Regal 'Animal Ancestor' Portraits

One Connecticut artist has made a booming business in classical pet portraiture.
3:00 | 09/10/12

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Transcript for Regal 'Animal Ancestor' Portraits
So we show you the type of person who serves cable in crystal and as they walk in closet full of leash accessories well. A cell phone snapshot of your pooch just won't cut it luckily though there is an artist who recognize the market. For classic dog portraiture oil on canvas displays of tail wagging love and ABC's TJ when -- met the woman. Behind the masterpiece its. If you treat your -- like au prince that your dog walk around like he owns the joint. So when -- diesel oil paintings might just be at home in your hallway. Press their surrogate kid so we -- on a bill for and his partner just -- one of Carmela. -- -- -- -- Well up here she is chasing a ball around the yard. And here she is as the empress -- -- of Russia. Complete with hot pink nails just a minor embellishment to the portrait of the real empress largely done in 1857. Carmela issued protest. Yes 100% princess community it's a little extreme probably to have portraits none of them but. On the other hand. I don't think it's more than we would do with any other family member. In fact he has done it for another family member. Here's bill's other dog dash as a member of the Russian military. I don't just take one old fashioned painting and start sticking animals and. Meet the artist Valerie Leonard she's not much interested in painting the man of the house as she is man's best friend. It's slightly ball. And it is supposed to -- funny. People love or hate it it's clear she -- dogs and cats is much more than just pets. -- dog has one by one spirit. It does has not bad he has any other -- she's not alone her company takes orders from all over the world. Each one meticulously painted by hand I think she has she asked it enough. Our when Mona Lisa smile and these canine collectibles aren't -- An oil on canvas like this one runs about 900 dollars is -- money well spent. Absolutely it's joy it's. Sharing life we have with her dogs these portraits which resembled the work of the great masters are truly a work of the 21 century. That's because Valerie uses computer designed to -- -- out. Head tilted at just the right angle -- placed just so some people -- the dogs to. When -- clothes they think that animals -- actually posing for him yes and some people animal rights people get very upset that. I forced both animals and these clothes I have great respect for those people that it's. For Nightline I'm TJ Winick in Connecticut.

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{"id":17206031,"title":"Regal 'Animal Ancestor' Portraits","duration":"3:00","description":"One Connecticut artist has made a booming business in classical pet portraiture.","url":"/Nightline/video/regal-animal-ancestor-portraits-17206031","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}