hair than anything else. And airlines don't like it either it's expensive costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars per incident are wild ride him. But it just begun -- one numbness down. Time to examine the radar breakthrough. For the first time -- new 3-D radar installed in business and soon fleets of commercial jets southwest already has it in nineteen Clinton's. We'll allow pilots to spot lightning. -- and the bombs for more than sixty miles away. We're in the storm clouds -- -- shaking. To demonstrate the new radar screen that actually identified as lingering -- -- -- flashing right icons pilots cannot miss. I trust me his information to make better decisions. Chief pilot Marcus Johnson can look it is screens and not -- -- big heavy weather colors. And allows me to concentrate on deciding where to -- to -- some of the same restaurant. In the old radar system pilots had to manually scan to find the top of the storm -- One reason so many flights run in the boat. -- management balances. Weather related incidents where the plane had been damaged by either hail or lightning -- them get through. -- -- -- The pilot. May have missed ran to the radar. Here is -- national warning -- on semiautomatic. And well -- being made frightened passengers votes. It's not like -- -- your strength airplane on the wing. It's not innocent here went on fire that's okay running and -- Bring your structure in the airplane and -- having. -- electronics news. A hail storm is what really causes the damage. Look at this jet nose -- -- -- -- Best to avoid that appears to smoother -- -- down Jim. Mullen ABC news -- Wilmington, North Carolina.

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{"id":17016811,"title":"New Radar System to Help With Turbulence","duration":"3:00","description":"In-flight turbulence is dangerous, and new technology could help pilots navigate safer skies.","url":"/Nightline/video/radar-system-turbulence-17016811","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}