Real 'Hangover': Weatherman Scammed

"Nightline" looks at man's claim Miami's Russian mob is targeting men.
1:52 | 01/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Real 'Hangover': Weatherman Scammed
A local TV celebrity and his epic vacation disaster at the hands of two beautiful women. It turned out to have the wrong kind of friends his name. John bull. He set out for a couple of nights of fun and sun kissed Miami Beach but that very first night. He fell into a trap that turned out to be part of a shocking well organized operation run by the Russian mafia. Here's ABC's -- gotten. He's traveled to Miami Beach for some fun and some action. Philadelphia weatherman. Not the question -- highly unlikely and ladies' man John Polaris seen here with his Playboy playmate girlfriend. Stumbled into something far more sinister a classic -- scam choreographed with precision. Those school -- face tactics only to build the love of seduction. And without knowing it becoming victim number 88 -- investigators. It's irresponsible report cards due out within investigation ongoing -- wouldn't talk but. Designated -- friend and lawyer Charles -- -- tells the story. They -- begins at. This Miami Beach who town -- these two beautiful girls they come on they had -- one on one side what are the other side. Does every ministry he wasn't looking for trouble trouble found him. He later originated quote the guy that was the thought I might get late that you will admit Miami beach's super swank Delano -- -- Eastern European. It's not beautiful. They want to buy drinks and quote who shot. It's a catch phrase that later becomes -- Twitter sensation. Next thing he knows aleris week's -- his hotel room with a -- -- -- -- over a painting of a woman's head. And no memory of the night before. Wakes up -- his hotel in the next -- doesn't remember a thing. But he gets a phone call from them. Saying John you forgot your glasses so he thinks they're perfectly honest because here they are returning his class. They immediate return his glasses and take -- out a hit to a place called the caviar bar they're drinking heavily. Next thing you know wakes up in his room again has no idea what. Comes back to Philadelphia where it works. And the next thing you know he gets this ridiculous credit card. The final -- 43700. Dollar. The caviar bar had swiped his American Express card eleven times over the two nights -- went out in Miami Beach charging him. 2495. Dollars for a bottle of crystal 21 minutes later 2678. Dollars for a bottle Perrier -- -- 32 minutes later 3120. Dollars for -- pero -- and each bill accompanied by a 500 -- -- Not that Polaris. Had been -- in fact at least three victims have called for route though in recent months the -- now up to 92. This is well -- he wasn't the first victim he won't be the last. Investigators say the caviar bar was a -- one of six being used by. Eastern European cartel to lure in tourists and businessmen. Walking -- were locked the door. Both girls known as. Picked up men like flowers to South Beach hotspots and cooks them back -- -- private clubs this fictitious from top to bottom and every once in north. As they charged up their target's credit card -- would snap pictures to dupe the credit card companies into thinking. The charges in the thousands of dollars of -- were real. It certainly seemed to work on an -- Blair's ultimately Xu Dan X to reverse the charges. He eventually settled the case which was filed by his friend Charles -- and -- would not -- Authorities in Miami say it was the work of a sprawling new Russian and eastern European mob. That is planted itself here for the very same reasons. Previous mafia OC like Al Capone and the mobs accounted Meyer Lansky shows it -- and they're very very strong -- Richard men to inspect 25 years is a special agent for the DEA he teaches a class on organized crime. This group has been at the credit card fraud they and health care fraud. They -- into drugs but these guys operate under the radar preferring brain over brawn a lot of people that run these organizations. War -- scientists. They were KGB. And -- lesser jobs when the Soviet Union collapsed what percentage of the whole of the eastern European -- work in South Florida. -- think that encompasses. Maybe it was this is just one small aspect to a lot of things lot of scams that they were involved. One reasonable iris -- the successful victims are often married targeted because they both rich and when exposed. -- embarrassed to fight back. But Jon -- do you fight back. Testifying before a Miami grand jury in a case involving 87 other victims which -- 217 indictments. And eleven guilty pleas six dependents will be tried in October I came back. I'm very. I'm very sad it'd be back violating the -- cardinal rule. Aleris may have talk too much he told his story to the Philadelphia Daily News last year a cover story they called. -- -- -- For obvious recent. Then a tell all tale of womanizing to Playboy. Fox 29 bosses were -- -- issuing a statement this month saying be mutually agreed that it was time to part ways. For Nightline I'm Matt -- in Miami Beach. Clark.

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{"id":15409107,"title":"Real 'Hangover': Weatherman Scammed ","duration":"1:52","description":"\"Nightline\" looks at man's claim Miami's Russian mob is targeting men.","url":"/Nightline/video/real-hangover-weatherman-scammed-15409107","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}