How To Recover Stolen Craigslist Items

Portland, Ore., police department shares tips on how to recover your stuff.
2:04 | 10/26/11

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Transcript for How To Recover Stolen Craigslist Items
L one of the things I would recommend people instantly. Especially in the expensive electronic equipment assess their driver's license numbers there. Equipment. And their trailers -- utility trailers and so -- so it just makes so much easier for mr. -- I didn't -- I'm always suspicious when they use stock web photos of the -- and a vote the actual. When He got to meet him somewhere. That three minutes away from their -- -- have -- information on what is the description is terrible. -- -- that the contact information when it spilled out into just being digits as a way of -- so we can search. For just the phone Maria officers in -- if you think it's your stolen item then you need -- enforcement don't buy stuff. Stop all the serial numbers shall. Word is to remind time place and circumstance. Look at the the item that you think influence to look at the gate it was hosted. A lot of times the people that steal these items trying to turn rather quickly. So you lose it on Tuesday at 10 o'clock and shows up on Craigslist. An hour later. Good possibility that could be -- by. -- items that are stolen in the appear. Real short shortly thereafter when Craig you know there's there's no coincidence. Computers mean within a couple of hours -- bikes with it and -- Look at -- the price that that person's asking. For the items -- -- in line with the make and model -- -- there are offering me and He really low price I think. That's one clue diligence. Over and over you know -- if not every day every couple days but do it early and do -- often. They have a vested interest they of the ownership. And they do a lot of police work force and then they lose they send it to -- and it's it's wrapped -- the -- --

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{"id":14819495,"title":"How To Recover Stolen Craigslist Items","duration":"2:04","description":"Portland, Ore., police department shares tips on how to recover your stuff.","url":"/Nightline/video/recover-stolen-craigslist-items-14819495","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}